Saturday was FTW

We (the Luling Crew) went to Connor’s house on Saturday for Gamble’s going away pool party. It was really fun, and even Erin showed up. For anyone that is a member of the Luling Crew Forum, the videos are posted.

I’m at work right now…completely alone. It is 11:50 and I have been here since 8:00 and absolutely no one else has shown up yet. AWESOME. So I’m just listening to podcasts and wishing someone was on AIM.

I ordered a new head unit for my car last week after talking with Will for a while. When I get it in, he is going to help me (read: let me watch him and possibly help and hopefully I’ll learn something) put it in. Just in time for me and Keith Carroll to not be able to use it to listen to his eurobeats on the way to Luling!

Sorry I don’t have any pictures for this entry, but if there’s plenty of videos… :P

And for anyone viewing this in an RSS reader, I changed my WordPress theme and took a little more emo out of my site. (-_\) …yeah :D.

Apple Land, aka, Steve Ballmer’s Worst Nightmare

OMG I’M GOING TO F**KING KILL STEVE JOBS” – Steve Ballmer (if he hasn’t said it yet…he’ll say it soon enough)

Here we see Keith Carroll on his PowerBook G4 and Gamble Hilsman on his MacBook Pro.  And also, Keith Carroll is being gracious enough to shut my iBook G4 down for me.  Thanks Keith Carroll!!!^&(876)!*&!^0!!!!

Went to CompUSA on Saturday and played with the new MacBooks.  The keyboard is SOOOO nice…but it’s also a little hard to type on.  I liked them, but the MacBook Pros are still way nicer.  Oh, you can right click on them by tapping two fingers on the touchpad, or two fingers on the touchpad and a mouseclick.  Fantabulous.  I really hate playing with the fancy new Macs cause it makes me want one.  :(  Every time I see the cinema displays…yeah…I want one of those too. >>

Also, here is a nice little video of Keith Carroll doing more Scott Stapp impressions. (HAHA!  “I’m not going to put this on the Internet!”).

New Toy at Work

I have a new toy at work.  Haha, PowerMac G3 (400 MHz)!  My boss was going to send it to surplus, but she let us keep it in the office.  I put some RAM we had lying around into it (including some bad RAM that caused it to kernel panic 3 times) and threw Panther on it, and it runs pretty darn fast; way faster than my iMac G3.

And hey, speaking of kernel panic, I found this at work:


The box is even blue.  I handed it to Will to show him what it was and he threw it down and shuddered.

And here’s some cool software boxes (with software inside!) I found at work:

Hardcore vintage.  I did mess around on OS 8.5 before I put Panther on the PowerMac; crazy stuff there.  Mac Office 98 and Photoshop 5 are hardcore.

Random LSU Pictures

So this morning, I had to take care of some crap in Herget Res College and at the property management warehouse (also known as “surplus”), and I took some pictures. That’s pretty much the point of this post.

Check them out. The first one is the ground behind Herget. Haha! …college kids.

Becca’s Wap-Day, Finals and Summer

There’s not really much I can say about going to one of Becca’s “Anime Days,” except that I had a really good time.  Anyway, I mention that because I took a video of Keith doing something fantastically funny.  You will not understand if you don’t watch Naruto, but it might still be funny.  Keith Tank!

Finals are this week (for anyone that reads this that doesn’t go to LSU), and I really, really need to do good on 3 of the 4 I have.  The problem with that is that I really, really suck at two of these subjects.  Bleh.

Summer is approaching, of course, and I’ve decided to set a summer goal.  …oh right, I should mention that it’s not a useful one first, so don’t get your hopes up.  I will get a score higher than 2000 on Starfox 64 this summer.  Yeah…”I’ve been waiting for you, Starfox.”


I got a haircut yesterday and I hate it. I told him to just clean it up, and not to take off any length, and he took off about an inch. :(


There’s really no way for me to shrink these pictures so they’ll fit here while at the same time keeping the quality, so if you want to see what the rest of this entry is about, you’ll need to follow this link, this link, and this link.

And now, perhaps you understand the title of this entry, so once again, THANKS FACILITY SERVICES!!!!!

They were cutting the “grass” (which was actually pine needles, rocks, and dirt; no actual green stuff) near my car and their lawnmower chucked a rock into my window and shattered it.  My dad called me while I was at work and told me that a detective should be calling me soon to ask me about damage to my car from a fire.  Apparently the detective mixed things up, or my dad, honestly, I have no idea.  Anyway, I WTF’ed and Jim and MCat had to see what the deal was, so we all walked to my car and on the way there, the detective called me and told me a rock had actually hit my car and there was damage.  So yeah…it shattered my driver’s side window and killed me a little inside.  I’m really freaking unlucky with my car. :

(I think I’ve posted “THANKS FACILITY SERVICES!!!!!!” in way too many places today).