Useless statuses

I try not to be cynical about these sorts of things, but sometimes it’s hard to not bring attention to the amount of ridiculous shit people post on Facebook.

1) That “Kidd Kraddick double my pay” thing can go eat shit. Thanks for asking multiple people to spam my feed every morning with your bullcrap, Kidd Kraddick.

2) People that use their Facebook like it’s a part of their job. You are not your company’s social networking guru, and if you are, you suck at it. I didn’t friend you to hear about the business you work for; I friended you to hear about you. If you have something to say about work, that’s fine. Go for it.

3) If you post a controversial status, don’t get upset when someone disagrees with you.

New Year’s Resolution

I completely forgot to post about this, but I did make a New Year’s Resolution this year – to memorize the full Animaniacs U.S. capitals and nations of the world songs.

I would just like to say that as of about a month and a half ago…mission accomplished. *insert cool guy face here*