The Self-Esteem to Match

I decided not to study for my ISDS 4117 exam. It’s the second time I’ve purposefully not studied for an exam in college (the first time was for the ISDS 1100 exam – I could’ve gotten a 22 or something and still gotten an A in the class). I was glad I didn’t when I took the exam, because no matter what I get, I don’t think the studying I would’ve done would’ve helped. I also got my part of my 4117 group project done tonight. Huzzah.

I think I’ve picked out the song I’m going to dance with my mom to at Michelle’s and my wedding. The song I picked isn’t really what I want to talk about though. While I was looking for songs about sons and mothers, I found that a song by Hootie & the Blowfish that I’ve known for like 12 years was about a mother dying and a son singing sort of a farewell song, but without ever saying goodbye. I had thought it was about a woman leaving a guy. I love how sometimes you can find a new meaning to an old song that can make the song brand new again to you for a little while, at least.


Oh darling, oh darling, oh darrrrrlllliiiiinnnnnggggggg…

“Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet” may not strike you immediately as great song name, but it’s a freaking awesome song. So is “What a Catch, Donnie.” Really looking forward to this new Fall Out Boy album. Three songs and an acoustic are released in some form so far and they are all incredibly awesome.

And speaking of entertainment-type-things, my fall TV shows have been back for some time (minus Lost, of course :(). Heroes is looking better than last season. Smallville somehow managed to stay good even though 3 characters that have been in the show since season 1 died (aka, actors left) and 1 that was only in 1 season got written out (bye bye Supergirl? :|). The Office has been great. Holly is pretty awesome; her and Michael will probably be the new Pam and Jim. New Family Guy too, but that’s not really as exciting for some reason, even though I love the show and both new episodes have been awesome.

Construction on the interstate during rush hour kind of blows, almost made us late to the Death Note movie. There was nothing I could do until I got to the Geismar exit and could get to Airline to bypass it all, but I managed to get Michelle and Samantha and get us there just in time where we only missed like two minutes. It was good, and the experience was different even though I’d already seen it subtitled. Watching it dubbed was kind of weird, but watching it with lots of other people and in a theater was pretty cool. I heard a lot of people crying at the end. Oh, and if anyone reading this has only seen the anime or read the manga, the movie ends differently, and they’re both totally worth watching (third movie is optional).

Speaking of the third movie, L Change the World, we also watched that this weekend, but subbed and on my computer instead of dubbed and in a theater. It wasn’t really a Death Note movie, and the only main character in it from Death Note was L. It wasn’t canon to the Death Note story, but they kind of tried to tie it in at the end, which didn’t really work since *spoiler* Nate Rivers really isn’t a Thai name, therefore Near cannot be the little boy */spoiler*. L as a character is pretty funny though, so watching an entire movie about him was interesting, albeit completely separate from anything even slightly Death Note related besides everyone’s favorite detective.

We (well, I, since Michelle fell asleep) also watched a Korean movie called Volcano High (lots of movies this weekend!). It really didn’t make too much sense to me, to be honest. The story wasn’t very meaningful, which surprised me for an Asian movie, but the fight scenes were very reminiscent of The Matrix, so that was pretty cool. Oh, and I bought the crappiest little DVD player I could find to put in my room at my parents’ house so I can stop borrowing my parents’, since that’s a big pain. It was $30 from Wal-Mart, and I was almost surprised that it came with a remote control and that it worked!

We went to Japan Fest today with Shai. That was pretty fun, though I remember there being slightly more stuff to do last time I went…or maybe I’m imagining things. That was a long time ago, after all. We ate at Chili’s, and the only reason I bring that up is because I wanted to say that aside from Roul’s, Chili’s has the best burgers ever, and that’s really weird to me because Roul at least has some special kind of burger – you can see the herbs or whatever in the burger. But Chili’s just has…burgers. But they’re really, really good. Go figure. Oh, and uh, not that today was my first time having their Strawberry lemonade, but that stuff is also freaking delicious.

This week’s to-do list:
-Monday: study for ISDS 4117 exam, do small group assignment for MGT 3830
-Tuesday: group project meeting for ISDS 4117
-Wednesday: do part of big group project for ISDS 4125

So I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed at the moment.

The new MacBooks and MacBook Pros are amazing, and anyone that doesn’t think so probably isn’t very awesome themselves. :P In a couple years if I feel the need to get a new laptop, I honestly have no reason to get a MacBook Pro again with the updates to the MacBook line.

Bleh. Long updated, I need sleep.


Mozarella Sticks and Sixty-Six

Backtrack time!

Weekend before last, Michelle came up to Baton Rouge. We saw the Apple developer’s presentation at the AITP meeting, which was freaking awesome, did a bit of shopping, a lot of movie watching, and we went to the Louisiana Arts and Sciences Museum. The planetarium was cooooool. We saw a movie called “Digital Universe” in it. :D

A lot of the details of that weekend escape me. I guess I should remember to write more often. >>

Anyway, I took my first exam of the semester last week and failed it. I got a 66, even though I didn’t think it was that hard. :| I got a B on my web site model comparison project though, which I guess is okay.

I got my car fixed on Friday. It was making this weird knocking sound when I turned or hit a bump or when the road was uneven and my car was leaning on the left. Turns out that my upper steering column was loose. LOL STEERING LOSS = FAIL. *Ahem.*

This past weekend, Michelle and I went bowling with Ariel and Shawn, which was a lot of fun. I haven’t been bowling with other people (besides Michelle) in years; I can’t even remember the last time I went before I went with Michelle a few months ago.

Granny bowling was lawl:

After cosmic bowling started:


I did decently…either Shawn or I won the 3 games we played. I like bowling, and I kind of wish I could do it more often, but that would get pretty expensive! We ate at the alley, but they were out of cheese for nachos and stuff like that, so Ariel asked them to melt some American cheese on our chili nachos. It was pretty lawl. I’m looking forward to doing more stuff with them.

This week I’ve got a lot of working late and group project stuff to do. How exciting, eh?

MRE update! The best ones so far:
-Cajun Rice
-Sloppy Joe
-Veggie Burger
-Beef Patty

Actually, they’re all delicious. >>

Good times!