Class Review – Fall ’07

I still have yet to have one class (which is 6-9 tomorrow night), but here’s a little review of my classes so far this semester.

ISDS 3107 – Seems like it’ll be easy. It’s a programming in Visual Basic class…the only programming I’ve ever actually enjoyed (it’s visual AND it’s basic! What could be better? :P).

ECON 2035 – Please, oh dear God, let me pass this class. My teacher seems like a nice guy, but as always, economics is just so freaking boring. His voice is kind of boring to listen to, and that’s not to mention that his handwriting looks like crap as well, so in conclusion, I think Kalmiya will be my best friend in this class. :

BLAW 3201 – I don’t really know what to think of this class yet. I think it’ll be pretty hard, but it may also be interesting – I’m not really sure yet. My teacher is a lawyer in a firm here in Baton Rouge, which is why I took his class.

ISDS 3110 – I got to this class 4 or 5 minutes late yesterday, and nothing really happened. It’s a database class I think? I’m not really sure. Ha. Oh well.

And I guess that’s it for now. Work has been pretty busy and my Mondays and Thursdays are long, but it’ll be alright.

Fall 07 Classes…Tomorrow!

So my classes started on Monday but I’ve yet to blog about them. I’ll do that tomorrow…because I need sleep right now. Just a few quick thoughts first.

2.) Alternatively, invent a time machine so it’ll be 2 weeks from now, when everyone stops going to class and parking is better. :D
3.) You park like an asshole. Yes, you, with the truck that I passed this morning. I would have “ticketed” you (, but I was running late.
4.) Business Law and Economics are going to kill me.
5.) I actually have classes with people I know besides Jonathon! Well, I have classes with him too. :P
6.) lsusecure BLOWS. Whoever is in charge of lsusecure, you SUCK. We used to help people with wireless at the ResLife help desk, but now it’s all your problem. Have fun with your pointless secure wireless. If someone wants to break it, they will. lsuwireless was fine.
7.) I get to wake up at 9 on Tuesday and maybe Thursday. AWESOME.
8.) I miss summer.

AT&T People

Just a random note – if you have AT&T, feel free to text me as much as you want. If you don’t have AT&T, you can still text me, just not (nearly) as much. :P My phone number is on Facebook and only available to my friends, if you don’t have it.

Friends Only?

I wish my blog had a ‘friends only’ feature like LiveJournal does so I could write about personal stuff. D: Nevertheless, I will write one personal thing.

I worked a lot Monday through Thursday last week so I could take off Friday. Thursday afternoon Keith and I went to UNO to get Becca, and we hung out and did random crap until I got tired and went back to my apartment.

Michi, Becca, and myself were supposed to go to Blue Bayou on Friday, but Michi couldn’t get off Friday morning so we went on Saturday instead. We all spent the night at Keith’s apartment on Friday and stayed up late doing ridiculous stuff. It was super fun. :D

Saturday we went to Blue Bayou (just as almost planned), and we rode the big LSU colored funnel thing, the big white slide, the Panic! At the Disco slide (Voodoo), (note: I screamed DESSUUU NEEEE~~~ while going down these slides :P) and then Michi and I went in the wave pool until it started raining, which was when Becca woke up from her nap and came and made us get out. D: We all had fun. :D

Also, there were more face jokes than I could ever hope to count.

And I have a date with Michi this coming weekend. :D

So I’m pretty happy and stuff. :)

I Have Other Things to Write About, but I’ll Do That Later

Introductory note: iMovie 08 is awesome.

Okay, so here’s a fun story. The business manager’s computer in Grace King decided to stop sending a signal to the monitor after doing Windows updates the other night, so we had to ghost it. so I asked her if she had anything on her computer. She said no, and that she saved everything on her network drive (which is on Residential Life’s Mars server). I then proceeded to ask if there were any special programs she used that she needed put back on the computer, and she said that there was one called Paper Tiger. Great, fine.

I’d never heard of Paper Tiger before in my 2 years working here.

So I ghosted the computer without backing it up because she said there was nothing on it.

…yeah. Apparently Paper Tiger is some sort of financial database program, and she had 5 years of data in the program (which took up a whole big filing cabinet in her room) that was stored in a MS SQL database on her computer. Now, I felt bad that, but come on, what would you have done?

Anywho, later on I was reinstalling something else on her computer and I happened to find this folder on one of the network drives that had a backup of her Paper Tiger database, and it was made in March of this year, so she didn’t lose that much.

So, lesson learned: Never trust users – always create an image of a computer before ghosting it. D:

I want to go to sleep. D:

I’m really not in the mood to be awake right now. You see, I went to bed last night at 2:30 (with kind of a good reason to be up that late), even though I have to wake up at 7:30 in the morning. That wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t done it on Sunday night, and at 1:15 on Monday night.

It also wouldn’t have been so bad if there hadn’t been ants all over my effing room. Like…everywhere. Including in my bed. I sprayed Raid all over the place, but I obviously couldn’t spray it in my bed. So I just slept on the sofa. Which really wasn’t all that comfortable, but it’s better than being destroyed by a hoard of ants. D:

Those ants had better have a lot of moxie if they want to take on my can of Raid tonight. >:O


I just used the word “moxie” in a forum post and then I laughed about it and decided to make a post about it on my website.

I think I’m insane.

But I’m still going to press the “Publish” button.

…and try to use that word more often. :D


I had a pretty awesome weekend with the crew. I could talk about it, but instead, I think I will let these pictures speak for themselves:

That’s about 3,000 words, right?

Anywho, all of the pictures I took, minus a few, can be found right about here. There’s even a computer with a turbo button in there! …and, unfortunately, some children’s card games.

Pirate Hacker

So there’s this lady, Ms. Jill, that works down on the first floor of Grace King. She pretty rarely calls us with computer issues, but she still isn’t particularly technology proficient (I don’t mean she’s computer illiterate; I just mean that when something goes wrong, she calls us to fix it, whereas the more technology proficient people try to fix it themselves first). Now, I told you this because it’s important at the end of this story.

A couple of weeks ago, Ms. Jill called our help desk with a problem of some sort, and Mikrish went to look at it. When he came back, he said her computer was out of disk space and he cleared some up but we’d need to give her a bigger hard drive or ghost it or something. Well, she uses her computer all day long so it would need to be done after hours, which is a problem because no one works past 4:30 or 5 usually. Of course, that means it didn’t get done.

Well, yesterday she called again with the same problem. Samantha went down and looked at it and ran a virus scan, hoping it might be a virus, and that cleared some crap off of it, but it still had like 2% free disk space. So I was totally confused, because Ms. Jill only has programs on that computer that she uses for work and not much else, and that shouldn’t even take up half of the hard drive, much less all of it.

Not knowing what else to do, I downloaded SpaceMonger (a program that graphically shows you what is taking up disk space) and scanned her C: drive, and at the end of the scan, it said it couldn’t scan one folder and that 70% of the disk was left unscanned because of that. “One folder has 26 gigs of crap in it?” But what? Like I said, there’s nothing on this computer.

So I looked at what folder it couldn’t scan, and it was the System Volume Information folder. Now, if you know Windows, you know this folder is hidden pretty well and it shouldn’t be 26 gigabytes. It’s not only a hidden file, but you have to set the Folder Options to show important system files, which is not recommended by Windows, and Microsoft makes damn sure you know that when you select the option to show them. Anyone that didn’t know what they were doing would probably get scared and not proceed if they accidentally stumbled across this option.

Inside of the System Volume Information folder, there’s two random crap files and a folder called ‘.tmp.’ So without anywhere else to go, I went into the .tmp folder and found my problem.

Six pirated DVD’s: American Beauty, Apocalypse, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Pianist, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Fight Club.

Remember what I said about Ms. Jill, right? There’s no way she would’ve known how to get into the System Volume information folder. So my question is:

How the F**K did 26 gigabytes of pirated movies get into the System Volume Information folder???