Engagement Party & Finals & Mojave

Sunday, Michelle’s parents had an engagement party for us. It was kind of a meet and greet for everyone that was in the wedding and family members that hadn’t already met. It was good times, and I really appreciate everyone coming. :D

Today I have my Security final. I’m not worried about it, but I will miss Terry. He was a great teacher, probably the best at LSU.

Saturday I have a History final. Not too excited about that. I need a 68 to pass the class, which would be fine, except the exams are essay questions so they’re really hard. D:

I really feel the need to rant here about Microsoft’s “Mojave Experiment” and how absolutely retarded it is, but instead of going on a full 1,000 word essay like I probably would, I’m going to keep it short.

Microsoft is awful at marketing. Windows Vista is a great operating system, despite its flaws, yet instead of showing people what it can do in their commercials (a major criticism of Apple’s Get a Mac ads, also), they show that they can trick people into saying they like Vista? Seriously…what are they thinking? If they’re going to tackle Vista’s bad reputation, how about this: fix the problems that everyone complains about with your operating system! Not everything people spread is FUD…some of it is true, after all (Flip 3D is crap, Vista still doesn’t do some form of defragmenting on-the-fly, “lol extra menus!!11!”, moving/copying files still seems slower, etc). I mean, I know a lot of it is overblown garbage, but you don’t overlook real problems too.

Even Steve Ballmer didn’t make excuses when questioned about Vista at the All Things D conference; instead, he opted to say that they’d have tackled compatibility better, amongst a few other things I’ve since forgotten. Granted, he’s an awful, awful CEO, but Bill Gates was sitting right there and I didn’t see him correcting Steve.

So, in conclusion:


Mojave Experiment = fail.

That is all.


Tooth Wisdom

I went to the dentist last Wednesday, thinking I either had a cavity or that one of my sealants had come off. I wasn’t really sure, as neither had ever happened, but I was sure something was wrong. As it turned out, the dentist told me that a piece of my gums was over the backs of my wisdom teeth on both of the bottom ones, and that one of them had become aggravated due to abuse (apparently chewing on top of said gums).

So, to remedy this seemingly small problem, the dentist suggested that I go see an oral surgeon and have my wisdom teeth removed.

I italicize that because it pretty much ruined my week.

You want to take my wisdom teeth out, even though you and two other dentists said I have room for them, because there’s a little bit of gum over the back of them? Are you kidding me?

So as you can see, I’m very much against this idea. Though you may think it’s asinine of me to think getting them out is stupid, I think it’s equally as foolish and ridiculous that they want me to have oral surgery to prevent this from happening again.

I’ve gone how many years without this ever happening? Four? Five? I will very gladly go to the dentist and get a prescription for amoxicillin every four years rather than having oral surgery.

I’ve been told by a lot of people that it’s not bad. I’d be out for a few days, only able to eat soft crap, it doesn’t hurt, I’d be asleep, etc. The thing is…I don’t care. I don’t want to be out for a few days. Soft crap isn’t a big deal. It doesn’t hurt? Dr. Mire pulled half a cracked tooth out of my mouth with nothing. No Novocain, didn’t even ask. “Oh, this tooth can come out!” It hurt, and it bled for about an hour. Big whoop. Then, the big one. They’d put me to sleep (which is, coincidentally, a euphemism for euthanizing an animal). Guess what? I don’t want to be put asleep, and I definitely don’t want to be awake. That’s quite a problem, isn’t it?

I don’t like the idea of being put to sleep. See, I’ve got this thing against substances affecting my physical being beyond my control. It’s why I’ve never been drunk and never even thought about touching drugs. I don’t even like taking Benadryl without drinking coffee because it makes me sleepy otherwise (think it’s hypocritical that I’m okay with caffeine? Tough! :D). It’s not that I’m against medication or advances in medical science (though I am against the overuse of antibacterial ingredients in everyday items such as soap), I just don’t want something affecting my body that I can’t control unless it is truly and overwhelming helping me in some way that is irreplicable (is that a word? If not, pretend it is) by other means. Something that helps me and has seemingly no other effects, such as the aforementioned amoxicillin, is fine.

So in conclusion, I fully intend on doing my very best to not have my wisdom teeth out. And I don’t really care who thinks I’m stupid for it, no matter what happens.

Engagement party yesterday. More about that later.


(Campus) Gun Control Redux

Will: anyone get robbed lately?
Philip: ha
Philip: Uh
Philip: The other day near the Indian Mounds…
Philip: The 15th
Will: yea read about that one. i thought the story was fake since guns arent allowed on campus :-D

Good call, Will, good call.


Parking Justice

There’s a car right now in the much coveted parking lot next to CEBA that’s taking up two parking spots. It’s pretty infuriating, and everyone knows it. I passed by it a couple of times looking for a spot when I noticed some paper on its windshield. One of the papers was face-down, but the other was up, and I took a picture of it.

You will not be disappointed unless you have no sense of humor.

Good times.


I Am (Squirrel) Legend and Other Pictures

First thing’s first: I got a picture of the legendary albino squirrel on LSU’s campus.

Second: Michelle in a box. :D

Third, I took this picture on my way home the other day

Nothing really special, except maybe you can’t see that water tower back there.

Mmm, not exactly sure what Hyundai of Houma is doing in Schriever.


Article Commentary, Random Thoughts, People

I’m getting some discussion on my Tesla Motors article on TigerWeekly.com. It’s nice to have an article in the “Most Commented” section (for the second time since I started writing these things…it’s so sad that no one cares about technology unless I write something that could be taken as pro-RIAA :P).

I have my first midterm in History 1001 next week, and I’m not too excited. Anyone ever had Ross for History? :

I’ve been kind of vocal about how much I don’t like John McCain (as a person), but lately I think Obama is showing that he’s no different. He seems to be flip-flopping on some things he’s said, so I guess it’s a requirement for the new millennium that the presumptive Democratic nominee to be a flip-flopper. I still think he’d be a little better than McCain, but the gap is closing. I’m still not voting, don’t get me wrong, but I would voice my support for a candidate if either of them would pull out ahead clearly in my mind.

You know how there are just some people that are just plain retarded, yet you can’t tell them anything? Yeah…some of you will know what I’m talking about, and to the rest of you, I’m not really talking in a broad sense.

I can’t wait till fall/winter. It’s way too freaking hot and muggy and just generally uncomfortable outside.

And to end on a positive note, Michelle and I have been talking about our wedding and making plans and stuff. So far, it’s set for Friday, June 12, 2009. My groomsmen will be Adam, Keith, Alex, Dustin (Michelle’s brother) and Ross (Michelle’s cousin).


There’s Only One Gym Class I’ve Ever Liked

The concert was good. Tyga didn’t play, and we were late so we wouldn’t have to see them, so we missed a little bit of Cobra Starship. Good times. Gym Class Heroes covered a metal song really well, and I have no idea why, since they’re a rap band. They also covered a Prince song and some other random 80’s song. Travie (of Gym Class Heroes) didn’t do the rap part in Cobra Starship’s collaborative “Bring It (Snakes on a Plane),” which kind of disappointed me, but William Beckett (of The Academy Is…) did do his part.

Lately I’ve been craving a muffuletta. I got some little ones the other day from Winn-Dixie and they were actually pretty good, but I think I’m going to head over to The Italian Pie soon and get one, thanks to a recommendation from Keith Carroll.

I’ve been getting some trackbacks (links from other blogs to my blog) lately. I really wish I knew how those people found my site. I guess random Google searches; I do write about enough pointless crap, after all.

This is probably my favorite article that I’ve done so far for Tiger Weekly, and ironically, it’s about cars instead of computers. It’s my favorite because I really think it’s something people are/could be interested in and could be useful to them one day, and something that they’ll actually read…and I think I wrote it pretty well (very modest, I know), except for the “Image this” opening, which none of the editors caught (“Imagine this” is what I meant to say). Check it out.

By the way, the Tesla Roadster is awesome.


Pete Wentz Didn’t Get the Memo

Tonight, Michelle and I are going to see a Gym Class Heroes concert, also featuring Cobra Starship. Both of these bands are friends with Fall Out Boy, of course (Pete Wentz being Fall Out Boy’s (-_\) bassist).

Last week, at a Gym Class Heroes concert, someone called Travie, the lead singer, a n****r (and yes, he’s black), a comment, which upon hearing, inspired Travie to throw his microphone right at the dude’s face (yes, awesome, I know). So, Pete Wentz, being the good friend he is, wrote this little bit in his blog:

you know what? you call my friend a “n_gger”, i dont even give a fuck what happens to you. i dont want to see you in this scene. i dont want to see you at shows.

I don’t think Pete got the memo: this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race.