I don’t think I’ve ever linked to something like this before, so let me just give a brief introduction for it.

Reddit’s nosleep forum is a place for you to suspend your disbelief of any tale contained therein.  Some stories are extremely creepy, some are not.  Some are obviously made up, some are very possibly real (but in that subreddit, everything is treated as if it’s true).

This series by 1000Vultures is the best thing I’ve ever read on the Internet.  Seriously.  It’s not really creepy, but it is riveting, heart-pounding, excitement.  Beautifully written, wonderfully woven together.

There are 6 parts.  If you enjoy a good story, read them all.  If you’re skeptical and bored, give it a chance.  You won’t be disappointed.

Lots to Catch Up On

I think I’ve said this before, but with my Twitter microblogging, I find that I have less to write about in my blog because I feel like it would be repetitive, even though I’m pretty sure my blog readers and my Twitter followers don’t overlap all that much.

First thing’s first: I don’t think I’ve linked to yet, so…there you go. It’s a great site with some really short, depressing stories (some NSFW – all text though, no pictures).

Last weekend was pretty awesome. I did a lot of hanging out and picture taking, and on that note, my new camera is awesome. I don’t have any videos worthwhile posting yet, but here’s a picture:

I really like that one – not because it’s an excellent display of my camera’s abilities or anything, but it’s just a good memory, I guess. That party was really, really fun and I’m pretty sure everyone had an absolute blast. I hadn’t seen Damien in a couple years, MCat in over a year, and Bates or Mikrish for a quite a few months. It was really nice to catch up with all of them and hang out with everyone that I do see pretty often. We talked and danced and listened to music pretty much all night. Good times.

The Sunday morning after the party, some of us went to The Chimes for brunch and…dear Lord, it was absolutely delicious. Words can’t even describe it. I had a Boudin Omelet which came with some delicious grits and a biscuit. Soooo good. *drool*

As usual, my week was pretty lame after that weekend, until I got some calls to set up a couple of interviews. I had those on Thursday and they went pretty well. I got called back for a second interview on Monday at one of the places, and I have another interview with a different place on Tuesday. At least I feel like I’m getting somewhere now.

Also, I’ve had a cold for a few days now, and it’s been pretty annoying. The good news is that I think it was at it’s worst on Wednesday. I’ve been getting lots of rest, since besides those interviews, all I’ve been doing is watching Dragonball Z (thanks to a heads-up from Keith that anime was on sale at Best Buy). I call it DBZ marathon therapy.

I baked a Funfetti cake yesterday. Mmmm.

That’s it. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I have to go back to Jeice talking about throwing some ribs on the barbie now. :D


The 18-day late 2008 year in review

Here’s some stand-out stuff about 2008, according to me! :D

-Best movie of 2008: Speed Racer (I suggest clicking ‘watch in HD’)

-Best musical artist I started listening to in 2008 (I want to avoid the intricacies of the word “new”): Katy Perry (always liked this song, glad they finally released it as a single)

-Best new song of 2008: Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes

-Best new TV show of 2008: I don’t think I started watching any new shows in 2008. :(

-Coolest technology of 2008: Unibody MacBook/MacBook Pro (seriously, what else would you expect? :P)

-Most embarrassing day of 2008: October 3

-Coolest day of 2008: December 11

That’s about all I can think of for now. :P


Parking Justice

There’s a car right now in the much coveted parking lot next to CEBA that’s taking up two parking spots. It’s pretty infuriating, and everyone knows it. I passed by it a couple of times looking for a spot when I noticed some paper on its windshield. One of the papers was face-down, but the other was up, and I took a picture of it.

You will not be disappointed unless you have no sense of humor.

Good times.


We the Meek Forum

So, in one of my never-ending fits of boredom, I finally decided what I wanted to do with, and I’ve gone and created a forum with it. I know what you’re thinking: “…why???”

Honestly, I love forums and tight-knit communities and it’s just hard to find them. So, out of desperation, I’m just trying to create my own. I’m well aware that no one will join and post, but I’m linking to it anyway in hopes to prove myself wrong.

So, click on this link and join, post, read, and stuff! D:

Again, that’s


Bulleted Lists are Fine

Because I’m lazy, I’m going to make a nice bulleted list of what I did recently that I haven’t written about yet:

-Keith Carrolled it up on Thursday
-Went shopping with my mom (for Michelle’s birthday presents) on Friday.
-Watched Juno (I liked it) on Friday.
-Watched Mr. Woodcock (it was okay) on Saturday.
-Went to eat at Ryan’s with Michelle’s family on Sunday.
-Went shopping with Michelle (I got a new shirt, oh boy) on Sunday.
Became a big rock star today.