So after a couple of years of loving KGNE, they are finally releasing an OVA on December 21st of this year, I assume for all of us that like girly anime…KEITH CARROLL. D: I just hope a fansubbing group gets their hands on it soon and subs it. :D

Hm. Anywho, my week so far was pretty good. Wednesday marked 1 month since Michelle and I started dating, so I went over to her house and we went out to eat at Yoko’s (mmm, hibachi) and spent some time together that we usually don’t get (middle of the week!).

Yesterday after getting out of my ISDS 3100 night class at 8:15, I went to get something to eat at Atcha’s and when I pulled back into the parking lot at Varn Villa, I saw an orange shirted person and two other people, and as I immediately guessed, it was a Keith Carroll and a Becca toting a Rieger with them. They came over for a little while and talked. After they left, I pretty much spent the rest of the night talking to Michelle, studying, and listening to this ridiculously catchy JPop/JHip-Hop song. Curse you and your awesomeness, Verbal.

And now it’s 9:15 A.M. on Friday and I’m going to go get owned by an Economics exam. :D


I Hate Campus Parking

I’ve come to the conclusion that living on campus is probably one of the worst things a freshman at LSU could think to do, unless they live in the West Campus Apartments (WCA).

Here is a nifty map to illustrate the following rant.

This morning, I arrived on campus at 10:15 and decided that rather than parking in my normal spot (Ceba lot), denoted by the blue X on the map, that I would try to park near where I work, Grace King Hall (circled in white), because I can park in residential zones. All of the parking around that area is residential parking because all there is over there are dorms. In short, if you live on campus, odds are you live in a dorm where you’ll have to park in the big circled red area on my map.

I drove around that big circled red area until 10:45. Yes, I was determined. I finally gave up, and went over by Kirby Smith/WCA to try to park, and, that is the only residential parking on campus, and I guarantee you that it’s like that for most of the day.

In short, what does that mean? If you live near the red circle, you might have to park near the yellow circle.

Why do they sell parking that they can’t provide?

I ended up going back to Ceba lot and getting a rather decent spot there. Not worth the 30 minute ride, but I know better than to go looking for parking in residential zones on a Tuesday now.

Turkey Sandwich, MmmMmm

I spent an awesome weekend with Michi, minus Saturday night when she had to work. I went home and washed my car and picked up my new messenger bag, which is kind of bigger than I’d hoped, but it’ll work and it’s got plenty of room from my crap. I really didn’t want to leave Michi’s house tonight, and I’ll miss her, but I’ll see her soon.

I have an economics exam on Friday. I haven’t really learned anything in that class yet, so I’m pretty worried about it. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about that class to boot. :(

There’s a Cartel concert at the House of Blues on November 12th that I CAN’T GO TO BECAUSE I HAVE A BUSINESS LAW EXAM AT THAT EXACT DATE AND TIME. D: D: D: Totally lame.

Bleh, it’s 1:36 A.M., I should probably go to bed. D:

Best Wireless Carrier

Okay, so lately I’ve grown sick of AT&T. They might have awesome coverage, but that doesn’t really help when the other person you’re talking to can’t hear you or your calls get dropped incessantly. So, that puts a bit of a hindrance on my “I-want-an-iPhone” plan, but if I can’t make calls on the damn thing then what’s the point? :

So I’m thinking about leaving AT&T’s crap-service, but I don’t know if there’s anything better.

So, this is my question to you guys, however few you may be in number: what is the best wireless carrier? Is it possible to get good coverage and good service? I asked two people with T-Mobile and one said T-Mobile was excellent and the other person cancelled T-Mobile because she couldn’t get coverage, though I know the person that liked T-Mobile better than the one that didn’t. :

Mortal Coils, Discos, Life and Such

My favorite author updated his blog today with good news for me. He finished his latest book and sent it off to his editor. I can’t wait to read it. It seems like his books are the only ones I ever finish these days.

In weirder and maybe good news…I’m not really sure, Panic! At the Disco has apparently scrapped their second album, which sounded like The Beatles, more or less, and have started writing completely new songs. Mmmmmmkay. Whatever. I just want a new Panic! album with good songs on it. :D

So, I know in the past I’ve said that because this is a blog rather than a “journal” that I don’t like writing personal stuff, but I’ve decided that I don’t care anymore. So anything is fair game now. :D

I’m going to Oni-Con this year with Michi, Keith, Becca, Laura, and Brindley, which I believe is the 19th-21st of October. It’s an anime convention in Houston, and I’m kind of excited because it’ll be like a little vacation, and I didn’t have any sort of vacation this summer.

I was really looking forward to the Microsoft Entertainment Desktop 8000 coming out this month. The 7000 version that it’s replacing is currently $150 MSRP, so I was prepared to pay up to $200 for this keyboard and mouse set because they look that awesome. Then, I checked the website Microsoft has for it yesterday. MSRP: $299.95. WTF Microsoft? Do you think you have f**king gold on your hands? You just lost the business of someone who has looked forward to this product for at least 5 months. And guess who I’m most likely going to give my business to instead?

I really don’t like Mondays.


Almost Two Weeks of Catching Up to Do!

What have I done since the last time I updated? Hmm.

Well. I think I have an excuse for not blogging. I normally update on weekends or at work, and I have been busy with Michi (<3) on weekends and busy with work at work (there's a lot less to do at work when there's nobody on campus :P). Err, typing feels really weird right now. Last weekend Michelle and Keith and I went to Suncoast for their Animania (anime + mania) event and met up with Laura, Brindley, Junie, and Amanda.. and a bunch of other people that I don't know/can't remember. That was actually the first time I met Junie and Amanda, but I've met Laura and Brindley before and they are awesome. Our group and some other people from Animania went to eat at Ichiban's after. Second time I've been there, can't say I think it's all that great. Maybe their hibachi is better. And speaking of hibachi, we had a nice night out at Yoko's on labor day, and it was awesome hibachi. The chef kept picking on Laura and it was really funny. :D Then I had a week of lame classes, except one of the cofounders of Mozilla came to talk to my ISDS 3100 class. That was pretty cool, even though I only use one Mozilla product (Camino, and rarely). He was a good speaker and it was interesting. On Friday night, we went to Ashley's birthday party and it was fun. We sat around and talked and the girls drew on plastic cups (CUPCHANSLOL) while Keith Carroll tried to destroy them with his fists of fury. And pretty much all of the rest of my time for the past two weekends was spent with Michi. And it was awesome. :D