This could be it. I’m pretty hopeful, but if it’s wrong, then it would only be another week…maybe. :P I assume too much.

Also, if you haven’t seen that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates interview at D5, you absolutely have to watch it if you care any bit about computer history. The two people I respect the most in the industry at one time! Awesometown man, awesometown. Here’s the site. It’s long but…’s awesome! :D

Atcha’s is one of my new favorite places to eat. Gyro platter = delicious.

I should be at a Kenny Chesney concert right now! Seriously, his concert last year was a top 5 highlight of 2006.

I’m not going to get into anything, but so far I support Ron Paul for 2008, even though he has like…no chance of candidacy. …but I still hate the massive amount of the Ron Paul stories on Digg, though they’ve calmed down a little.

When you walk away…

So Eric and I went to Quizno’s for lunch, and I parked right outside of Hello Sushi. When we got out and passed by, I heard music coming from inside the place, and what was it?

Yes! I was so happy! Hello Sushi was playing an Utada Hikaru song. :D


I finished that whole “fake-sub Death Note” thing. Here’s the link to download it if you want to waste a bit of your life (ignore the name of the file, this is the real deal). This is the real first episode with bullshit subtitles, so unless you want to spoil the first episode for yourself, I suggest that you have already watched it with real subtitles.

It’s intended to be funny, but I have no idea if other people will laugh at this. It’s mostly a bunch of jokes about the Internet. I attempted to craft a fake storyline to accompany the randomness.

High School Flashback

So I just found like 5 manilla folders full of comics I drew in high school of my friends, and I thought I’d write about some of them and some of the things I noticed.

-I came up with about 50 different acronyms that sound like “ACT.”
-There’s a short comic where Brian is holding a bucket and a paintbrush and he says “Oh boy, invisible paint!” Then there’s two blank frames, and then a mushroom cloud, and the comic is over.
-“Z Man, just too dang quick.” â„¢
-I spelled “alibi” a-l-a-b-y in one of these.
-I actually drew a comic about one of my math teachers who was married to the ACT, and came home early to find the ACT sleeping with the SAT.
-I was retarded.

Ah, reading all of those brought back crazy memories. Damn, can’t believe I drew these 4-5 years ago.

Death Note El Oh El

I’m fake-subbing Death Note episode 1 right now.

I don’t know why. I think it’s because I’m bored.

No matter. I hope it ends up being funny to other people.


So here’s a good one. Yesterday, my cell phone wouldn’t charge. I pulled the charger out of my power strip/surge protector and plugged it in somewhere else and it worked. Okay, weird, right? My computer is plugged into this surge protector and so is my monitor, and both of these are on and working fine, so it has to be on, right? So then I notice that my speakers are off and they won’t turn on. So, with my computer and my monitor still on, I flip the power switch on the power strip and my computer and monitor both stay on, and now my speakers and cell phone charger work.

What the hell? :|

My Weekend…Because I’m That Bored

On Friday I got a call from Brian, who was at the LSU Fire School with a flat tire. I went over and got him and Josh (yeah, Red) and brought them to Auto Zone (for some fix a flat) and back, which was futile, because when Brian pumped the tire up, it had an egg in it. He couldn’t get his spare to drop down, so his parents had to come up to Baton Rouge to bring him a spare. He offered to buy me dinner, so we went to Plucker’s while Josh was in his fire school class, and I saw Kara Helgeson and Charles Beard and a couple other people that I recognized but don’t know their names.

After we ate, I went and dropped him off and then went to Clifton’s apartment to play Halo with him, Dylan, Ethan, Trent, and some other guys. I got there about 7:45 and we played until 2 A.M., so it was a good time.

Saturday I woke up at 2:15. Damn that felt good. Did some shopping too.

And right now, I’m updating my blog as I’m waiting for clips to import into iMovie. Yes ladies and gents, “Team I.S. – The Movie” has started production. Fear for your lives.

Next time I think of something I can talk about, I’m going to video blog it. Just because I like to be on the cutting edge of web trends and technology. …yeah.

LOL, IMHO, Colon Parentheses

So, I’m a dumbass. My TV tuner wasn’t working because it was pulling power from my motherboard away from my graphics card, which I didn’t know had a 4 pin molex connector at the end of it. As soon as I plugged that in, everything started working great. So now I’m good to go! :)

Also, Orb is awesome. It’s kind of like Myth TV except it’s more web based and you can stream live TV over the Internet to any Internet enabled device. Also, it’s free. :D

Someone suggest somewhere for me to go eat lunch. Hurry, you’ve only got 2 hours left! Go go go!