I don’t want to evacuate, but I am going with Michelle’s family to wherever they go (Jackson, MS?). I really hate this entire ordeal, as I just want to stay in Houma or Baton Rouge.

Our dinner reservations tonight were canceled thanks to the storm, too. Still haven’t been able to celebrate our anniversary.

This month is sucking pretty hard.


About MacBreak Weekly

Dear Andy Ihnatko,

MacBreak Weekly is one of my favorite podcasts, and you have some seriously interesting stuff to say, but dear Lord, do you ever shut up? Stop talking so much! Don’t turn every little thing you have to say into a comparison or an anecdote. Make your point, get over it.


Sorry, I had to do it. Maybe he’ll Google himself one day and find this, and I’ll feel like an idiot, just like when Stephen Phillips found me blogging about him.

Don’t even tell me. I know no one cares and you might not even know why I blogged this. So k thx. :D


I’m Alive

Sorry if you wanted whatever I left you, because for whatever reason, I’m still alive, and now wisdom toothless. I got it done Friday morning, and it didn’t leave me in pain or anything…it’s just been really annoying and tedious to take care of. I can’t wait until I can chew normally again. :|

Saturday I was more or less doing what I normally do, except not as much of it. Saw Mirrors on Sunday with Michelle, during which we both learned a very valuable lesson dealing with old ladies and zombies, but I don’t want to spoil anything in case someone that’s reading this actually plans on seeing it.

Sunday night Michelle begged me to stay with her, and since I didn’t feel like getting entirely back to normal yet with work and everything (and I said I’d be back Monday or Tuesday), I did. I got a chance to get some more much needed sleep (and hopefully healing) and ate some real food! And speaking of that real food, the chicken Alfredo pasta at Pizza Hut isn’t half bad (the chicken wasn’t that great, but the pasta itself was good).

Work has been busy today. We’ve got three new people who seem pretty cool and ready to work and learn, so hopefully Team IS will be good times this final semester. Sure could use a real job soon so I don’t have to worry about that for the next 4+ months. D:

There are so many things I wish I could blog about that I can’t. Well, it’s more along the lines of wanting to write certain things in a public place all the while keeping some sort of privacy. It’s not that I want to write about people so much as it is wanting to write about certain things that could offend random people that read this.

And speaking of offending people, I sure do wish that apologizing wasn’t so hard for some people. I mean, you guys read this, you know I apologize in here sometimes for crap – or heck, I’ve probably apologized to you in person for something. I just wish the same courtesy was shown to me (don’t worry, I’m not talking to everyone reading this – just one person).

I mean, is admitting you’re wrong and saying you’re sorry really that hard? I do it when I don’t even feel like I’m wrong sometimes. :|

Anyway, I guess I’d better stop before I get on a serious rant or something.

Someone tell Facebook to get rid of that stupid TRY THE NEW FACEBOOK!!!!! bar, please.


My Last Will and Testament

Just in case I die tomorrow, here’s my will. :D

To Michelle, I leave Kalmiya, my Kia, Celery, and all of my shirts.

To Adam, I leave my 100% real and official copy of Windows Vista Ultimate.

To Keith Carroll, I leave the rest of my bendy straws and all of my Creed CDs.

To Becca, I leave all of my pants.

To Ed, I leave all of my copies of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and my Apple logo stickers.

To Cesar, I leave my accounts to all of my Web 2.0 sites.

To Ashley Payne, I leave my shoes, my muffin mix, and the rest of the Internet memes from the past 3 years except for Rick Rolling.

To Drew, I leave all of my episodes of Heroes.

To Team IS, I leave you this link.

To everyone else, I leave you the packet of data that contains this sentence.


You Know The Rules

And so does James Bond.

So, the wisdom teeth are coming out. This Friday, actually. Not excited at all.

Last week I planted a garlic clove in a plastic cup full of soil just to see what would happen, and right now it’s growing a sprout that’s about as tall as the cup and it split into two sprouts or whatever the heck you call it.

I saw this the other day on the corner of Highland and West Parker:

I mean, I saw The Dark Knight, and it was a good movie, but I’ve seen better this year. Then again, it was a good year for movies. Anyway, I didn’t think it was good enough for a random sign for a fake politician. If only people spent that much effort on real politics then maybe we wouldn’t have so many problems right now. :|

I hope no one needs styrofoam or boxes right now, cause we definitely have a lot of both at work…

…and I don’t feel like hauling them to anyone. :D

Whenever I graduate and leave ResLife, I sure am going to miss having some sort of authority and being back on the bottom again. Speaking of that, I think I might be submitting some resumés today. D:

You know, even though I don’t like the whole anime convention/cosplaying thing, I’m kind of looking forward to AWA. I’m not sure why, but I just have this feeling it’ll be different and might actually be a little fun. I mean, I always have fun spending time with my friends, but the conventions themselves are just a bunch of wandering around a bunch of smelly anime nerds and browsing through overpriced merchandise. Now I just have to hope that my fall schedule doesn’t ruin my chances of going, but I won’t know that until classes start.

Also, I wonder how many entries I’ve started off with the word “so”…



So there’s an awful smell in our apartment right now. Kind of like some sort of fumes. Yesterday I had to chew gum to get the taste of it out of my mouth, and this morning it was still pretty bad. I hate crap like that, because you can’t ignore it. It sort of makes me glad I’m working so long today. I don’t have to go back to that crap soon.

In other news, I spent the last few days with Michelle, which was nice seeing as how I haven’t seen her for more than a couple hours alone for about two weeks thanks to one of her stupid coworkers that finally got fired. But now Café Milano is low on kitchen staff so she still has to work a lot, so if anyone that reads this feels like working for the parish president of Terrebonne Parish, go apply there.

Unless you’re crazy.

We tried to go to Blue Bayou, but it looked like rain and the lines were long (on Monday, of all days), so I don’t guess we’ll be doing that this year. Shame.

I got an A in Computer and Network Security and a B in History. Hooray. :D

Also, as much as I do not like cosplaying, anime conventions, and nearly everything that goes along with afforementioned nerddom, Michelle finally got me to agree to do one costume: Gene Starwind. She is going to be Melfina, and since Becca likes Outlaw Star, I believe she wants to be Twilight Suzuka. The only reason I am doing this is for Michelle, and I’m not asking anyone else to do this with us unless they want to. This is most likely the only costume I’ll ever do, whether or not I find it enjoyable. I already have an expensive hobby (I’M A COMPUTA) and I definitely don’t need or want another one.

Despite all of that though, I do plan to at least try to do Gene very well. Even though he’s tanner and muscular. :