Patriot Sucks, Apple Rocks

This link goes to Patriot Memory’s website. They manufacture memory for computers. Do not ever buy RAM from this company. I sent them my RAM about two weeks ago. I got it back on Friday (the RMA process took about a week and a half), and guess what? It doesn’t f**king work. Not only that, but it looks like the stick that did work is now broken as well (I’m not entirely positive of this; it’s kind of working off and on and I’d wonder if something was wrong with my motherboard but…). My computer was working fine with a stick of Adam’s RAM in it (…unless Adam’s RAM fixes mobos). So a big hearty f**k you to Patriot! Thanks assholes!

On the other hand, I brought my MacBook Pro to the Apple Store on Monday. I told the Genius (that’s what Apple calls the people who try to fix computer issues in the store, if you didn’t know) what was wrong. He looked at it for a little while, told me they had to send it off, wrote down all of the issues I was having (even some that were really peculiar and I admitted to him I wasn’t sure if they were even real issues), and then I left without it. Friday, it was back; all fixed. Everything I’d mentioned that was wrong was replaced and is no longer an issue. $310 of parts in total that were all covered by my warranty in the span of Monday at 8 PM through Friday morning. Incredible customer service.

So to wrap things up, Patriot Memory, absolutely worthless. Apple computers, priceless.


Gas Prices

I’m not an economist, but let me tell you what I think about gas prices right now.

They suck.

Ha, don’t worry, that’s not all. I’m not sure what everyone else is thinking, but I can tell you right now what might be and what is probably not causing the prices.

What’s not causing the prices are supply and demand. Demand is inelastic and there is no shortage of supply. I think this is a common misconception.

So what is causing it? I think it’s two things. One is the people that bid on oil futures. This causes an expected rise in gas prices, which is usually self-fulfilling. The second thing is the dollar. In case you haven’t heard, the US dollar sucks. It takes more US dollars now to buy the same amount of oil, just as it takes more US dollars to to exchange for one Euro (€) than it ever has. I believe the current exchange rate is $1.60 per €1. That doesn’t mean anything to you? In the year 2000, you could get €1 for $0.83.

I could bring up Ron Paul, and the gold standard, but I’ll let that link do the talking (the headline says it all).

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Another Temporary Theme, Genius, Life

This is another temporary theme. It’s less temporary than the classic Mac one, because it’ll probably be here for more than a few days. I just wanted something up that worked properly and was readable, which I couldn’t and still can’t find in a theme that looks nice.

I have an appointment tonight with an Apple Genius (!!!) at the Apple Store so I can pretty much give them Kalmiya to fix, since I know they won’t be able to do anything right away. I’ve got my old iBook/my mom’s iBook in the meantime. What a good old computer this was…except for this terrible display, lawl. Wow, this thing is not bright at all.

I’ve got borderline grades in three of my classes right now, which really sucks because I don’t have the motivation to study, even though I really should to try to keep the higher grades. I am really looking forward to the week after finals though. I’ve made reservations in Destin, so it’s all set and I can’t wait! :D

This week is kind of bleh though. Too much to think about, college-wise. I guess that’s normal, though.


Computer Woes

Sorry, the background of that other theme was getting on my nerves.

Anyway, listen my readers and you shall hear
A tale of technology woes that will hurt your ears
Haha, rhymes.

Dear God. This just hasn’t been a good past couple of weeks for me in the computer department (which is a pretty big department for me). My desktop had a bad stick of RAM, as I’ve already mentioned, and I still haven’t heard crap from Patriot about it. So my desktop is still out of comission.

To top that off, Kalmiya is getting worse (to the point where I can’t use her), but I finally know what the problem is. It’s a hardware issue with the keyboard and trackpad connection under the battery/RAM. So I’m going to try to bring it to the Apple store next week and get that fixed, and get them to give me a new battery.

And, for the hell of it, I just installed Windows XP over Ubuntu on my old laptop in case I need to use it for anything, because Linux is pretty much worthless to me these days.

I can’t wait until this semester is over.


Bananas and Lawn Care

I have a presentation today that I’m not looking forward to. I get to talk about how being on the bleeding edge is a bad thing. It really won’t be that bad or anything, I just don’t like presentations.

I really need to go to the Wal-Mart market. D: Oh, and speaking of markets, have you guys seen those mini-bananas that Chiquita sells? They’re amazing. They aren’t plantains, but they’re that small, and they taste exactly like a normal banana. I love the idea of that, because I never feel like eating a whole banana, but I will sure as heck eat a banana that small.

Why does my stupid apartment complex insist on hiring people that do lawn care at 7 in the f**king morning? Every single week on one of the days I get to sleep later, they wake me up incessantly for 2 hours and it drives me nuts. I feel like calling the apartment manager and telling her something, but I wonder if that would get anything done? I mean, most lawn care services probably operate in the mornings, but damn if that isn’t inconvenient for college students that are trying to sleep so they can stay awake in class. :

I think I’m going to the beach this summer with Michelle. :D

Oh, and I feel a little better today.



I feel pretty awful right now. Today is one of the worst days I’ve had in a while. Life just sucked in general and I don’t have too much else to say about it. I really hope something awesome happens soon, cause otherwise, this is just going to be one of those weeks. D:


Four Years of This Blogging Crap :D

I forgot to mention that sometime in mid-March made about 4 years that I’ve been blogging. Of course, you guys can only see 2 years of my mindless/mindful banter, but that’s because the rest of it was on Greymatter and it’s stored on my computer and on a CD somewhere.

Also, I’ve been having this Creedy domain (which redirects back here) that I really want to do something with for like…a year or maybe almost two now. Any ideas? I was thinking of maybe something collaborative?