Now Here’s a Useful Button

[disregard on Facebook]I think I need to look for a new WordPress theme. This one is starting to feel a little “yesterday.”[/disregard on Facebook]

My keyboard has this awesome “000” key on the number pad that inserts three zeros when you press it. How ridiculously cool is that? 000000000000000000000000000000 WEEEEE!!!

I installed Firefox 2 today (actually, I am typing this entry in it). For some reason, everytime I type an apostrophe into this box, it opens a quick search box menu (edit: Halfway through the entry…it stopped doing this…haha). :| I plan on writing a nice little IE 7 vs. Firefox 2 review and comparison in my tech blog whenever I feel I have experienced enough of Firefox 2 to be fair. I also -tried- to install Edgy Eft on my dedicated-to-Linux computer, and wouldn’t you know it, the upgrade failed…twice. The folks over at Ubuntu are trying really hard to make me like their operating system! I can tell. :|

I’ve got a ton of chips and crap left over from Friday. Someone come over and eat stuff! Lawl. :D

I’ve got like 3 or 4 tapes full of video taken at Gamble’s house/with Gamble in them that I never put on my computer. I don’t know what to do with them because I don’t really want to erase them, but I also really don’t want to watch them. I’m glad that whole situation is over. I’ve never “disowned” one of my friends before. It still sucks to think that he was trying to use me up until the very end, and I almost let him. Bleh, ’tis life.

I really need to bring back my random Keith Carroll quote of the week.

Here’s to this week not sucking!

*slit slit slit*

I’m sure that this needs an explanation. Read on. :P

I got my camera in yesterday morning when I got to work/Grace King Hall.

I really like it so far. It takes great pictures and has some really great features. Now I’m waiting on my new SD card to come in. My old one is a 512 MB ~30-50x SD card, so I ordered a 1 GB 150x one.

When I left work, I went to go pick up Tanager for my Halloween party. Not really a “party” as much as a gathering of people (5). So yeah, with all the emo jokes everyone likes to make, my costume for the party was an emo kid :D. Keith was no one (but he wore a Toby Keith cowboy hat, so I called him Toby Keith), Becca was a wap (like usual, except this time wearing a yukata :P), Ashley was a beer garden girl (or something like that), and Tanager was an emo cheerleader (cha!). I posted pictures on Facebook, but I’m lacking pictures of Becca (in costume and from the front, haha) and Ashley (in or out of costume). If interested, check out that album.

Anyway, we mostly just talked, played Naruto: Clash of Ninja 4, Mario Kart: Double Dash and Super Smash Bros. Melee, and watched ridiculous videos on YouTube. So uh…pretty much nothing different except for the costumes. :P I had fun; hope everyone else did too. :D

By the time I brought Tanager home and got back to Houma, it was 4 in the morning, but thanks to my good friend Brendon Urie, I was wide awake the whole time I was alone in the car. :D

edit: Ha, I forgot about Dylan since he only showed up for an hour. He was dressed as a “brother,” which are his words.

Tough Decision

I’ve got a My Chemical Romance song stuck in my head right now. I really didn’t expect their new CD to be any good, but it is (it turns out that this CD, and their previous two are all concept albums; I didn’t know that. Pretty cool if you ask me). I smell a new ringtone! We’ll carry on, we’ll carry on!

UPS’s tracking system sucks. My camera is supposed to come in today and it’s supposedly on time, but the tracking page hasn’t been updated since it arrived in Mississippi yesterday. :| Fedex FTW.

BAD X-CHAT AQUA! BAD! Where is my “LOL” button at?

Costume for Friday!

I got a great idea for a Halloweeen costume today, but it is a secret from those that will be in attendance Friday. I wasn’t going to dress up as anything, but when I thought of this…I just had to go for it. So, I will be in costume, and I guarantee pictures will be posted here. :D

That’s pretty much the point of this entry. Be prepared. Bwahahahaha!

Dumbfounded/Weekly Picture Post

I actually got really good grades on the 3 tests I had last Monday/Tuesday. I’m quite happy at the moment.

Fun pictures I took this weekend:
Hong Kong Food Market Racist Pancakes
For all of your pet pandas?
These literally came in packs of like 15
I’m not sure whether I should WTF at the title of this game or the fact that they ripped Dr. Tran for the front cover
Snakes on a…wait, what?
Didn’t even find this at Hot Topic
The name of this manga that Keith is looking at is called “Boy Princess”
Emo for Dummies
Keith and I thought it was funny

Thanks For the Warning

I love walking around stores and finding ridiculous things to take pictures of.

Best Buy had the good sense to put up this sign, which pretty much made me want to vomit. I guess it’s the geek in me screaming, “NOOOO! They’ll charge you $300 to back up 4.7 GB of data to a single DVD! DON’T DO IT!” I dunno, I guess I just hated this sign because Geek Squad is a big joke. :|

Then…there was this one. GOSH WAL-MART, THANKS FOR THE WARNING! I know for sure I would’ve eaten some of the delicious plastic bags and ice cream wrappers that were tossed inside of this garbage can had you guys not had it properly labeled!

Cool and Windy!?!?

After four days of humid, wet, and dreary agony, finally! Today, at this very moment, it feels extremely awesome outside!

I’ve been wanting a new digital camera for a while for a couple of reasons. My current camera:
-is 3 years old
-is 2 megapixels (which doesn’t really bother me that much, but more is always better)
-sucks at taking pictures in low light without a flash
-has a crappy macro lens
-can’t take movies with audio
-is too big for my tastes (I’ve grown accustomed to buying slim versions of whatever I like to carry on me to reduce weight and bulk, like my phone, my pocket knife, and my laptop.)
-has a total of 2x zoom, which is purely digital, and digital zoom sucks

So, I’ve been looking around for a couple of months at slim cameras (cameras that are less than an inch thick), and I finally found one I like a couple of days ago. It’s another Samsung camera. I like to stick with brands I am used to, and my current digital camera was like $99 at Wal-Mart when I got it 3 years ago, and I’ve dropped it on a tile floor, as well as many times on carpet, dragged it with me to all kinds of places, and I keep it in my messenger bag with me every day on campus. So yeah, it’s been through a lot and still works great for its age, but it was time for an upgrade. My new camera is about as thick as my laptop without the LCD (~.75 inches), which was the most important factor for me in buying it. There are thinner cameras for sure, but I really liked this one. I ordered it yesterday. I will be posting more pictures and videos hopefully, now.

Also, I got a 90 on my ISDS 2000 exam. High five?! Anyone? Anyone?! K fine. ;-;

In Two Months…

Things I will miss:
-the ability to wear sandals, something I grew a great liking for this year
-the ability to feel my hands, something I can never do when it’s cold
-going swimming
-the song “Summertime” by Kenny Chesney has been less awesome lately since it’s not summer anymore; it’s still a great song, it’s just harder to connect with it now

Things I will not miss: