I Can’t Hear You

I started watching an anime with the weirdest premise last night. It’s called Akikan, and it’s about soda cans that turn into girls. Nope, this isn’t a joke – Japanese people are just that crazy. It’s actually pretty good though (and funny), I marathon-watched all 4 episodes that are currently out and I’m eagerly awaiting more (so I guess that makes me equally as crazy for watching it, eh? :P).

I had another interview today in Houma. It went pretty well, from what I can tell, but it doesn’t really mean anything if the compensation sucks. I officially turned down the job at Computer Sales and Services today, and I’m going to officially turn down the job with the parish government tomorrow. It really annoys me that employers don’t post the salary with job listings, because when I turn down a job based solely on the pay, it wasn’t only a waste of my time, but also a waste of theirs.

Anyway, for the sake of my friends that are still in college, I sure do hope President Obama works his wizardry soon and fixes this economy (yes, that’s a bit of sarcasm, but it would be cool if it came true).

But hey, maybe I should have said Kryptonian superpower instead of wizardry…

Thanks, Internet.


Over 1 Billion Served

Apparently, when you pay for a Windows XP “downgrade” when you buy a new computer, you still get a copy of Windows Vista (from Dell, at least). That’s a pretty ingenious way of boosting sales numbers.

Still nothing on the job front. Yesterday and today I did some temporary work at my brother’s shop – just answering the phones and doing random computer work (the machines here need some serious maintenance). I think if I don’t get a call this week, I’m going to go spend some time in Baton Rouge searching for a job.

Oh, and speaking of jobs, I still write the Tech News and Advice column for Tiger Weekly, so if anyone thought I stopped because I graduated, you can still make sure to check out my column (and, you know, the rest of the paper :P) on Wednesdays. :)


Xbox 3(years late)60

I bought an Xbox 360 Arcade and Guitar Hero World Tour (the version with just a guitar, not the whole band kit) the other day. Mostly because I’m bored and it gives me something to do. Guitar Hero World Tour had a better song list than Rock Band 2, and I don’t really need a hard drive or a headset or the 2 crappy games that came with the Xbox 360 Premium, so that’s my justification for why I bought those two things in particular.

If I don’t get bored with it within a couple of months, then it’s at least a better purchase than my endeavor with the Wii!

Wish there was some Fall Out Boy on here, but at least there’s Paramore. :P


Kalmiya Goes to the Apple Store (Again)

Kalmiya has been to the Apple Store in Baton Rouge twice. The first time was for a multitude of issues, including my keyboard and trackpad intermittently not working (and finally not working at all), my battery sucking, my superdrive occasionally randomly ejecting, and probably something else I’m forgetting. Apple took it and had it back to me as good as new 3 days later. About 6 or 7 months later, my battery starting sucking again (apparently I was putting way too many cycles on it), so they replaced it again, even though it was out of warranty.

And that brings me to Wednesday. For some amount of time, I could hear this weird sizzling/hissing/high-pitched squealing coming from somewhere while I was using Kalmiya. At first, I thought it was the light fixture or something, but I eventually realized it was coming from Kalmiya. I isolated the noise to the left side of the keyboard, right where the MagSafe adapter plugs in. Putting the volume all the way up or down did not affect the noise, which led me on a hunch to pull the MagSafe adapter out. The noise stopped. MagSafe back in, the noise returned. A quick trip to Google found that a few others were having the issue, but in the process, I also found out that I was not the only one with the paint pitting on my palmrest, and apparently Apple fixes this problem.

(Not my MacBook Pro, but this picture is of the palmrest’s paint pitting on someone else’s machine.)

So, I decided to test out the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Lakeside Mall. They were just as helpful as the one in Baton Rouge. The Genius diagnosed that the I/O board needed to be replaced, as well as the palmrest, and documented all of this so when they shipped it off, the technicians would have something to go on.

They said it would take about a week, but that’s also what they’d said the last time they sent Kalmiya off and it took 3 days. This time, it took 2 days, but there was a little problem when I went to pick it up. It seems as though the technicians almost completely ignored the Genius’ diagnosis and recommendation and replaced an internal audio cable, the logic board, and the palmrest. After it had been on for a few minutes, I heard that same annoying noise, but ever since then, I haven’t heard it again, which is kind of bugging me.

So, my palmrest is all sparkly and new, and for the time being, my MagSafe isn’t squealing, so I guess I’m pretty happy, though I wish they’d have replaced that I/O board just in case.


I Hate Stupid Commercials

Theraflu has this really stupid new commercial campaign, in which it depicts ghosts walking around with cold symptoms. When these ghost people drink some Theraflu, it turns them back into real people (check out their website for an example). So, I’d like to know…does Theraflu revive the dead?

What in the world do their commercials have to do with making sick people better? Dead people aren’t sick…they’re dead!



So it’s now officially Obamerica. Here’s the “change” so far:

-The country is $150-160 million dollars poorer thanks to the ridiculous inauguration balls and parties.
-Guantanamo bay trials are halted.

Hmm, where do we go now? Perhaps national health care?


Things that piss me off, part 3?

I seem to recall making a list like this before, but I have no idea how many or what they were about and I don’t feel like looking, so let’s just pretend like this is number 3. :D

So, here it is, things that piss me off, part 3.


-People that slow down to about 3 miles per hour to turn.
-People that turn from another street onto the one you’re on and then go really slow, especially when there’s no one behind you.
-People that get into the wrong lane in a situation where they know they’ll have to merge soon, only to pass up everyone who is waiting their turn and then merge in front of them.


-My hair.
-Shopping for business casual pants.
-Companies that don’t provide customer service that makes up for product inefficiencies.

The Internet:

-Self-righteous pricks that comprise 90% of the Reddit community (and slightly less of Digg).
-The FSF.
-Mainstream media sites that report on technology.

I think I will definitely add to this list at some point in the future. :P


The 18-day late 2008 year in review

Here’s some stand-out stuff about 2008, according to me! :D

-Best movie of 2008: Speed Racer (I suggest clicking ‘watch in HD’)

-Best musical artist I started listening to in 2008 (I want to avoid the intricacies of the word “new”): Katy Perry (always liked this song, glad they finally released it as a single)

-Best new song of 2008: Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes

-Best new TV show of 2008: I don’t think I started watching any new shows in 2008. :(

-Coolest technology of 2008: Unibody MacBook/MacBook Pro (seriously, what else would you expect? :P)

-Most embarrassing day of 2008: October 3

-Coolest day of 2008: December 11

That’s about all I can think of for now. :P