Creepy Voicemail

I hesitated to post this, but I’m going to go through with it. We got this voicemail at work…and…well, just listen.

I’d be flattered, except she sounds like she’s 30 by the way she talks. I don’t remember fixing anyone’s computer three weeks ago that was that old. So, instead, it’s pretty creepy. D:

Oh, and here’s my article this week. :D


Bulleted Lists are Fine

Because I’m lazy, I’m going to make a nice bulleted list of what I did recently that I haven’t written about yet:

-Keith Carrolled it up on Thursday
-Went shopping with my mom (for Michelle’s birthday presents) on Friday.
-Watched Juno (I liked it) on Friday.
-Watched Mr. Woodcock (it was okay) on Saturday.
-Went to eat at Ryan’s with Michelle’s family on Sunday.
-Went shopping with Michelle (I got a new shirt, oh boy) on Sunday.
Became a big rock star today.


Testing LJ CrossPoster

I downloaded a WordPress plugin that crossposts on LiveJournal, so I’m writing this to see if it works. If you have LiveJournal and I’m on your friend list, you can now read my posts on there, which are friends only for whatever reason…even though this is wide open. :P



Taco Bell

Man, having a Taco Bell on campus is something awesome. From Grace King it’s a 2 minute walk, and there hasn’t been a big line or anything yet. And it’s cheap and delicious.

If LSU were to put a Quizno’s on campus, then I’d be completely satisfied with our food choices. Hell, even Subway is better than the colossal failure that is Blimpie’s.

Random thought. Lawl.


MLK weekend ’08, also JJ Abrams is Awesome

Friday after class I left LSU and went to see Michelle. I don’t have work on Fridays, as I usually do, so after my two morning classes I’m sure I’ll be out of Baton Rouge from now on this semester. Michelle had work at 4, so we didn’t get to do too much before then. I got the money Nick owed me from anime south, which means that once Ashley pays me that’ll be all squared away. I dropped Michelle off at work because she likes it when I drive her around, and then I went back to my parents’ and visited with that. I don’t really get to see them all that much anymore, which is kind of sad because I do love my family. I’m looking forward to Mardi Gras so I can be with them for a while. :D Anyway, after that I went and picked up Michelle and we didn’t do all that much except spend time together.

Saturday we hung around again. Michelle made me watch Aladdin because Keith Carroll gave it to her on DVD for Christmas (thanks Keith Carroll). I brought her to work again at 4, and I hung around her house doing homework until it was time to go pick her up (no, that’s not as weird as it sounds. Her parents are nice).

Sunday we woke up and went to Boomtown. No, not to gamble – we went and played DDR. It’s been a while, but it was fun! :D I miss that game. We headed to the giant Hong Kong food market after that, just because Michelle had never been there and they have all kinds of awesome stuff. We bought some random crap, then headed to Barnes and Noble because Michelle wanted to get the new Post Secret book. Then, we were off to see Cloverfield. :D Well, kind of. We bought the tickets an hour too early, so we went shopping for a little while and then went to see the movie, and it was really good! JJ Abrams really knows how to make some cool stuff. Oh, and that reminds me – new Lost on the 31st!!! :D :D

On Monday, for those of you that don’t keep up with my Facebook status, Ron Paul was in Louisiana! He was in Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, and I saw him in New Orleans. I recorded his speech, which you can download here (though it’s kind of big), and I got to shake his hand! :D Michelle felt sick the entire time, but she wanted to stay there for me. <3 I took her to get her haircut after, and then to ballet. Then we went to Chili's with Keith and Becca and got half-priced meals because Keith Carroll complained that all of our meals were old, which they were. Our waitress had an attitude about it, but the manager was as nice as can be, so that was fun. Then I had to leave, and that was sad. D: Oh well. Another day closer to graduating. Pictures of Ron Paul are posted in my Facebook, too. There's one of Adam Z shaking his hand. :P -Philip

Spring 2008 Classes

But first, this was my article if you didn’t see it yet in the actual paper.

ISDS 3200 – I don’t know what to think about this class. Visual Basic isn’t that hard but there’s a lot of assignments that I’ll probably put off and dread doing.
MKT 3401 – I don’t really know what to think about this class either. Marketing doesn’t sound too exciting but at least it doesn’t sound hard.
ISDS 4120 – I think I’ll probably like this class, as it’s about some actual technical stuff.
ISDS 4113 – I am not looking forward to this class (it’s project management), but Adam says it’s easy, so I guess that’s okay.
ISDS 3120 – Seems like too much group work. I hate group work. But, Keith Carroll and Philip Cali are in there so it might be okay. The teacher says he’s trying to train us to be CIO’s (chief information officers), and he’s cool (I’ve had him before) so we’ll see about this one.

That’s my class rundown. Not too exciting. As long as I pass all of my classes and get at least a 3.0 (though I’d like to bring my GPA up), I don’t guess I care too much.

And today is pretty bleh. I’d like it to be Friday, or at least tomorrow. And I’d also like a nap.