Whose Line

After three episodes of the new season of Whose Line Is It Anyway, I have a few things to say.

1) Yeah, I miss Drew. Aisha is a good host, but Drew was funnier and joined in the last game.

2) They don’t seem to do anything with the audience anymore and instead bring on random celebrities. I can see the appeal, but I kind of miss the audience interaction.

3) Wayne, Colin, and Ryan are still regulars, and that’s awesome. Much to my pleasant surprise, the fourth guest has been great for every show. I was excited to see Heather Ann Campbell on the second episode. She was hilarious on Drew Carey’s Improvaganza.

4) The show still has a very familiar charm, and though its easy to tell that a lot is different, it’s also nice that not a lot has changed. I’m super excited the show is back. :)

And Found

On Sunday, my favorite TV show, Lost, ended. After thinking about it and reading other people’s interpretations and rewatching the last part, I’ve decided that the ending was beautiful and satisfying. Lots of questions were left unanswered, but I feel like the most important thing – the relationship between all of the characters – was resolved quite wonderfully. I must say that I’m very sad to see the show go after watching it for four years (I picked it up right before season three started; watched one and two on DVD).

I’ve been digging this song lately. Very cool synth stuff.

Melfina is awesome so far. Kalmiya was the best computer I’ve ever had, so I’m hoping this MacBook Pro will continue that trend. I’m going to wait for Q3/Q4 of this year when the next generation of solid state drives come out and then stick a sweet SSD in this thing so it’ll really fly. :D I apparently could’ve done that in my old MacBook Pro as well without voiding the warranty, but I guess it’s all been for the best.

And also, just for the record, the iPad is still amazing and I still use it every day. Crazy how I thought I had no use for a big iPod Touch, and now it’s integrated into my routine.


Remember, Remember

“Remember, remember the fifth of November.”

Plans for tonight: Community, The Office, then V for Vendetta. However, I have to sit through Parks and Recreation in the middle, so that’s kind of lame. :P


Lately I’ve taken to trying to memorize useless things, like a massive amount of the digits of pi and famous movie quotes. I don’t know why. :P

I really miss fixing computers sometimes, which makes me want to try to start a little side business, but I know I’ll never do it. :/

I reinstalled Snow Leopard and it fixed the issues I was having. Overall, it’s a much better experience, but still not all that much different from Leopard. I guess I can’t complain, since what is different only cost me $30. :D

Actually, I meant for this to be longer, but I’ll finish my thought process some other time.


I Hate Stupid Commercials

Theraflu has this really stupid new commercial campaign, in which it depicts ghosts walking around with cold symptoms. When these ghost people drink some Theraflu, it turns them back into real people (check out their website for an example). So, I’d like to know…does Theraflu revive the dead?

What in the world do their commercials have to do with making sick people better? Dead people aren’t sick…they’re dead!


2012 and 2008

Election: Not surprised at all. Not happy, but not upset. I really am not sure what to think beyond that yet. Looking at the Republican possibilities for 2012 is pretty interesting though. Governor Gary Johnson looks like a good guy.

This picture was circulating last week, I believe on Election Day. It speaks a lot about Ron Paul and I think it’s a pretty sad picture. One of the things everyone was pointing out was Dr. Paul’s shoes. Check those things out. He’s not wearing dress shoes; no, he’s wearing comfortable tennis shoes. It’s like he knows he has work to do and he’s ready to keep on doing it. This man is the people’s man, and it’s a shame that America was too foolish to realize that.

Classes: Getting down to the end. I have a lot to do, and I really don’t see how this would be possible if I were taking 15 or more hours like most people do in their last semester.

Weekend: Michelle and I went ice skating again, but this time with Amanda, Dustin, and Dustin’s friend. It was pretty fun going with more people, and I really enjoyed it. We might go back again next weekend. :D

I also tried to catch another turtle. I swear, for being super populous, I sure can’t find another turtle. If anyone knows where I can get a baby red-eared slider, let me know.

It seems like everyone has been sick lately, so I hope that skips me.

TV: Is anyone else sad that they just like…wrote Holly out of The Office? I really hope she comes back. I was enjoying her and Michael together. D:

Jobs: My job hunt continues. I had an interview on Friday that I think went decently, but the pay was practically insulting, so when they call back, if they do, I’m refusing.

Well, that’s about it!


Oh darling, oh darling, oh darrrrrlllliiiiinnnnnggggggg…

“Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet” may not strike you immediately as great song name, but it’s a freaking awesome song. So is “What a Catch, Donnie.” Really looking forward to this new Fall Out Boy album. Three songs and an acoustic are released in some form so far and they are all incredibly awesome.

And speaking of entertainment-type-things, my fall TV shows have been back for some time (minus Lost, of course :(). Heroes is looking better than last season. Smallville somehow managed to stay good even though 3 characters that have been in the show since season 1 died (aka, actors left) and 1 that was only in 1 season got written out (bye bye Supergirl? :|). The Office has been great. Holly is pretty awesome; her and Michael will probably be the new Pam and Jim. New Family Guy too, but that’s not really as exciting for some reason, even though I love the show and both new episodes have been awesome.

Construction on the interstate during rush hour kind of blows, almost made us late to the Death Note movie. There was nothing I could do until I got to the Geismar exit and could get to Airline to bypass it all, but I managed to get Michelle and Samantha and get us there just in time where we only missed like two minutes. It was good, and the experience was different even though I’d already seen it subtitled. Watching it dubbed was kind of weird, but watching it with lots of other people and in a theater was pretty cool. I heard a lot of people crying at the end. Oh, and if anyone reading this has only seen the anime or read the manga, the movie ends differently, and they’re both totally worth watching (third movie is optional).

Speaking of the third movie, L Change the World, we also watched that this weekend, but subbed and on my computer instead of dubbed and in a theater. It wasn’t really a Death Note movie, and the only main character in it from Death Note was L. It wasn’t canon to the Death Note story, but they kind of tried to tie it in at the end, which didn’t really work since *spoiler* Nate Rivers really isn’t a Thai name, therefore Near cannot be the little boy */spoiler*. L as a character is pretty funny though, so watching an entire movie about him was interesting, albeit completely separate from anything even slightly Death Note related besides everyone’s favorite detective.

We (well, I, since Michelle fell asleep) also watched a Korean movie called Volcano High (lots of movies this weekend!). It really didn’t make too much sense to me, to be honest. The story wasn’t very meaningful, which surprised me for an Asian movie, but the fight scenes were very reminiscent of The Matrix, so that was pretty cool. Oh, and I bought the crappiest little DVD player I could find to put in my room at my parents’ house so I can stop borrowing my parents’, since that’s a big pain. It was $30 from Wal-Mart, and I was almost surprised that it came with a remote control and that it worked!

We went to Japan Fest today with Shai. That was pretty fun, though I remember there being slightly more stuff to do last time I went…or maybe I’m imagining things. That was a long time ago, after all. We ate at Chili’s, and the only reason I bring that up is because I wanted to say that aside from Roul’s, Chili’s has the best burgers ever, and that’s really weird to me because Roul at least has some special kind of burger – you can see the herbs or whatever in the burger. But Chili’s just has…burgers. But they’re really, really good. Go figure. Oh, and uh, not that today was my first time having their Strawberry lemonade, but that stuff is also freaking delicious.

This week’s to-do list:
-Monday: study for ISDS 4117 exam, do small group assignment for MGT 3830
-Tuesday: group project meeting for ISDS 4117
-Wednesday: do part of big group project for ISDS 4125

So I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed at the moment.

The new MacBooks and MacBook Pros are amazing, and anyone that doesn’t think so probably isn’t very awesome themselves. :P In a couple years if I feel the need to get a new laptop, I honestly have no reason to get a MacBook Pro again with the updates to the MacBook line.

Bleh. Long updated, I need sleep.


What’s the Deal?

I haven’t had too much to write about. My life has been eventful, but in a routine sort of way, if you catch my drift. Classes have been bleh, work has been good, as usual, and everything with Michelle has been super-awesome. :D We had a good weekend together again. I forgot to mention last weekend that we bought rollerblades so we could go, you guessed it, rollerblading (and Will, if you’re reading this, the fact that I bought them to rollerblade with a girl makes it totally not gay, right? :P). Anywho, we went rollerblading at her old elementary school today and that was fun. :D We also went to Monsanto park for a while, which was nice, since it was good weather to be outside and all (gasp, yeah, I just said that).

Lost has been crazy lately. Last week was totally insane (had me going o_O the entire time), but I guess that won’t really interest anyone so I’ll shut up about that now. Me and Adam Z sure do make some awesome commentary while we’re watching it though.

Apple should be updating the Mac Minis soon, which is exciting for me, since I’ll be buying one as soon as they do. Also, the recent announcement of the 2.0 version of the iPhone software update has actually made the iPhone worth it now, and even actually pretty good! So now, I want one of those too (again), but I’ll decided that later, like this summer or something.

A while back I tried Googling my name along with “Tiger Weekly” since that’s how I got that whole job in the first place, and I found that my Ruckus article was published on Ruckus’ news website, lawl. Here’s the site, if you’re interested. Kind of exciting, if only for a couple of seconds.

I need something to buy at Best Buy soon before my coupons run out. Someone suggest something! :P


Pre-Thanksgiving Post

My economics teacher is being nice enough to not cancel class tomorrow. What an asshat. I’m not going, though. I’ll be with Michelle, far, far away from the pain and suffering of “learning” about money and banking.

Speaking of pain and suffering, I got a 68 on my last Business Law exam, which makes absolutely no sense to me, considering I studied well and understood the information pretty well – well enough to be able to apply it proficiently, and I even kind of thought it was interesting. Class is so disappointing. :

Last night’s episode of Heroes definitely wasn’t disappointing though! Also, they played an unreleased Panic! At the Disco song in it, which was kind of weird.

Anyway, I’m out of here. Thanksgiving break is starting for me, right about….now! :D


TV/I Never Would’ve Guessed It…

First, the lesser interesting news. I bought a TV on Monday. It was a better deal than anything on any of the leaked Black Friday ads, so, I went out to Best Buy and got them to hold it for me until today, when my brother was coming through town so he could bring it to my apartment for me. So, I finally have a TV in my room, after experimenting with stupid TV tuners for my computer for a year and a half and almost buying a crappy small TV. I just need to buy a stand for it this weekend.

Now, the more interesting news. I never would’ve guessed it, but my blog actually did something good for me. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts about the editor-in-chief of the Tiger Weekly putting something from my blog in the paper, then you also know that he’s been in contact with me. Well, on Tuesday he asked me if I wanted to write a technology news column starting in the spring, when his current technology writer will be leaving. I told him yes, after asking a few questions, so, assuming my first article goes well, which I think is like my testing period, then I’m all set. I’m kind of excited, so I hope I’m good at this. I’ve never really wrote news stuff. Most of my writing is very opinionated, and I’ll have to keep that out of a news column. I really like writing though when it’s about something I like or something I want to write, like um, I dunno, this blog? :P

Anyway, weekend coming up. Good thing, I need it. Business Process project and Visual Basic assignment made me all stressed out and stuff this week, and I still have to do a Visual Basic practice exam unless I want to do badly on the computer exam on Monday. Fun.



I’m watching Heroes right now and they recently introduced some characters that are in New Orleans, and one of them just said, “Half of the people in this county are living in FEMA trailers…” Silly Heroes, do your homework. We don’t have counties here. :P