Cobra Starship Pt. 2, and Other Adventures!

First of all, sorry for not writing in a while. I’ve been busy. Michelle came to visit me on my birthday because…it was my birthday, duh. Then I went and got her after class on Wednesday and she was with me since then, until I left her earlier, and I tend to not get on the Internet much when she’s around. Anyway, she treated me to the Cheesecake Bistro on my birthday, which was nice. She’s the best for coming to see me. <3 It was really nice being around her for so long. Usually I have to wait until Friday to see her after I leave Sunday, but lately I haven't had to wait as long, so that'll make this week seem longer or something. But I have two exams and a presentation to do. : We'll see about all of that. I bought a new mouse - a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000, and it is some kind of awesome. It's bluetooth and rechargeable, and I've been wanting it for at least a year, but it's $90 almost everywhere I looked. Well, I'd given up and had settled on the Bluetooth notebook mouse Microsoft makes (branded the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Mouse 5000), and was seeing how much it was at Circuit City, when I noticed the 8000 for $45. Needless to say, I bought it barely without thinking twice, and it's been great so far. It's really nice looking (brushed aluminum), and it even matches my Apple Wireless Keyboard (kind of, haha), which is what I bought it to accompany, for whenever Apple updates the Mac Minis and I buy one. As most of you know, I'm "semi"-lactose intolerant. I put that in quotes because people sometimes don't believe me when I say that. Get over it - I am. However, thanks to some vital information from MCat, it doesn't matter anymore! She's completely lactose intolerant, and she told me about a supplement called Lactaid Fast Act that actually works for her, so I tried it and it works for me too! :D Lactaid Fast Act can't protect me from underpaid Popeye's employees though. : Michelle's parents bought us a bunch of nuggets on Saturday, which are usually pretty good, but not this time. Why? They were raw.

So yeah, we ate some raw chicken. I couldn’t tell because they’re nuggets, you know? They looked fine on the outside. You pop them into your mouth without looking on the inside of them. Plus, we were eating them with buffalo sauce, which kind of makes you taste less of the chicken and more of the sauce. I ate like 3 of them and she ate 4, and neither of us have salmonellosis yet, which is a good thing, but it’s still a possibility since it takes 6-72 hours to contract it. I don’t even like touching raw chicken, and the fact that I had it in my mouth is just…ewww.

But, we did go see Cobra Starship today, which was great. It was the second time I’ve seen them, and the first for Michelle. Last time I saw them was on Valentine’s Day last year with Cesar. I’m pretty sure this is the first band I’ve ever seen twice. It was the first time I’ve been to the Parish though (last time they were with Cartel, so it was in the House of Blues main music hall). Anyway, they sang a lot of my favorite songs by them, and it was just an overall good time. The crowd was pretty loud though, which made it harder to hear Mr. Gabe Saporta singing. And my ears are still ringing. D:

Also, when I was leaving Michelle’s house today, I stubbed my pinky toe on my driver’s side tire, and like…effed up my toenail pretty bad. It looks kind of gross but it doesn’t feel that bad.

Anywho, I’m off to bed. Early morning tomorrow, and a long day. D:


Creepy Voicemail

I hesitated to post this, but I’m going to go through with it. We got this voicemail at work…and…well, just listen.

I’d be flattered, except she sounds like she’s 30 by the way she talks. I don’t remember fixing anyone’s computer three weeks ago that was that old. So, instead, it’s pretty creepy. D:

Oh, and here’s my article this week. :D


Will You Laugh At This Or Think It’s Terrible?

First, in case any of you don’t know (like my out of state readers), last week on LSU’s campus, two students were murdered in the Ed Gay “Apartments” on campus.

So, we just went to Atcha’s for lunch, and to get there, we passed in front of Ed Gay, and I took a glance at the “Firearm Free Zone” sign that’s always been there, and someone had written “Irony” on it. >< And just as an editorial note, LSU's solution to the shooting was to increase the size of the "Firearm Free Zone" signs. Right, because criminals care whether or not they can have guns.


This Year is Coming to an End

…so I thought I’d post some of my favorite things I’ve ever posted on my blog over the year and 8 months I’ve had this version of it. This will be very random, and probably contain random statements and random pictures and random links. :P

This picture drawn in Free Speech Alley at LSU.

This entire post.

“Keith: i just got spam
Keith: that said
Keith: I had premature ejaculation problems.
Becca: oh lord.
Becca: i TOLD you
Philip: ha
Lane: …..
Becca: it’s not about WHEN
Becca: but HOW
Becca: so long as you keep going
Keith: …

“Usually right before a test in any of my lecture classes, I’ll get an e-mail that some random person sends out about how they missed class for whatever BS reason and need the notes. Well, I have an economics test on Tuesday, and I just got this email, which is probably the most truthful one I’ve ever gotten like this, sadly…

ya im a alcoholic and i go out pretty much everynight. im struggling to get 2.0 this semester and need as much help as possible, can i get the notes for the second test?

“A very interesting thought entered my head today while at Barnes & Noble. I noticed a book in the “Chicken Soup” series called “Chicken Soup for the Dog & Cat Lovers Soul” and that got me wondering if they have any plans to release “Chicken Soup for the Chicken Lovers Soul” out of pure ironic hilarity?”

There’s an elephant in the way.

The real effect of Hurricane Katrina.

“I saw a commercial today on TV and I was like, “Damn, those shrimp look good,” and then the camera zoomed out and it was Honey Bunches of Oats.”

“So I just found like 5 manilla folders full of comics I drew in high school of my friends, and I thought I’d write about some of them and some of the things I noticed.

-There’s a short comic where Brian is holding a bucket and a paintbrush and he says “Oh boy, invisible paint!” Then there’s two blank frames, and then a mushroom cloud, and the comic is over.”

Star Wars Transformer Darth Vader Death Star

No, I didn’t make that up. It’s a real toy that I just saw a commercial for. Yes, I lawled, and that is the real, correct name for it, and yes, it is a mouth-full.

So far I’ve studied for about 12 hours for Economics and I’m still 97% sure I’m going to fail. I guess I just want to be able to know that at least I tried and didn’t give up, even though I lost hope. :P

I only have one of my grades back for sure, and 2 of them kind-of-for-sure. I’ll post them all when they’re in.


Wow…What A Night

So, I just woke up a little while ago, and I had to throw this out there: I had two dreams. One of which, I got bitten in half by a giant crocodile, and in the other one, a ghost rubber ducky was haunting the house I was in and the only way to make it shut up was to put it in a sponge bath, otherwise it bounced around and annoyed the hell out of me. My dream was about to reveal unto me why I could hold the ghost rubber ducky, even though it could pass through solid objects, but my mom called and my phone started blaring a Paramore song, and that kicked me out of ghost rubber ducky land. Maybe I was a ghost from getting chewed in half from the first dream…



Knife D:

I lost my effing pocket knife sometime on Sunday and not having it in my pocket is driving me nuts. When I’m walking, I keep touching my pocket looking for my knife because I can tell something is missing.

I think I’m going to find something about the same size and weight and put it in my pocket tomorrow so it won’t drive me nuts. D:

On a side note, this week is probably going to crawwwwwl by. I’m skipping classes on Friday (ISDS 3107 and ECON 2035, both of which I don’t really pay attention in anyway) because I’m going to Michelle’s on Thursday, so that’s pretty much all I really care about right now. Oni-Con is this weekend, which is why I’m doing the class-skipping and going to Michelle’s, and I’m looking forward to the convention, except for the fact that I’m going to class with Michelle on Friday, which means I have to get up at 5:45. That little part does not sound exciting, as I might be dead for the rest of the day from getting up so early. : Oh well! I just want Wednesday to be over and then I won’t have anything to worry about anymore (I have an ISDS 3100 exam at 3:30 on Wednesday. D:).



So here’s a good one. Yesterday, my cell phone wouldn’t charge. I pulled the charger out of my power strip/surge protector and plugged it in somewhere else and it worked. Okay, weird, right? My computer is plugged into this surge protector and so is my monitor, and both of these are on and working fine, so it has to be on, right? So then I notice that my speakers are off and they won’t turn on. So, with my computer and my monitor still on, I flip the power switch on the power strip and my computer and monitor both stay on, and now my speakers and cell phone charger work.

What the hell? :|

The Internet (No, Seriously, this Post is About the Internet)

Digg has gone completely insane. Every story is about the HD-DVD key or is the HD-DVD key. If you really want to know more, just look at the front page. This started when Digg’s admins started deleting stories about the key and banning the members that posted them.

I finally got a Joost invitation today (from my friend Ed, thanks Ed! :D). It’s pretty neat, and is a seriously cool idea. I hope it takes off and gets more content when it’s out of beta.

I ordered a new graphics card yesterday from NewEgg and it’s already in Port Allen. I think I’m going to get it tomorrow. Wow, that rocks.