So Another Anime Convention is a thing that happened this past weekend.  It was super fun times with Sam and Ed, and I got to meet a bunch of Sam’s friends and have fun with them as well.  We didn’t really do a whole lot of con-related stuff, but of the con stuff we did, the dance was the best part.  It was mostly just fun to hang out and goof off. :D  Booze, corgi pajamas, glowsticks breaking in Ed’s mouth, small pink bicycles…good times.

Had more plane issues (flight into Logan was delayed two hours, and return flight was flat out canceled and postponed until the next day), as per usual.  75% of the trips I’ve been on involving airplanes have had plane delays so far.  I used to sort of like flying; now I pretty much don’t, and I get to fly in a week and a couple of days for work, so I’m not looking forward to that.

But I can’t wait to see Sam again. :3

Trip to New England, awww yeah

I went to New Hampshire and Massachusetts!

My trip started badly on Friday at the Baton Rouge airport with a flight that was delayed, then had mechanical issues.  I called Delta and had them reschedule my flights and was told I’d get to stay in a hotel in/near the Atlanta airport on Delta’s dime since I’d miss my connecting flight, so two hours late, the flight finally takes off and puts me in Atlanta, where – surprise! – there are three conventions going on (Dragon-Con being one of them, fffff, nerds) and there are no hotel rooms.  My connecting flight was rescheduled from Manchester that night to Boston in the morning, so I had to sleep in the airport (they gave me a $50 Delta travel voucher and two $6 food vouchers for the ATL airport, how generous, right?).

If you’ve ever been to ATL, this might be a strange sight to you, considering how ridiculously busy that airport usually is.

It wasn’t really that easy to sleep, so I took a couple hour-long naps and then watched Naruto and Drew Carey’s Improv-a-ganza on my laptop until it was time to board the plane.  Tried napping once onboard, but probably only managed another 45ish minutes of actual sleep.  Since Ed was going to Summer Matsuri (one-day anime convention) and lives near Boston anyway, he picked me up from the airport and we eventually made our way to New Hampshire.  It had been seven and a half weeks since I’d seen Sam, so I was pretty excited to see her.  We were supposed to go to Summer Matsuri with Ed, but because of my effed up flight, I was too tired, so Sam and I went back to her place and took it easy.

Sunday, Sam took me to Portsmouth.  It was really pretty and the weather was nice.  We went to Hampton beach after leaving Portsmouth, and that was cool (figuratively and literally).  Actually, I was kind of cold, but I guess that’s what I get for not checking the weather and wearing shorts.  Not that I would’ve worn jeans to the beach anyway. :P


Monday we met up with Ed and went to Boston.  We had a strange conversation that evolved from My Little Pony dubstep into the possibility of Christian dubstep existing, and come to find out, that is actually a thing.  We listened to some and it was amazingly terrible, as you’d probably expect.  I got to ride a subway for the first time, went to H&M (finally!), and went to a new Microsoft store (it was basically an Apple store, but it was pretty cool and I approve).

Tuesday we did some shopping and hung around Sam’s place.  Also had some good Paula Dean-approved garlic bread at a pizza place.  And then of course, Wednesday I had to catch my flight back, so we did a little more shopping at a mall closer to the airport in Manchester (went to another H&M!), then I had to leave, much to my own dismay.

Some random thoughts:

  • New Hampshire is really pretty, and I’d probably really like to live there, despite the retarded cold winters.
  • The political climate in New Hampshire was very interesting.  Tons of Romney signs, some scattered Obama signs, and just a few miles over the border coming from Massachusetts, I saw a Gary Johnson sign, and then another one pretty soon after.  I like the diversity a lot.
  • Everyone in New Hampshire and Massachusetts has stock rims on their cars.  That was interesting, but it makes sense (winter tires + low-profile = nope).
  • Lots of Subarus too, but that also makes sense (all-wheel drive).
  • Airport body scanners are a disgrace.  Went through a couple.  I think I’ll probably refuse them in the future and opt for the pat down to make the process as arduous as possible for the TSA.

All in all, even despite my departure flight issues, my trip was fantastic, and I really didn’t want to come back.  I miss Sam a lot, but there’s really nothing we can do about the 1,632 miles between us right now.  It’s worth it, and it’ll all work out eventually.

And on a final note, I called Delta today and they gave me an additional $125 travel voucher too, so I have $175 in vouchers to use toward my flight in October. :D

I can’t use the vouchers together on the same flight and Delta is expensive next month anyway.  Sigh.  Booked American Airlines instead.


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything of linguistic substance, but lately I haven’t had much to post about besides Evey.

First of all, Katy Perry’s MTV Unplugged live CD is absolutely amazing. I love her voice so much. She did a brilliant cover of a Fountains of Wayne song, and the entire album has a “lounge” feel to it. It’s really worth checking out if you appreciate beautiful singing.


Yesterday I hit the 400 mile mark on Evey. When I got the car, it had 20 miles on it from the factory and the PDI at the dealership, and I took a picture at 22. The odometer reading grows so quickly. :P Come tomorrow, I’ll have owned her for a week, and I couldn’t be happier. Every time I walk up to it, I smile. There’s liking your car, and then there’s this – finally having a car that I once called a dream car. I just flat out love this car. It’s so much fun to drive. :D Everything about it is fantastic, right down to my switchblade key. I think between the Camaro and the Chevy Volt, GM is really looking up (Chevy Volt > all hybrids).

Last week was pretty awesome. I took off on Wednesday to pick up my car, and then I had the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving to enjoy it.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope everyone had a good one. I usually make a post about being thankful, but I guess I’ve just been neglectful of my poor blog lately. :( We had delicious food (duck and deer, mmmm), and I have plenty of leftovers in my freezer right now. The rest of the holiday was spent with family and friends.

Now, it’s Christmas time and I guess I should be happier about that, but I really enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. :P The tree is up at my parents’ and I put up a little one at the apartment, though I only turned on the lights once.

Other than that, I’ve been watching way too much anime and playing Starfox 64 a good bit. :)

I need to get back in the habit of updating this thing regularly, because I hate making this catch-up posts where I have to condense a bunch of crap into something readable (or slightly readable :P).


I’ma Buy U A Drank, Microsoft

In my long, hard years of life, I think my infinite wisdom has finally come up with the recipe for a successful joke:

1) Steal a line from a T-Pain song
2) Success!

I went camping this weekend with Becca, Joseph, Joseph’s brother Kenneth, and Sam (boy). It was pretty awesome, and if I were to hold true to everything I said on Sunday and Monday, I’d owe them each about twenty “dranks.”

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here:

The lyrics are hilarious if you, like me, appreciate good lyrics. Sometimes while listening to this song, I just burst out laughing at the sheer prospect of buying someone a “drank.”

In other news, I found out if I get to River Road from work by about 4:35, I will see a red 2010 Camaro, and if I get to Brightside fast enough from there, I will see a black 2010 Camaro with gunmetal racing stripes.

Yes, I am obsessed with this car. I absolutely cannot wait to own one. Srsly.

My iPhone battery got down to 3% on Monday. That’s the lowest it’s ever gotten and that’s the only time I ever had to stop using my phone for nonsense stuff (playing “I’m on a Boat” with the iPod, playing “Don’t Trust Me” on Tap Tap Revolution, Tweeting pictures of destroyed hamburgers…) for fear of not being able to have enough battery life to make calls with it should I need to. The point of this is that I’m pretty happy with the iPhone’s battery life, since this is the first time it almost died on me. It suits my lifestyle pretty well. :D

On a completely opposite note, I had a pretty awesome experience with Microsoft tech support today (can you taste the sarcasm?). Not just any Microsoft tech support, no. This was Microsoft professional tech support.

I submitted a help request on Thursday via their web form for an email response. This is supposed to take one day. The support engineer that gets the request emails me back and pretty much says, “I’m not coming to work tomorrow, if you want this resolved before Tuesday, call into the queue tomorrow.”

Okay, so why did you even take my help request? Whatever. I called the queue on Friday at about 10 A.M. My problem is diagnosed as Severity C and I’m supposed to get a call back within 8 hours. I explain that we close at 4:30, and this is noted in the ticket.

I didn’t get a call on Friday at any point during the day, even after I left. Fine, whatever, thanks Microsoft.

I called back today. Same crap. “We’ll call you back within 8 hours.” Wonderful. I called the guy from Thursday back twice, no dice. I called back a few hours later and explain that I need to get this taken care of today. The lady tells me she can put me in the call queue, but she has no idea how long it will be until someone will be able to answer. My boss is getting pissed at this point that Microsoft is giving us the runaround, so he called, got our problem escalated to Severity A (it was definitely not Severity A, but apparently that’s the only way to get service when you pay Microsoft millions of dollars for enterprise support), and finally, after about 30-40 minutes of being on hold, a very helpful man answered and helped me. The support quality at that point was top notch, but everything before that was completely ridiculous.

I got faster support for having a Joe Blow 3-year warranty with Dell and for paying a couple hundred bucks for Apple Care with Apple (also, Genius Bar is FTW). In fact, I can probably name half-a-dozen companies I’ve gotten faster support from. I really expected better from Microsoft’s *Professional* Support line.

Now, I wasn’t calling about a broken computer or anything – it was a real enterprise level support request dealing with updating Active Directory schema and deleting an old container in a production environment (scary crap if you can’t test it, for those not in the know). This, of course, isn’t an excuse for them not calling me back in two days when they said it would be less than 8 hours; rather, it’s just to let you know that I wasn’t calling to ask how to uninstall w32.backdoor.trojan or anything like that. :P

I would also like to thank the awesome cashier at Express, who let me use a $20 off of $60 coupon on a $59.50 purchase without making me buy something else to fill in the 0.50 I technically had to buy since tax doesn’t count. I love that kind of service. :)


Make Way For Kat!

This past week has been pretty awesome. I used to have a lot of boring days, but not lately. I even went to Bourbon Street with MC, her two friends from Arkansas, Becca, and Joseph! I had a hurricane from Pat O’Brien’s on the 4 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina…pretty unintentional, but kind of funny nonetheless. It was so much fun! :D

I also saw Inglorious Basterds on Sunday with Trent, GP, and one of their friends that I don’t know that well, but have met before (Drew). Incredible movie. Definitely watch it if you’re not squeamish.

So, I know I do this off and on with bands I like, but I’ve been really into Fall Out Boy’s lyrics lately. It (re)started with “My Heart is the Worst Kind of Weapon,” but I just realized what one of the allusions in “Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet” means, and it’s just incredible.

And does your husband know the way that the sunshine gleams from your wedding band?
Does he know the way, does he know the way of the crickets that would convince me to call it a night?

So the song (in my opinion), is about an affair this dude is having with a married woman, which you can tell from that first line. But the second line I never understood. But then, thanks to the Internet, I realized that “crickets” was a reference to Jiminy Cricket, who was Pinnochio’s conscience. So that second line is basically saying that his conscience is trying to make him quit having this affair, which is such a simple thing to say, and this song has such an incredible way of saying it. AHHH, I love how awesome Fall Out Boy’s lyrics are, and Patrick’s vocals are incredible in this song.

This YouTube video automatically starts at the above mentioned lines, and the lines immediately following those lines are sung so emotionally powerfully, it’s just epic.

Also, I have been playing Starfox 64 a little. My old high score is so epic, there’s no way I’ll ever even get close again, haha.


A Magical Week

Last Sunday, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came on TV, and being bored, I figured I’d watch it. I thought it was pretty good, so I finally decided to catch up on the Harry Potter craze and every night last week, I watched a Harry Potter movie until I was all caught up and ready to see the new one.

Of course, then I ran into a problem – I don’t really have anyone to go see movies with. I actually keep a list of movies that I want to see on my desktop so that I won’t forget about them six months later when they come out on DVD.

Luckily for me, the biggest Harry Potter fan I know (MC) came into town, so I went to see it with her, and it was awesome. Now I either have to wait two years for the final movies or read the seventh book. Not sure what I’m going to do about that.

And on a closing note, I think it’s pretty sad that in the past month and a half, I’ve hung out with someone that lives 6 hours away more than I’ve hung out with my friends that live an hour away. Something needs to be done about this. Becca, Ashley, Cesar – that means we need to hang out! :D


Making My Day

Today, I was leaving the mall and a random girl told me “I like your shirt!” to which I replied, unusually casually, “Thanks!” It really made my day.

And before anyone asks, because I know someone would, she was probably a little too young for me.

So that made my day (up until that point at least), but then my car decided to die and that kind of unmade it. Overall though, that random comment followed by a good night out with my friends put me in good enough spirits to not let my car dying bother me too much. As long as my boss doesn’t care if I am late/don’t come in tomorrow (on short notice).


I Chime In…

I have a lot of catching up to do, but I really doubt I’ll cover everything I originally intended to cover.

I had a party last weekend. It was quite epic, and lots of fun was had.

That’s my favorite picture, though I wish more people were in it, cause that’s not even half. My friends are pretty awesome. :D I wish we could do stuff like that more often.

I also went to the Chimes twice last weekend, once on Friday night and once on Sunday morning. (The Chimes * 2) + awesome friends + party = super win.

I know I write enough about Buckle here, but sometimes I just feel like they deserve the praise. I looked for months and months for a pair of pants I could wear to work that wouldn’t make me feel like I was 40 years old. Namely, something that wasn’t big and baggy – pants are supposed to fit, not hang off of you, and that’s mostly why I hate Dockers/slacks/dress pants. I finally found a pair of pants that are suitable for work, and of course, I found them at Buckle. Those pants combined with my realization that American Eagle Vintage Fit Eagle Polos are *awesome* has led to my work attire moving from “frustrating and depressing” to “I pretty much feel normal now,” except tucking in my shirt still annoys the ever living crap out of me. I Tweeted this before, but I think it deserves repeating: whoever came up with the idea of tucking your shirt into your pants seriously needs to be punched in the face. It doesn’t make any sense when you really think about it.

And this is really sad, but I can’t think of anything else I wanted to say. *sigh*

Oh yeah, this is about 3 months late, but happy 5 year anniversary to my blog. “Phil’s Waste-of-Bandwidth Website” was born in late March of 2004 and turned into inphiltrate.com about a year later.

Wayback Machine Archive of the first or second version of inphiltrate (highlight the main frame to see the blog posts). I actually still have the entire site backed up. I should throw it up in a subdirectory so you can all laugh at my retarded “OMG I HAVE TO BLOG EVERY DAY OR I FAIL” posts.


I Climb Buoys

I had written the majority of an update on Friday, but I decided against posting it for now. Maybe some other time.

On Friday, Adam and I went to hang out at Keith Carroll’s. We made a trip to Whole Foods, where I got some kind of amazing key lime cheesecake that was so amazing that I have to use the word “amazing” again: amazing!

I wish I could wear whatever I want to work. I feel so out of character in “business casual” attire. The button down shirts are fine (I wear those out of work too), but I hate slacks and having my shirt tucked in. Curse you, real life. :P Thank God for casual Fridays! :D

I’m on a boat!


Blog Neglect

It’s that time of month again. Yes, that time when I apologize for not blogging in X amount of time and then proceed to say that I’ve been busy and perhaps tell you what I’ve been busy with.

Well, if you’ve been keeping up with my Twitter updates, then you’ve pretty much got the gist of what I’ve been up to. I managed to kill a video card and a bluetooth dongle within the span of a week. I already replaced my GeForce 8600 GT with a Radeon HD 4650, but the bluetooth dongle is still broken and awaiting replacement (read: waiting for me to get paid :P).

I went out to eat yesterday with some friends, and that was pretty cool. All in all, life is going pretty well, except that my days seem so short now. I got used to having so much time for myself that now, by the time I get off work and cook/eat, it’s already 5:30 or 6, and then I’ve been going to bed at 11 lately so I won’t be tired at work. I’m not sure if that’ll last, but for right now, I think it’s best. :P

Microsoft’s new ads targeting Macs (and promoting HP?) are finally up to that bar that Apple set for competition between the two companies. The only thing they’re missing is that they aren’t funny (though they aren’t intended to be). So anyone that complained about the Apple ads…Microsoft has struck back. “I guess I’m not cool enough to own a Mac” and “Macs are all about aesthetics” are pretty funny though, in that oh-so-sad way. It’s also kind of funny that they came out with these commercials about the common computer buyer like a year after they stuck Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in some random family’s house to find out how the average person lives because they were so out of touch. I personally think that instead of striking back at Apple, they need to actually advertise their operating system. I haven’t seen a commercial for Windows in…years.

And speaking of Apple and Microsoft, I had an idea for a post that I don’t feel like writing right now, so…note to self, and stuff.