Maybe He Likes Jousting?

This week has been pretty lame, so I’m really looking forward to it being over, and by over, I mean 30 minutes from now when I’m done with classes for the week and I leave LSU for Houma, though seeing Michelle tonight is really what I’m looking forward to.

Michelle, Becca, Keith and I are going to the Renaissance Faire in Hammond tomorrow. I can’t say I’m that excited about the Faire itself, as we went on a field trip there in 12th grade and I don’t recall any of us liking it. But, the company will be good so I guess that makes it okay.

And speaking of Renassiance Faires, I was reminded of this conversation between Ed and myself a while back.

Ed: We bought $30 hardwood swords at the renaissance festival….for this very purpose
Ed: Next semester is going to be painful
Ed: So, the king there
Ed: He was wearing a cod piece, obviously.
Ed: But it was an…interesting cod piece
Ed: It made him look like he had a boner
Ed: A very large boner
Philip: ….
Philip: A cod piece?
Philip: Is this some sort of piece made of a fish?
Philip: or cash on delivery?
Ed: …
Philip: D:
Philip: Oh my.
Philip: Well now it all makes sense.
Ed: But like…
Ed: It didn’t look right
Ed: At all
Ed: Maybe he took viagra and wasn’t wearing a codpiece
Ed: If that’s the case, then I assume he has a happy wife
Philip: >< Philip: Or maybe the thought of renaissance women turns him on. Ed: ....maybe Philip: Or maybe he likes jousting. Ed: ... Philip: I'm not sure what I meant by that, so I'm just going to shut up now. Good times. -Philip

Good News for Me, Bad News For You West Side Residents

Perhaps those of you that are avid readers of my blog will remember this post I made back in September about how terrible parking is on the east side of the LSU campus in the residential areas. Well, Graham Hall is finally reopening in Spring, and they’re closing down West Laville and moving everyone over there. So, what does that mean for yours truly?

More effing parking by Grace King so I can park by where I work easier. Freaking finally.


Post-Thanksgiving Post

I’ve been with Michelle since Tuesday about 2 hours after I wrote my last post, as you might have guessed, so there’s your explanation for the lack of inphiltration (oh snap, +1 rhyme). I know I usually make a post on Thanksgiving saying what I’m thankful for, but it’s always the same stuff so I didn’t bother trying to get online to write one up quickly. You guys can probably guess what I’m thankful for anyway.

We didn’t really do all that much besides Thanksgiving with my family and going to see The Mist, which was a good movie with a well-that-sucks ending (well, we did make some peanut butter cups at her house on Tuesday night that looked horrible but tasted good). We also watched The Matrix at my apartment since Michelle had never seen it (I know, wtf). We also went to Wal-Mart twice, where I bought a string of Christmas lights that I just threw all over my desk (how festive!?). Did you guys know that Wal-Mart sells what I can only describe as a Christmas King Cake? It’s the shape of a king cake, though it has more of a pie consistency and it’s thinner. I think they’re called Kringle Cakes or something. They’re pretty tasty. I had a piece of the pumpkin one earlier and it was really good. We also got some truffle mix, which I later made all by myself and *gasp* didn’t mess up. See? I can follow directions!

Black Friday left me with no DVD’s and that made me pretty sad. I have about 20 DVD images to burn and about 10 DVD’s to do it on. This might be difficult. :P

I can’t wait until Blu-Ray players are like $50. 1080p is so effing fantastic with my computer, I’m really looking forward to getting a player that can take advantage of the TV. I am probably going to get a Mac Mini in January (or whenever they next update the Mac Minis) with that $595 Apple gift card I have and hook it up to the TV and use it with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

This week is looking to be a tough one. I have a Database assignment and an Economics exam on Wednesday, as well as a presentation to do for a group project, though that’s due on the 6th. I probably won’t do the Database assignment, at no penalty to my grade since it’ll be dropped, though I won’t know the material that well, so I may end up trying to do it anyway.

I have some pictures to post, not many, but some. I’ll do that tomorrow (which, since it’s already Monday, really just means after I go to sleep and wake up again) or as soon as I get a chance.

Well, I need to go to bed. Ah damn, I didn’t get any studying done tonight. :


Pre-Thanksgiving Post

My economics teacher is being nice enough to not cancel class tomorrow. What an asshat. I’m not going, though. I’ll be with Michelle, far, far away from the pain and suffering of “learning” about money and banking.

Speaking of pain and suffering, I got a 68 on my last Business Law exam, which makes absolutely no sense to me, considering I studied well and understood the information pretty well – well enough to be able to apply it proficiently, and I even kind of thought it was interesting. Class is so disappointing. :

Last night’s episode of Heroes definitely wasn’t disappointing though! Also, they played an unreleased Panic! At the Disco song in it, which was kind of weird.

Anyway, I’m out of here. Thanksgiving break is starting for me, right about….now! :D


TV/I Never Would’ve Guessed It…

First, the lesser interesting news. I bought a TV on Monday. It was a better deal than anything on any of the leaked Black Friday ads, so, I went out to Best Buy and got them to hold it for me until today, when my brother was coming through town so he could bring it to my apartment for me. So, I finally have a TV in my room, after experimenting with stupid TV tuners for my computer for a year and a half and almost buying a crappy small TV. I just need to buy a stand for it this weekend.

Now, the more interesting news. I never would’ve guessed it, but my blog actually did something good for me. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts about the editor-in-chief of the Tiger Weekly putting something from my blog in the paper, then you also know that he’s been in contact with me. Well, on Tuesday he asked me if I wanted to write a technology news column starting in the spring, when his current technology writer will be leaving. I told him yes, after asking a few questions, so, assuming my first article goes well, which I think is like my testing period, then I’m all set. I’m kind of excited, so I hope I’m good at this. I’ve never really wrote news stuff. Most of my writing is very opinionated, and I’ll have to keep that out of a news column. I really like writing though when it’s about something I like or something I want to write, like um, I dunno, this blog? :P

Anyway, weekend coming up. Good thing, I need it. Business Process project and Visual Basic assignment made me all stressed out and stuff this week, and I still have to do a Visual Basic practice exam unless I want to do badly on the computer exam on Monday. Fun.


Wow…What A Night

So, I just woke up a little while ago, and I had to throw this out there: I had two dreams. One of which, I got bitten in half by a giant crocodile, and in the other one, a ghost rubber ducky was haunting the house I was in and the only way to make it shut up was to put it in a sponge bath, otherwise it bounced around and annoyed the hell out of me. My dream was about to reveal unto me why I could hold the ghost rubber ducky, even though it could pass through solid objects, but my mom called and my phone started blaring a Paramore song, and that kicked me out of ghost rubber ducky land. Maybe I was a ghost from getting chewed in half from the first dream…



Best Uses Of Money

5) Samsung i6 PMP digital camera – I bought my camera almost exactly a year ago for $200 plus shipping (not on sale, as far as I remember), and recently I looked up the price for someone because I was recommending it, and now it’s $300. I can’t figure out why it went up, as the i7 and i8 are both newer, but damn, for $200, this camera rocks.
4) 24″ Dell monitor – Sure, I could’ve spent $200 less on a different brand, but this monitor has the most features and best quality display I’ve ever seen (yes, better than Apple’s displays). To boot, it even looks hella nice, which is surprising for Dell.
3) Kenwood head unit with 60 GB Western Digital Passport II hard drive – Also known as my car stereo and the thing all of my music is on, this duo makes my 6-7 hours of driving every week so much more fun. I can plug any USB device that is USB powered in it, any device with a 1/8″ stereo in jack on it (such as an iPod or a laptop), and also stick the standard CD or MP3 (and I think WMA or M4A) CD in it.
2) Déjà – Though Déjà (my old iBook, for anyone that doesn’t know) has been retired and is now used solely by my mother (I actually gave it to her, so it’s not really mine anymore), for the 2 years I used it, it was the best little laptop I could’ve asked for.
1) Kalmiya – I don’t really need to go into much detail for this one. I absolutely love my MacBook Pro – it’s worth every penny I spent on it and I use it way more than my desktop, which is quite a bit more powerful.

Coke Rewards

Do you guys remember the good old days of opening a bottle of Coke or something and seeing, “You win one 20 oz Coke product?” These stupid “My Coke Rewards” suck. I realized a few weeks ago that the Minute Maid apple juice I drink one or two bottles of a day (minus Thursdays and sometimes Fridays) has a My Coke Rewards code under the cap, and I’ve been faithfully putting them in ever since, and as of right now, I have enough points to redeem them for one 20 oz Coke product (almost enough for 2). How lame is that? That’s like 14 or 15 codes I’ve put in. In the old days, I’d have like 2 or 3 caps for free 20 oz Coke products and I wouldn’t have had to go through the trouble of putting all of these codes into Coke’s website. It’s really a terrible system, and not nearly as fun. D:

I remember one time when I was little, I got a Surge that had a winning cap, and from that cap, I won 6 consecutive 20 oz bottles of Surge. Good times.

What An Awesome Day in the LSU Papers

Today was just a great day for news, if not for anything else. Of course, if you read my blog earlier today, you saw that my I got a brief mention in the Tiger Weekly, which was cool.

Then, today, Jared was reading The Reveille at work and stumbled upon this little beauty on page 11:

(Click the image if you can’t read the article).

So, why is this awesome? Well, let’s backtrack to the beginning of the semester. Over at the help desk, we had three temp workers, two of which did their job and didn’t cause a bother. …then, there was Clarencia, but I’m going to go ahead and call her Tammy for the rest of this post.

Tammy was not a very good listener. She didn’t know how to answer phones, so I wrote a very detailed procedure on answering the phone, and then gave it to her and asked her to look over it and follow it for calls. After noticing a few more times where she didn’t troubleshoot at all on the phone, I reminded her of the guide and asked her again to follow it. She acknowledged me for the second time. Then, again, she was putting in work orders without troubleshooting, so, again, I asked her to troubleshoot. Her response? “No one ever told me to.”

I’m going to avoid getting myself in trouble and work and skip one part of the story, but let’s just say my boss is awesome.

Anyway, Tammy would constantly ask random people in the office (mostly Will or our ex-boss Mike) to go across the street, literally a walk of 20 seconds to PJ’s Coffee in the French House to buy her water or coffee or something. Like, she wouldn’t just say, “Are you going to PJ’s? Oh, you are? Can you pick me up something?” She’d be like, “Hey Will, go to PJ’s and get me some coffee.” I told her so many times to stop bugging people in the office with that in a nice way, “Tammy, it’s across the street. You can go yourself,” but she just kept it up.

So, she created a fake Facebook profile called “Tammy Patterson” (remember, Tammy isn’t her real name) on LSU’s network, and messaged some really mean stuff to Will, MCat, and myself. Will and I reported her to Facebook and got the account banned, and figured out within a few days whose account it was. She remade the account on the Baton Rouge network and started posting stuff like, “Let me be your porn star!” all over Mike’s wall. And by “all over,” I mean three solid wall pages of that kind of stuff.

At some point, she added me on Facebook with her real account and I pretended to be nice and accepted. Then, when her position was up, since it was a temporary position for the influx of calls at the beginning of the semester, I removed her from my friends.

Later, on October 18th, she sent me this PM on Facebook:

You know I am so glad that you deleted me off. You know, I actually added you by accident because I thought that I was logged onto my FAKE profile which is guess who?? THE ONE THAT YOU KEPT REJECTING. Anyway, I was like shit, I didn’t wanna add him and I couldn’t undo it, so I just left it, but you took care of that. Thanks a bunch.

PS: Did you really think that I wanted to add you after I had a problem with you the second day that I worked there? ha
BTW: As for the remarks that you make about only white people liking country and black people only listen to RAP? hint: “Craig only listens to rap.” and “Will, you like 50 cent???” and one more “Clarencia, you like Keith Urban????” That’s very ignorant. I don’t like racist people. I hope that you become more intelligent throughout your years in life.
Anyway, I hope that you enjoy sharing this nice little message to your wack co-workers (they know who they are).


I sent that to some of my coworkers and we had a good laugh. I’m not even going to rebut the “racist” comment. If you know Will, you’d be surprised that he likes 50 Cent too. What I am going to rebut is that Tammy found out that MCat is an atheist and blocked her on Facebook because apparently she’s one of those Christians that makes you ashamed to say that you’re also a Christian. It’s funny that she called ME ignorant. It was also funny that she thought we didn’t know Tammy Patterson was her.

She was just overall, a total bitch.

So, in conclusion, me and most of my coworkers laughed our asses off today at this article. I high-fived Jared when he showed it to me.

By the way, I don’t really care if I seemed mean at any point in this article. That girl was a total asswipe, this is like sweet revenge or something, even though she did it to herself.