Summer Will Not be Just as Planned

I scheduled Finance 3715 and ISDS 3115 for summer. They’re session B classes, which means they’re 1.5 hours every day of the week for 5 weeks. That’s going to be some hardcore studying, because neither of those classes can be taken lightly and they move really fast. On the bright side, at least I’ll have most of July free to work and do whatever, as well as August (until the fall semester starts). I also -might- be able to graduate after the Fall ’08 semester. I don’t really have my hopes up for that.

The rest of my classes are all pretty much study-your-ass-off classes, so I’ll have to make my one remaining general education elective a good one to fit in with my schedule sometime in 2008. This is pretty depressing to think about, so I’m going to go think about the hamburger I hope to have in my mouth within the next 45 minutes instead.

Happy inphiltrate Day?

Actually, I don’t remember the exact day, though I do have my original Greymatter journal files somewhere. It was sometime between the 17th and the 23rd of March I believe, which of course means I missed it. It was one of those days 3 years ago that I decided to create “Phil’s Waste-of-Bandwidth Website” at Whoo!

I know this because it was right before LSU spring testing in 2004, which was the 24th, 25th, and 26th. Then the day after I got back, I went to my first Wap Day, which means I also first met Becca on the 27th of March 3 years ago!

Also, today is JUST AS PLANNED day. DEATH NOTE-O! I shall also fail an accounting exam…JUST AS PLANNED by my accounting teacher. :D

Dear William

(Please note that I have edited out a spoiler in the letter and the guy’s address [except for the state] and phone number for various reasons.)

Word for word copy-paste of some guy’s post on Gaia Online (the largest forum on the Internet(s):

“i have a old hp pelivilan and i bought a new power suply but it is missing a
conetter was that goes to the mother bord it looks like this i hoping that thar might be abe to find a adapter”

He posted this picture along with his post.

Idea occurs.

Step #1, write letter.
Step #2, print out Initech TPS report cover sheet (from Office Space) and fill it out.
Step #3, print out letter.
Step #4, fill out envelope without a return address and print out Internet meme picture.
Step #5, prepare them all for mailing.
Step #6, stuff them into envelope.
Step #7, everything is in the envelope, and it is sealed.
Step #8, I’m seriously mailing this.
Step #9, it’s in the mailbox right now waiting for the mailman to get it and zip it along to my new buddy!


I’m Here All the Time

I hate being the only person I know that likes the kind of music I like. When there are concerts, it means I have to either go alone or not go, and it’s so much more fun to go with people. Just about the only bands I’d go see alone are Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy.

I forgot to cancel Netflix on Friday because I was at Keith’s, so I have Netflix for another month. I think they could tell I was about to cancel anyway, and they would’ve screwed me, because the last disc I got in was cracked. Oh well, I actually found some good stuff to add to my movie queue. It’s just $20 anyway. :

Oh, did I mention that we went to see TMNT on Friday night? No, I didn’t. Wow…that movie was…wow. If I could sum up the entire movie with one phrase, it would be this: the fifteen year olds behind us loved it.

I should have a picture post tomorrow about my buddy from Gaia that doesn’t know how to censor his posts.

Oh hey, here’s some fun. I schedule on Friday at 5:00 PM. Too bad I’ll be in Jackson with no Interwebs until Sunday night!!!!! Thanks for the great scheduling time LSU – I do appreciate it ever so much. Also, someone convince me one way or the other about summer classes. I don’t know if I should take them or not. :( I really don’t want to but I really should.

I’m glad spring break is soon. I need it. I am worn out! Fun fun.

Fist of the Nose Hair

It’s been a good weekend so far, mostly filled with Keith Carroll, Becca, and Bobobo-bo-bobobo.

Thursday night I finished doing the video editing for my communication studies group project and I think it came out pretty decent. When it’s completely done, I’ll upload it. We interviewed a few random people on video and one guy was hilarious.

The first part of this week is going to be rough, but I think once Wednesday night gets here, I’ll be good until Spring Break is over. :) Friday, two of my classes were cancelled so I can sleep late before heading to ISDS and work. I’ll have plenty of rest for our Luling Crew camping trip, which also starts on Friday. :D I should have some fun pictures and videos from that come Sunday night or Monday of the week of Spring Break.

Here is something fun that I’m going to do soon! Some guy on Gaia Online (the largest forums on the Internet) posted a thread asking for help with a power supply he’d just bought, and took a picture of a cable from the power supply on top of the packaging it had just come in in. If you haven’t guessed yet, yes, his address was on the package (and so was his phone number for some reason). So yeah, I saved the picture and I’m going to print out some random crap and send it to him in an envelope with no return address. :D I’ll document that when I do it.

What I Have Learned From College

1) Misuse a phrase when running for student goverment – it’ll make you sound cool. “As clear as black and white.” Black and white are not clear. Did you mean “As clear as the difference between black and white?” Geniuses.
2) Walk through Free Speech Alley at LSU to understand why people hate Christians.
3) You don’t actually go to class to learn anything. You go to class to get the notes so you can learn it on your own.
4) Foreign professors do not know the meaning of “letting out early.”
5) I’m pretty sure I know the name of every bar around here and when there are pub crawls. I also occasionally know when there are drink specials. Not that that’s weird, but I don’t know the name of any bars in Houma.
6) Put up a sign in a public place expressing your views on something – trust me, you’ll change everyone’s mind on the issue, including the people that the sign insults.
7) People know jack shit about computers. That includes Stephen Phillips, tech columnist for Tiger Weekly (okay, his knowledge is higher than average, but not by enough to write a tech column).
8.) Student discounts rock. That includes free Windows Vista/Enterprise.
9) Pluckers > Hooters. Macaroni Grill > Olive Garden. Chili’s > *
10) Free time is never free time, because there’s always something you’re forgetting to do or should be doing.
11) Deciding what to eat everyday is a pain in the ass.
12) Sometimes things you thought were bad in high school turn out to be totally fine.
13) If it’s not on Facebook or MySpace, it didn’t happen.
14) Do not eat at Newman’s Pasta if the thought of mop bucket pasta-warming water or Chick-Fil-A bucket alfredo sauce disturbs you. Mmmmm, Newman’s.
15) “Diversity” as a selling point is bullshit. No one cares. Real life is diverse.
16) Mmmm, coffee.
17) Completed study guides are 100% more useful than anything else given in a class.

BSOD – ballpoint screen of death

So a while back when a Microsoft rep came to an AITP meeting, he gave out some Microsoft swag, and I got a Microsoft pen, which I’ve been using to write my notes. Today (as in 10 minutes ago) I was writing accounting notes and my Microsoft pen stopped working correctly. As far as I can tell, it’s not out of ink – it just keeps freezing, literally. I’ll be writing and then suddenly it’ll stop writing and resume again a second later.

I thought it was funny.


It needs to stop raining, seriously.

My terrible week is almost over. My macroeconomics exam is today and my ISDS exam is tomorrow. Then, glorius, glorius weekend. I have an essay to write, but that’s fine. It doesn’t require research.

If you’ve never seen my karaoke-fansubbed PV for Utada Hikaru’s “Passion,” I uploaded it last night. Here it is if you’re interested.

I took a video last weekend of me riding around on a four wheeler at my brother’s camp. It’s not really that interesting unless you like the woods, dogs, or the sound of a four wheeler.