Thanks John C. Dvorak

…for this “September Madness.”


So, I have been putting off writing about what’s been going on for like 2 weeks now. I’ll make a nice post about it later, I promise! D:


Ruined Your Fun! :D

Just now in Management 3830:

Teacher: Okay, let’s see if this example will work in this class. What was the first company to develop Windows-like software and…
Me: Xerox.
Teacher: GRRRRRR.

I lawled in my head.


Churros and Other Crap :D

I like the new Microsoft ad with Jerry Seinfeld. It makes absolutely no sense, but I like it. I guess it’s just one of those things to improve a product/company’s image rather than promote a product/company, which I really hope the Mojave Experiment fails at doing because it’s so freaking retarded. Microsoft really should have stuck with just Seinfeld, as I think those commercials have way more potential than a bunch of marketing techniques that tell even less of the truth than Apple’s “Get a Mac” ads.

They still haven’t switched my account to the new Facebook, though a lot of people on my friend’s list have been. I personally don’t like a lot of things about the new layout, but I know it’ll grow on me. I’d just really like the option to be able to use whichever version I want. Ah, well, them’s the pits.

I’ve avoided buying a hoodie for a long time, as I didn’t need another stereotypical “emo” thing associated with me besides my hair and my music, but I’m taking that plunge tomorrow, I think. I found one I really like at Pac Sun, which is probably my favorite store to buy shirts and stuff. I still haven’t found any jeans better than Buckle’s BKE jeans though. Seriously, out of my two favorite pairs of jeans, one of them I bought in the summer of 2006 and they still look almost as good as when I first bought them, and I’ve worn them twice a week or more over the past 2 years. That’s some serious wear and tear, but they are still great. Normally I’d have to replace jeans way more often than that. :D

Wow, that really deviated from talking about a hoodie! Anyway, it’s a nice blue color and I’m pretty sure it’s slim fitting like I like my clothes.

Anyway, I’m in the middle of a great weekend with Michelle, so I’m going back to doing stuff with her. <3 :D -Philip

New and Improved!

For a while now, I had been having a whole lot of pretty lame days. Not feeling under the weather or anything, just a lot on my mind and a lot to do. All of that changed yesterday morning though. First off, work really slowed down and we kept our “incidents” way down, which is a big deal cause we were really busy.

Yeah, that’s even though our new tracking system sucks worse than Track-It did, of course, after all of this time complaining how bad it was, we get something uglier, which I didn’t even think was possible, and it’s really crappy to use.

That’s okay though, because I got a raise and an exceptional review. Hooray for work! This isn’t just about work though. All of the damage and power outages left over by the hurricane are finally fixed (everyone I care about has power back).

And I got the -best- smoothie I’ve had in a year since the trannie left the Union, so I guess that means I have a reason to go the Union still (man, those MREs are something awesome. :D I had one for lunch every day this week, but, I don’t have anything else to eat at my apartment since it all went bad, ha). Anyway, my one LAST semester was looming ahead, but I think I’m ready for it. I realized that little fact while walking to my car today, and it didn’t really hit me that hard. With everything I have to look forward to, I don’t think I’ll be doing much looking back, so I’m taking it head-on, with less negativity and all the happiness I can bear. :P


The Best of Us Can Find Happiness in Misery

I will say this one last time for all to see, because I’m tired of this being skirted over:

It is an honor to be asked to stand in someone’s wedding. If you don’t think it’s an honor, then don’t accept it in the first place. PERIOD. No “buts,” no explanations, NOTHING. It IS a big deal.

Four years ago, my friend Trent told me he secretly proposed to his girlfriend, and said he didn’t expect me to approve because he knew I probably wouldn’t based on how early he did it and how young he was. He was right, I didn’t approve, but if I had a chat log of that conversation, I could paste the part where I told him he had my blessings, whatever they may mean to him.

It doesn’t matter what you think sometimes. Sometimes you shut your mouth and be happy for other people. Sometimes you believe that good things happen, and everyone, everywhere on this planet with sentient thought is wrong about something every day, but you still put the negative aside and smile through your feelings.

The title of this post says it all.



So Jackson, Mississippi was…um, “interesting,” to say the least. Ask me about that on AIM/in person if you haven’t already heard those stories. Good times.

We came back to Michelle’s house on Tuesday morning since they were letting people back into St. Charles Parish, and then Michelle and I tried to go to Houma and got turned around. We tried again on Wednesday and then got turned around again. I knew they weren’t letting people in until Friday, but I still wanted to try because I was hearing stories of people getting in.

All of this time, I couldn’t get in touch with my family so I didn’t even know where they were, but I finally got in touch with them later on Wednesday, and my neighbor had just gotten into Houma and told me that Highway 311 was open, so we set off to try to get into Houma again.

Thibodaux was open, so I planned on going to LA 24 (Main Street) from Highway 90 and telling the cop there that I was going to Thibodaux, but there was no cop on that side of the street, though there was one on the other side. Instead, there were just a bunch of traffic cones. So, after deliberating for a few minutes, I decided to cut through the cones. Sure enough, for whatever reason, the police weren’t blocking 311, they were only blocking people from getting off of 90 onto 311, so I went right on into Houma.

I wish I would’ve thought to charge my camera, but I didn’t, so I don’t have any pictures, but by Wednesday, it wasn’t really that bad. It was absolutely ridiculous that they were keeping people out of Terrebonne Parish until Friday just because of the power being off. When we got there, the crap was already mostly out of the roads and stores, like Rouses, were even opening back up.

My parents’ house just had roof damage and no power until Saturday evening, but my brother got some water in his dining room after the roof leaked (he actually lost a crap-ton of shingles). My sister’s house was alright too, just missing shingles, same as my parents’.

We got a bunch of water, a couple of tarps, and a bunch of MRE’s, which is fantastic, because I love those things, and they’re fun to open just to see what random goodies you get. :D

Michelle still doesn’t have power, but they’re been running off of her dad’s generator at their house, so they’re okay. We watched Rambo 2008 at their house on Saturday night, even. Gory movie++, hahaha.

So, I went back to Baton Rouge last night. Smooth sailing, though power is still out at a lot of places around here, my apartment is good and it’s so nice to not hear the whining of a generator all day and night long (though, you know, thank God for generators >>). :P

Had a pot roast and vegetables MRE for lunch today. Yummm! :D