Oh the Pictars

Here’s a bunch of pictures I’ve taken since Christmas Eve. Enjoy. :D

My brother’s family got a new puppy for Christmas. :D It’s a teacup Maltese, and it’s really small and cute. :3

I’ve been having this hat for a long time, and I really like, but I hardly wear it.

Mini muffuletta tray from Rouses. Most delicious picture of the bunch.

Opening presents! :D

You can’t prove this isn’t a full-screen video. That’s all I’m saying. :P



After. The install wasn’t quite as solid as the one Will did (he installed my previous head unit), but it works and it’s still pretty good for my first head unit installation. :D

If you’re interested in looking at all of the pictures I took from Christmas eve until today, check out this link.


What I Got – 2008 Edition

See: title.

-2 GB SO-DIMM PC2 4200 RAM
-Slim, USB-powered external DVD burner
-Kenwood KDC MP538U head unit
-Netbook sleeve
-Folie à Deux

-A really nice shirt
-A beanie
-A few gift cards
-A couple of Speed Racer things

With all of this crap, I’ve mostly been messing with my Mini 9 and getting it all set up like I want. I also installed the head unit in my car. I’ve got some pictures of the progress of both of these that I’ll share later.


Christmas Eve, the eve before Christmas

On this joyous Christmas Eve, I’d like to celebrate the best thing about the season:

This is, of course, a joke, but the amazing taste of Reese’s different holiday-shaped peanut butter treats is nothing to laugh about. They are, of course, serious business and highly delicious, at that.

This tree, of course, is not filled with peanut butter and covered with chocolate, but it’s still nice to look at, and I’ll miss the decorations when they’re gone. D:

This guy has a busy night. :P

I’m sure I’ll post this tomorrow, but just in case, Merry Christmas everyone! :)


Survey Results

So here’s some results from the survey I gave a few weeks ago.

-11 total responses
-Less people like when I write about anime, games, links, lists, movies, music, opinion, pictures, Tiger Weekly, TV, or Video. Out of these, the least liked appeared to be movies.
-More people like when I write about college, family, friends, humor, technology (which surprised me), and WTF. Out of these, the most liked appeared to be friends.
-Apparently, I forgot to put “Life” in the choices of the question that had to do with categories readers liked and disliked. Whoops. That was an important one. I think I forgot to put it because I just realized it’s not showing up in my sidebar’s list of categories. Uhhhhh. o_O
-I should definitely not be lazy in posting pictures. You guys like seem to like that.
-Some of you think I wouldn’t care about your opinion so you don’t comment. I actually strongly encourage commenting on my posts. I really like to hear what others have to say about my posts or whatever.
-Whether or not I should make more pages like my About Me page is pretty split.
-Who or what the heck is Goulet? Because apparently, I need more of it. (Is it this guy?)

And with that, the survey is closed. Thanks for your time if you answered. I really appreciate the input. :D


B.S. in Atom

I graduated on Friday. That was cool. :D So now I’m done with school and looking for a job, and I guess this is my last post that will be tagged with “College.” I have an interview in the beginning of January, but I really doubt that’ll go anywhere.

So right now, I’m just chilling in Houma, and since I finally have enough free time to post pictures, I think I’ll do just that!

(Click on the thumbnails for the full-size image for all of the pictures in this post.)

And here’s the cake I made last week.

I have a lot more pictures that I haven’t posted, but I think they’re too old to post now, so I won’t bother. :P

Anywho, on to a new subject! Since I graduated, I got my Mini 9. :D

So at first, it just looks like a normal laptop.


It’s SOOO small! And I mean that in a good way. This is the entire power brick too. For all of the pictures I took, check out my Mini 9 page – http://www.inphiltrate.com/mini9/


Graduating! :D

LiveJournal CrossPoster is working again (upgraded to a newer version). All posts that weren’t crossposted are now crossposted.

My grades are all in. It’s like, my best grades ever. Super awesome. So I graduate on Friday. I’m pretty excited! :D I’d be a lot more excited if I had a job, but having some time off will be nice too.


The (Shipped) Gold Standard

“You can only blame your problems on my world for so long
Before it all becomes the same old song”

Enjoying that song right now. :D

I have a good bit on my mind, but it’s mostly good stuff. I got a B in MGT 3830 and an A in ISDS 4117, and I passed my internship class (it’s pass or fail – no A, B, C, D, F). Waiting on one more grade. I was really worried about management, which turned out to be for nothing.

Also, my LiveJournal crossposting plugin stopped working (fatal error is apparently fatal).


Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes

I made a cake a while ago for my dad. It looks nice, but I think it was baked a little too long.


Michelle and I are going out again, for all interested. Again, no details, but there’s not really that much to tell right now anyway. :P

I like the color of this hoodie. I’d say I want it, but we don’t have enough cold weather for me to own 2 hoodies and a jacket.

Classes are all over. My Systems Analysis exam was a mess. I was in Houma on Thursday, so I had to go to Baton Rouge to take my exam in all of the snow. Then an hour and a half before the exam, my professor sent us an email telling us not to come to class and that our exam would be online. So I went out and enjoyed the snow for a little while (pictures later – nothing too interesting though), and then went back to Houma. I brought some snow home and put it in the freezer, even though it just turns into a block of ice. I mean, who knows when I’ll see it again? 1989, 1997, 2004, and 2008 are the times I’ve seen snow, I think, and that’s just not enough, cause it’s really cool (literally, har har). D:

Uh…I have more to say, kind of, but I’m tired of writing. So. Done. :P


Can’t Sleep

So, I can’t sleep, but not because I’m heart broken or anything. At the moment, I actually feel fine. Michelle and I have been talking, and though the wedding is definitely still off for a long time, we might be able to work things out. I’ve never really been one to believe in “taking someone back,” but I talked to people about it and thought about it for a while, and with that help, I came up with a logical reason for giving our relationship another chance. So, it’s not for certain, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I can’t sleep because I slept till like 1 or something today. It was pretty awesome, especially since it’s a week day. I woke up and my mom made me biscuits, which was also awesome for the middle of the week. Oh, yeah, to preface that, I went home on Tuesday night, but I’m going back to Baton Rouge tomorrow morning because I have an exam at 3.

Going to try to go to sleep now.