No More Technology Rants and Raves Here

Bringing back the gallery yesterday fell victim to my current Lost addiction, but I should be able to do it today. I did put up my tech blog though. There is a permanent link on your right, but here is a temporary link. So, anyone that actually liked reading my rants and raves about *whatever* can now go there, and anyone (read: everyone) else is now free of my ramblings about Fisher-Price XP. ;)

…And I’m Back!

The site is up again, obviously, but now on a new host. The only hiccup so far seems to be some unknown characters being replaced by question marks. I fixed them all on this page, but it’s not a big deal. Anyway, here’s a little update I wrote on Sunday night that I couldn’t blog:

The 23rd was the free “Tailgate Before the Game with Brooks & Dunn” concert on the Parade Grounds at LSU. It was a really good performance, and the heat would’ve damn near killed us all, but at the very beginning of the concert it started pouring, which felt awesome.

I’ve also made a decision about my college “career.” I really don’t think I want to take any summer classes ever again. Reflecting back on this summer, and how life has been since school started again, I realized how much I needed that vacation and how much good it did me mentally. Plus, I plan on going to the beach this summer, and I don’t care if I have to go by my damn self.

I signed up for Netflix a while back, and I’ve been getting Smallville in 3 discs at a time (6 discs to a season). So far I’ve gotten and watched all of season 1 and two discs of season 2 (by the time this gets blogged, I’ll probably have gotten in and watched more). Smallville is a damn good show. I’ve seen random episodes of it here and there on TV, but I’m finally getting to see it all in order. It’s really an amazing series.

Also, two of my coworkers, Will and Eric, “loaned” me Lost season 1 and 2, and I’ve been absorbed in that as well. I’ve seen all of season 1 so far, and by the time I post this, probably a good bit of season 2 as well. Also a great series.

Another decision I’ve made is that I don’t want a MacBook. Well…I do, but only if Apple doesn’t come out with a tablet Mac.

I’m studying for an ISDS 2000 test right now on my “new Mac,” and I just have to say…I love OS X. Doing this on Windows XP without Exposé and hot corner would be so much more difficult with all of these Word documents.
—-End Sunday Update

I’m adding a technology blog and bringing the gallery back up tomorrow. I already have an entry for the tech blog written, and 5 more planned.

Pause In Blogging

Dear Readers,

Over the next week, I will be in the process of moving my website to a new host. During this time, I will most probably not be doing any blogging, so that no entries/comments are lost during the move. I’m really hoping I can back up this blog and restore it on the new host with no hiccups, so wish me luck.

All of you that don’t comment suck, er, I mean, Sincerely,


Build God, Then We’ll Talk

Not that anyone besides me (and maybe Becca) cares, but Panic! At the Disco is doing their last music video for their first album before focusing on their second album, and the video is going to be for “Build God, Then We’ll Talk.” (That’s your cue to either stop reading or remain interested and learn something about this great band. :D).

This. Video. Will. Be. Awesome.

The song is about a nun that’s a prostitute, and the beginning part is this great story about sleazy motels that “any practiced Catholic would cross themselves upon entering”, and it goes on tell about a lawyer cheating on his wife with a nun. The nun eventually gets arrested when the cops bust in and find her and her “purse of a different kind” (hooker money). In the end, it goes into this cool, more musical and less storytelling part that plays off of the song “My Favorite Things,” which is, of course, from The Sound of Music. All in all, a fantastic song. You don’t find cool stories in most songs these days.

Bible Quote of the…Year

This is straight out of the New International Version of the English Christian Bible. I kid you not.

Judges 14:18:

Before sunset on the seventh day the men of the town said to him,
“What is sweeter than honey?
What is stronger than a lion?”
Samson said to them,
“If you had not plowed with my heifer, you would not have solved my riddle.”

Yes, Samson just called his wife a heifer.

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Team I.S., Tom Welling, Styx, and all that Jazz…Rock…Whatever

I’ve been listening to a lot of old music lately, and by old I mean late 90s, early 2000s, and a couple of pretty old bands.

So anyway, as everyone knows, the power went out at LSU and around this part of Baton Rouge on Wednesday, and I thought I’d showcase this picture of what Team I.S. does when there is no power in the office. Oh…and we played hangman. Didn’t get a picture of that though.

When we leave stuff (and by stuff, I mean computers, motherboards, CDs, etc) lying around the office without a Post It note on it, Will usually freaks out and tells us to label stuff. Well…I left him a little present the other day. I think he liked them, because they were in the garbage when I went in the office today between classes. :D

I signed up for Netflix last week. I’m currently working on Smallville, which I am really, really enjoying. I’ve also got The Lake House at the top of my queue so when it releases later this month, I’ll finally get to see how bad they butchered the original. :P

I need a new digital camera really badly, and I also want a new keyboard.

Sorry this entry turned out so long. I’m fully aware that no one reads my long entries. :)


Someone should really tell incoming freshmen that their ‘seniors’ shirts from high school are not cool anymore (not that they ever were in the first place, but it was something to be proud of before you got to college).

Start Your Photocopiers…Finland? (Lots of Technology Rants Follow)

I really need to start a separate blog to rant about technology, because for some reason, I don’t like doing it here. But, too bad, because I don’t feel like going through all that trouble. :D

Why is it that whenever Microsoft implements a new feature of some sort, and when some open source project does it and doesn’t improve the feature, Microsoft is accused of copying or stealing, and the open source project is credited with innovation? I’m leaving Apple out of this one, because practically everything they “copy” is improved in some way so that even if they didn’t invent the technology, it’s a far better implementation than whatever they got the idea from.

Microsoft puts tabs in Internet Explorer 7, a really good implementation of tabs at that, and they are accused of copying Firefox. Uh…last I checked, Firefox wasn’t the first browser to have tabs.

Microsoft implements Flip 3D in Windows Vista and everyone makes a big deal out of how they copied the basic idea from OS X’s Exposé, which they did. The open source community “invents” XGL and implements ‘scale’ in it and…positive reaction! Both are copies of the same idea, but scale is a blatant ripoff of Exposé and Microsoft gets all the flac instead of the community that developed XGL.

The Gnome and KDE deskop environments are both huge ripoffs of the OS X and Windows desktop environments, yet when Microsoft implements Aero OMG IT’S A COPY OF AQUA ON OS X (which it is, but that’s not the point)! Why doesn’t KDE get any negative feedback about how obviously they’ve ripped off Microsoft and Apple?

It honestly just pisses me off that people have the attitude that “it’s good because it’s not Microsoft.”

That all said, now it’s time for a wtf-Microsoft rant.

In terms of aesthetics and ergonomics in computing, Microsoft can’t design worth a crap.

Yes, I’m looking at you Windows Luna and Windows Classic. One was designed by Fisher Price and one is a relic from the mid-90’s, left over by, I’m sure, the same design team that thought building a GUI on top of an ancient command shell and calling it Windows was a good idea. NT 1000x > DOS.

In terms of features, Microsoft also can’t design/innovate worth a crap (minus System Restore; that’s a really nifty, innovative feature).

Windows Movie Maker, Paint (how long has this remained almost completely unchanged in Windows?), the Start menu (good idea + Microsoft = bad implementation), Windows Media Player (a cluttered mess of a player that needs some serious revamping, and this is proven by the fact that everyone uses Winamp, Foobar, iTunes, Media Player Classic, and/or VLC instead of WMP), the Control Panel (really confusing for a newb, really annoying to a pro), and a random assortment of other things.

In terms of promises, Microsoft’s reputation is worth crap.

“Hey guys, let’s build a new filesystem for Windows Vista! We can call it WinFS!” Ooooo, good one Microsoft. Then when your filesystem turned out to be a royal clusterf**k of a disaster, you get a new idea! “Hey guys, let’s build a organizational system that sits on top of NTFS instead! We don’t even have to change the name! It can stand for Windows Future Storage!” And they couldn’t even pull that off.

Windows Vista, coming 2003! 2004! 2005! 2006! 2007!

And because it would unfair for me to leave out Apple…one last rant.

A mouse has two, full buttons, and a scroll wheel at the least. What does the Mighty Mouse have? One real mouse button, one emulated mouse button, a scroll…ball, and one awkward shape to top it off. Give it up Steve, you’ll have to sacrifice design and simplicity just this once to make an efficient, usable, and ergonomic mouse. I can’t remember a single Apple mouse that I like besides the original one.

Whew…long entry. Lots of different opinions, some almost conflicting, in this entry!

By the way, if you are reading this as a note on Facebook…I have Facebook set to take entries off of my blog and turn them into notes, so don’t think I’m actually blogging on Facebook. :P