If there’s one thing I’ve discovered about myself in while in college, it’s that I don’t really like college. I mean, junior high was better than elementary school, and high school was better than junior high, and that pattern didn’t break with college, so college is definitely better than high school. I just generally hate being on the opposite side of a teacher and a white/blackboard or a projector screen, and I hate that you’re never done when you’re out of class.

However, I still feel kind of compelled to try and get a master’s degree. I mean, it’s not like I’ll have some sort of useless bachelor’s degree, and I definitely think college is a load of BS, but if that sheet of paper will help me in some way…maybe I should.

I guess I’m kind of posting this because I’d like thoughts from anyone who feels like sharing.


2012 and 2008

Election: Not surprised at all. Not happy, but not upset. I really am not sure what to think beyond that yet. Looking at the Republican possibilities for 2012 is pretty interesting though. Governor Gary Johnson looks like a good guy.

This picture was circulating last week, I believe on Election Day. It speaks a lot about Ron Paul and I think it’s a pretty sad picture. One of the things everyone was pointing out was Dr. Paul’s shoes. Check those things out. He’s not wearing dress shoes; no, he’s wearing comfortable tennis shoes. It’s like he knows he has work to do and he’s ready to keep on doing it. This man is the people’s man, and it’s a shame that America was too foolish to realize that.

Classes: Getting down to the end. I have a lot to do, and I really don’t see how this would be possible if I were taking 15 or more hours like most people do in their last semester.

Weekend: Michelle and I went ice skating again, but this time with Amanda, Dustin, and Dustin’s friend. It was pretty fun going with more people, and I really enjoyed it. We might go back again next weekend. :D

I also tried to catch another turtle. I swear, for being super populous, I sure can’t find another turtle. If anyone knows where I can get a baby red-eared slider, let me know.

It seems like everyone has been sick lately, so I hope that skips me.

TV: Is anyone else sad that they just like…wrote Holly out of The Office? I really hope she comes back. I was enjoying her and Michael together. D:

Jobs: My job hunt continues. I had an interview on Friday that I think went decently, but the pay was practically insulting, so when they call back, if they do, I’m refusing.

Well, that’s about it!


Ice Skating, Turtles, Random Stuff

I filled up my tub with water and let Celery swim around in it. It was funny, I’ve never seen him swim around like that so much. :D

Anyway, Michelle came up to Baton Rouge on Thursday. We did a lot of movie watching, eating out, shopping, and other stuff. We saw Changeling on Friday, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good historical drama or just a very good movie in general. We also went to the Tanger Outlets and Cabela’s on Saturday, which was pretty fun. I found a small birthday present for my sister and we bought some fudge from Cabela’s. We went ice skating later that day. Man, that sure is fun. Sunday, we went looking for turtles. I want a friend for Celery, but small turtles are hard to find since they can’t be sold in pet stores. Michelle went to class with me on Monday, and then she went home.

Now, pictures:

We found this card behind Herget or McVoy hall on campus (forgot exactly which one). It seemed really poetic for some reason, all burned and surrounded by dying rose petals…


Election 2008

It is currently November 4th, 2008, and thus, Election Day here in the United States of America. I want to dedicate this post to that topic, and I will be posting again shortly with something else.

First of all, i want to express my disgust with both of the candidates we’re presented with this year.

The bad: McCain is a whole lot of the same – unconstitutional war, bad economy. Obama – more government in practically every aspect you can think of. Neither is going to deal with taxes in an appropriate way.

The good: McCain isn’t going to give us socialized healthcare. Obama understands technology.

Overall, I don’t think more of the same is a good thing. I don’t think the world respects us anymore and I think that, no matter his policies, Obama would be a better president to restore our standing in the world’s eyes. And then on the other hand, I hate practically everything he wants to do (and understandably, I’m a [real] conservative, he’s liberal). So if McCain or Obama aren’t the answer, then, well, I guess I just have to put up with it for the next 4-8 years.

I’m not voting simply based on the fact that my vote would be, as a friend put it, a “protest vote,” as I would vote for Ron Paul. Driving to Houma to vote would be a waste of my time, because McCain will win Louisiana and Obama will win the presidency, and that’s just how it will be no matter how you or I vote (or don’t vote).

So there you have it. McSame and Nobama, no thanks.