Black Friday of Greatness

Black Friday’s deals were only so-so this year. I went to Circuit City pretty late (around 10:15), and there were barely any lines considering it was Black Friday. They were out of the 1 GB flash drive and the 2 GB flash drive, but when I went to check out, I noticed two of the 2 GB drives behind the register and asked for one, and I got it. :D That was the item I wanted the most. I also got some cheap writable DVDs and CDs. I spent the rest of the day with Tan, and that made Friday great.

Today Keith and Becca and Nick randomly showed up in my driveway, and we went and played Keith’s Nintendo Wii and ate at IHOP. It was fun; thanks guys (and girl). :)

I have a dead language exam on Tuesday, and I think I have an ISDS exam later this week too. Joy, rapture, happiness, etc.

I’ve been lacking a bit in the blogging department lately. I think my blog used to be a lot better. I guess interestingness comes and goes. :( Also, I’m too lazy to post pictures these days because usually it requires me to upload them from my camera or my phone…and that’s far too much work. :P

Happy Thanksgiving Readers!

So today is um…er…oh yeah! Thanksgiving! Oh boy! That means I need to post what I am thankful for! I forgot exactly how I did this last time, but I shall try my best!

1) PEOPLES! Tan, my family, Adam, Keith, Becca, my coworkers, all of my old friends I haven’t mentioned, all of my new friends, my Interweb friends, all of the awesome people I know! :D
2) Other stuff! My family’s, friends’, and my health, my job, the things I’ve been blessed with, um…other stuff I’ve forgotten! :(

I am bad at thinking of things, even though I have so much to be thankful for! ;-;

Most boring post ever.


After the Def Leppard/Journey concert on Friday, Tan and I were talking, and I forgot how Fall Out Boy came up, but I told her that if they had a concert around here, we had to go see them.

Then, yesterday, I wrote that entry about Fall Out Boy being awesome.

Then today, I get an E-Mail from Ticketmaster saying “Don’t miss Fall Out Boy!”


This isn’t even a scheduled tour date. Their next one is in Berlin on the 22nd of January. Tickets go sale this Saturday, and the concert is Monday, December 4th.


Keep Being Awesome Please, Fall Out Boy

Their new single is out.  It’s called “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race.”  I love it, but not quite as much as the song they leaked that I mentioned earlier, “Carpal Tunnel of Love.”  This new single is a lot different from their old stuff.  Let’s just say that if I have a reason to look forward to February 6th, it’s probably because Infinity on High, their new album, will be released that day.  :)  I’ve never even considered Fall Out Boy one of my favorite bands, but they’re getting there.

Thanks For This Week, Pilgrims

This week is a very much needed break from a very annoying semester of school. My teachers cancelled class on Wednesday, so I’ve got off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and I could work 28 hours this week, but I’m just going to take what I can get today and tomorrow morning and be done with it.

An economics test is looming over my head right now, and I’m kind of worried. I need a 3.0 this semester to get into the college of business and at this very moment, I think I just barely have it, or just barely don’t have it. Either way, it’s too close for comfort and I don’t have any really easy classes to fall back on.

O winter break, where art thou?

Let’s Backtrack

I said I’d write about the Def Leppard/Journey concert, so, well, here I go.

Both bands were relatively hard to understand, even during the songs I knew (a whopping 2, by the way).  I don’t like 80’s music (I mean that not as an all-inclusive term for music from the 80’s, so I’ll have to just assume you all know what I mean; there are some 80’s country songs I like), but I do like Def Leppard a little, and I like that one song by Journey (“Don’t Stop Believin'”).  As far as entertainment value, the concert was pretty “bleh.”  There were a few points during Def Leppard’s performance that were cool, where they actually did a little showmanship and some pyrotechnics, and the guitar solo of the national anthem at the beginning of Journey’s performance was a good show of talent. 

Their screen thing in the back was crap.  This was the second concert I’ve been to in the New Orleans Arena, and for the other one, Kenny Chesney, he had three screens in the back, all of which were being used efficiently to show him (for those not-so-close to the stage) or some entertaining video/visual effects at the same time.  Throughout most of Def Leppard/Journey, the screen was just like a Windows Media Player or iTunes visualization video.

But, of course, I didn’t actually go to the concert for the music; I went for the company.  Tanager and I kept “text messaging” each other throughout the concert with ridiculous messages, which made the concert a lot better :D.  Ashley  text messaged me for real (she called first, but neither Becca nor I could hear her) to find out where we were and she came to visit us during the stage setup between the two bands.

Neither band took the stage with the other band for some cool duet thing.  Neither really interacted with the crowd (not that they could’ve interacted with us anyway, up in the nosebleeds).  Neither did anything really cool either, besides some pyrotechnics that I’ve already mentioned.  I think Kenny Chesney just spoiled me :|.  I mean, I hate to compare, but he got Uncle Kracker and Dierks Bentley on stage with him, he popped up in the middle of the crowd for his first song and then rode above the crowd to the stage, he did the whole slapping-hands with the people by the stage thing, he gave some little girl a signed guitar (how awesome of him was that?), and he was just all over the place; he looked like he was having the time of his life.  It was really amazing to watch, and so entertaining.  Plus…I could actually understand him.  Maybe that’s all just characteristic of country concerts though.  The only rock concert I’ve ever been to that was really amazing was Alter Bridge, and Skillet was pretty decent too.  All of the country performances I’ve seen were great.

I got some videos and pictures of the concert, but I haven’t uploaded any of them.  I need to pick out what I’m going to upload first.

All in all, I don’t think anything will ever beat that Kenny Chesney concert.  That one guy put on a better show that Def Leppard and Journey combined to the same size audience (or at least close; the turnout might have been a little high for Kenny Chesney), which I guess is why I compared the two concerts so much.

Well That’s Bloggable

Usually right before a test in any of my lecture classes, I’ll get an e-mail that some random person sends out about how they missed class for whatever BS reason and need the notes. Well, I have an economics test on Tuesday, and I just got this email, which is probably the most truthful one I’ve ever gotten like this, sadly…

ya im a alcoholic and i go out pretty much everynight. im struggling to get 2.0 this semester and need as much help as possible, can i get the notes for the second test?

I definitely have other stuff to blog about (like Def Leppard and Journey). I’ll do that tomorrow.

Z gallery!

Adam wrote a cool gallery script and gave me a semi-final version of it last night to use (he said he still has some cosmetic changes to make to it). Thanks Adam Z! Since I got my new camera, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, and I upload them often, but I never posted links to them (besides putting a few random ones here and on Facebook). So, this is my image gallery. The index is temporary, I originally just made it to keep people from poking around, so I need to change it.

We’re all held captive out from the sun,
Sun that shines on only some,
We the meek are all in one.