Chicken Soup

A very interesting thought entered my head today while at Barnes & Noble. I noticed a book in the “Chicken Soup” series called “Chicken Soup for the Dog & Cat Lovers Soul” and that got me wondering if they have any plans to release “Chicken Soup for the Chicken Lovers Soul” out of pure ironic hilarity?


So the Nintendo DS is pretty awesome! The best thing about it so far is the wireless multiplayer that only requires one game card to play. It is so cool! Tan and I played Mario Kart DS a lot the other day and it was so much fun! :D

I got Super Mario 64 DS, which has some pretty cool minigames, but the controls are terrible for the main game. : Super Mario 64 doesn’t work that well without a joystick. It is still fun, but it is just infinitely harder to control. I bought Bomberman Land Touch!, which, on the other hand, has an awesome control system. The story mode is like a big game made of minigames and it has some classic Bomberman stuff on it too, and I love classic Bomberman! :D Brain Age came with the DS, and it is entertaining too, but it is on a different level than the other games. There’s only so much you can do in that game before it gets old.

So, so far Mario Kart DS and Bomberman Land Touch! are the best DS games I’ve played! I am hoping Bomberman Land Touch! has a really fun multiplayer because playing DS with Tan is awesome and more games = more fun! :D

Has anyone played Elite Beat Agent? I’ve heard from a few sources that it was good, and I’m curious! Opinions?

Of Computers and Cars

On Thursday, I went to a Get Connected (crappy campus software campus residents have to run to connect to the Internet on Windows XP machines) meeting with some ITS people, and they mentioned in the meeting that Windows Vista was supposed to be going live on TigerWare that day. I had been expecting it, but with that news, I was very eager to get it. So for the rest of the day, I refreshed TigerWare’s Operating Systems page every 15-30 minutes until Vista appeared. I downloaded it and burned it to a DVD and when I got home, I started preparing to install it on my computer.

And this is the story of lawls that followed.

I have 6 hard drives in my desktop: three 160 GB drives, one 200 GB drive, one 100 GB drive, and one 80 GB drive. One of the 160 GB drives is a SATA drive, which, of course, has a faster data transfer speed. I had XP installed one one of the normal ATA drives, and I never felt like ghosting it over to the faster drive, so I figured this would be a good time to get my operating system installed on the fastest drive in the computer.

Now the dilemma arose.

I do not trust Vista enough to get rid of XP, so I wanted to keep XP on a hard drive and take it out of the computer for safe keeping. The obvious thing here is to put it on the 80 GB drive since it’s the least useful of all the drives in the computer. This meant ghosting (read: cloning) the XP install from the 160 GB drive to the 80 GB drive. I had Norton Ghost 2003 installed, so I ran the clone disk part of the application, and it said it was going to create a virtual drive and boot from that to clone the drive over.

It lied.

It partitioned 15 MB of my drive to a ghost boot partition, and then crashed when it ran. SYSTEM HALT, over and over. XP would no longer boot because it was booting from the ghost boot partition. I was able to get a Symantec Ghost 8 boot CD from Will, and that let me ghost everything correctly. The ghosted drive won’t boot into XP though. I think that has something to do with the fact that it’s now the I drive instead of the C drive, and Windows is probably trying to load system files from C:Windows instead of I:Windows, but I really don’t know or care at this point. The point is that now XP is backed up somewhere, and I can now install Vista.

…but now I’m in Houma for Christmas and New Years, so I don’t have my desktop. I’m assuming all will good when I install Vista.

Emo tears. :(

Today, I got my car’s oil changed, got a new battery, and went to get my tire fixed. Turns out I need 4 new tires. I can’t use the car anymore until I do because apparently the tire is bad. That means I have to take either the batmobile (my dad’s car) or the Marion-mobile (my mom’s car) if I want to go anywhere. :(


So my grades are all finalized now, and I didn’t get a 3.0 GPA for this semester.

…but somehow, my overall GPA turned out to be a perfect 3.00. I’m in the College of Business! Whoo! What a burden off of my shoulders. :)

That means I also didn’t lose my TOPS stipend…which means that out of the three things I thought I would lose, I still got the best two! :)

I am happy.

Uh oh!

So this website says my iPod will die in 13 days 9 hours 17 minutes and 29 seconds. We shall see!

I won’t be getting into the college of business this semester, it looks like. And it’s not even from accounting, though I guess you could say it is. The ISDS exam killed me. Blah. School is so depressing.

Christmas is in a week. I’ll be home all of next week since LSU shuts down. Right now I’m at work…alone. I went to bed at 4 this morning, so I’m pretty tired (coffee, FTW). I wonder what everyone else’s excuse is for not being here!? ;)

College related crap might suck right now, but my personal life has been good enough to cast a big shadow over that. :)

Celebration in the Oaks

Tanager, Keith, Becca, Ashley, Michi, Nick, Darrin and myself went to Celebration in the Oaks last night. It was really fun. :D If you have Facebook, Ashley, Michi, and I all put up photo albums of pictures we took. I’ll get around to uploading them on We The Meek when I feel like it. :D

I also took a video on the Scrambler (a spinny ride) and on the Ladybug (a rollercoaster ride), and those are located here for the Scrambler one and here for the Ladybug one. They’ll both be unavailable for a while until YouTube processes them, so if you happen to be reading this soon after I post it, that is why they don’t work yet. :)

Bad Prediction

On October 17th, I posted this:

In Two Months…

Things I will miss:
-the ability to wear sandals, something I grew a great liking for this year
-the ability to feel my hands, something I can never do when it’s cold

Haha, the forecast for Sunday (the 17th) says it’s going to be 78 degrees. HIGH FIVE! And I’m wearing sandals today! Awesome!

For when it does get cold, I need to go buy some shoes and a coat, but I have studying to do. :

My hair is almost long enough for me to part it down the middle instead of pushing it all to the side (aka, emo). I’ve been doing it a little lately, and I think it’s still a little bit too short, but I might be thinking that because I’m just not used to it yet. I never actually intended to leave my hair all emoish like it’s been. When I started growing my hair, my goal was for it to be Myles Kennedy-ish (front left). I’m not really sure if that’s still my goal, but that’s what it originally was.

I’m probably not going to get a 3.0 this semester. I think I’ve complained enough about it on Facebook though. There’s nothing I can really do about it besides do my best on my Economics exam (which is in 50 minutes) and my Accounting exam, which is at 11 AM tomorrow. But pretty much it doesn’t matter, because a 3.0 isn’t happening unless there is divine intervention.

Neeeeeeeeed. Weeeeekeeeeendddd. :(