Picnic Pics, Future Picture Format

Oh yeah, forgot about these.

Also, one more thing. From now own, when I post one of these zGallery2 links full of pictures, I’m going to create a folder called “other” inside of it. For example, the current link to the gallery is this big mess: http://inphiltrate.com/images/camera/%5b3-22-08%5d%20Picnic/. The other folder would be at: http://inphiltrate.com/images/camera/%5b3-22-08%5d%20Picnic/other. So, pretty much, just type “other” after the URL, as long as there’s a slash at the end already. In this folder will be any videos taken along with the pictures, and all of the pictures and videos in a zip file so you can download them all if you would like to.

This is the only time I’ll say it, but I’ll try to remember to always do it.


Celery and RAM and Stuff

I swear, scary movies attract the most annoying people to theaters. Michelle and I went to see Shutter on Tuesday and even though there were like…5 other people in there with us, they were noisy. This also happened when we went to see The Eye and of course, when we went to see One Missed Call, where it happened on a massive ‘the-entire-theater-are-f**ktards’ level. Anyway, we went to P.F. Chang’s after (mmm, Kung Pao chicken), and then we did a whole bunch of awesome cooking for the rest of the week for dinner.

On Thursday, Michelle bought me a turtle. S/he’s a small red-eared slider and we named him/her Celery, because I was joking that I should be a super nerd and name it after a computer part that’s slow, like a Celeron processor, and then Michelle said she’d have to call it “Celery” if I did that, which is actually a nickname for Celeron processors, so I just named it Celery. :D

We went to Cortana mall yesterday, where we randomly saw Laura and Junie. Junie kind of stayed back the entire time, and it was surprisingly drama-free.

I have to schedule classes later today, as well as studying for marketing too. And the terror-week begins. Fun times. :(


Soap and Stuff

You guys know those soap dishes that don’t have holes in the bottom of them? I think those are the most genius invention ever, if a soap company invented them. They collect water, which makes the soap mushy and it gets used up faster. Way faster.

I hate those things.

Anyway, last week I went to work for 11.5 hours on Monday, then took the rest of the week off. I got my taxes done at the Houma library on Tuesday morning for free (after waiting two and a half hours), but I’ll be getting a pretty decent refund, plus that rebate we get this year just for doing our taxes.

Tuesday night I went to Michelle’s, and I’ve been with her ever since, which has been nice. Becca had her picnic on Saturday, and that was nice. I honestly wasn’t looking forward to it because it was technically a cosplay picnic and it was supposed to be a bunch of people from MechaCon’s forums (and there was the possibility that Nick would go), but it ended up being mostly people I knew, and when there was convention discussion I just ignored it (and even though Nick did go, I just ignored him too). So I ended up having fun. I took pictures that I’ll post when I get around to it.

We spent Easter with my family in the morning and afternoon, and had dinner with Michelle’s family that night at Copeland’s (and apparently Al Copeland just so happened to die yesterday too :|).

I guess that’s a pretty decent recap. I really need to start updating more regularly again. :


Oh Yeah

Actually, this week and the beginning of next week sucks/will suck too. Just for different reasons.

Should’ve put that in the last post.


Dear God, Help Me

I think I am going to die the week of the 31st.

Monday – MKT 3401 exam (medium difficulty; requires the completion of a study guide)
Tuesday – ISDS 4113 assignment due (sounds time consuming)
Wednesday – ISDS 4120 exam (hard difficulty)
Thursday – ISDS 4113 exam (medium-hard difficulty)
Friday – ISDS 3200 programming exam (easy-medium difficulty)

And then just for kicks, the Monday immediately following all of this, I have an ISDS 3200 written exam.

I hate college. :


What’s the Deal?

I haven’t had too much to write about. My life has been eventful, but in a routine sort of way, if you catch my drift. Classes have been bleh, work has been good, as usual, and everything with Michelle has been super-awesome. :D We had a good weekend together again. I forgot to mention last weekend that we bought rollerblades so we could go, you guessed it, rollerblading (and Will, if you’re reading this, the fact that I bought them to rollerblade with a girl makes it totally not gay, right? :P). Anywho, we went rollerblading at her old elementary school today and that was fun. :D We also went to Monsanto park for a while, which was nice, since it was good weather to be outside and all (gasp, yeah, I just said that).

Lost has been crazy lately. Last week was totally insane (had me going o_O the entire time), but I guess that won’t really interest anyone so I’ll shut up about that now. Me and Adam Z sure do make some awesome commentary while we’re watching it though.

Apple should be updating the Mac Minis soon, which is exciting for me, since I’ll be buying one as soon as they do. Also, the recent announcement of the 2.0 version of the iPhone software update has actually made the iPhone worth it now, and even actually pretty good! So now, I want one of those too (again), but I’ll decided that later, like this summer or something.

A while back I tried Googling my name along with “Tiger Weekly” since that’s how I got that whole job in the first place, and I found that my Ruckus article was published on Ruckus’ news website, lawl. Here’s the site, if you’re interested. Kind of exciting, if only for a couple of seconds.

I need something to buy at Best Buy soon before my coupons run out. Someone suggest something! :P



New WordPress theme.

Don’t like it? Tell me in the comments. I’ve got others, or I can switch back to my Windows Vista Aero-looking one.


We’re Only Liars, but We’re the Best

My weekend was pretty good. I skipped class on Friday…class being Visual Basic and Marketing, since I was done with my VB homework and Marketing is rarely really important as long as you have the notes (which I can get from Jonathan). Instead, I went to Michelle’s and got to sleep late. :D

Michelle and I went to Houma and ate with Keith and Becca on Friday at Bogwalk. It was pretty good, but kind of expensive for how much you get (even though we split something, so it wasn’t expensive overall). I guess that’s to be expected of seafood.

Saturday, I bought new flip-flops that I really like. :D They’re plaid and leather, though besides the plaid, they’re pretty similar to the last two pairs I had.

My mom hurt her back last week too, so my she ended up finally having to go to the hospital on Sunday. She came home a few hours later and I think she’s feeling better now.

Anywho, right now I’m sitting in Visual Basic taking pictures of the code for my homework, which is extremely helpful and makes my assignments so much easier. I think know I failed an ISDS 3120 exam on Thursday. It was really brutal, so now I’m kind of relying on our presentations to pass the class. D:

In other news, I think the Apple Store at the Mall of Louisiana is opening on Thursday and I’m seriously considering skipping Project Management to be there when it opens. :O

We’ll see.