Thnks Fr th Blggng

(If you don’t feel like reading about some music-related stuff, do a control/command + f for “/music” and read from there on. :P)

I’ve been listening to music more and more, sort of like I used to, except now I’m actually listening to it on my desktop. I used to like to keep all of my music-related activities on my laptop so my iTunes library would keep a pretty accurate count of song plays and so I wouldn’t have to otherwise synchronize two libraries of songs, but uh, oh well. :D

Utada Hikaru’s new English album was released digitally on Tuesday (I think it’s in stores on May 12th). I got it today, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. The single features some rather straightforward lyrics, which is disappointing to me. I’m a person that loves metaphors and crazy references and allusions and euphemisms and everything outside or in between. At the very least, I don’t like the meaning of a song spoon-fed to me, and that’s pretty much what that song does. Clever lyrics would be nice. Her Japanese songs are better in pretty much every way. :

Here’s the Promotional Video for the single, “Come Back to Me.” You can see what I mean for yourself, if you’d like. I would’ve embedded it, but embedding is disabled on every copy of this video that I could find. However, this video is currently free on iTunes (I noticed earlier this week, so I assume that next week it will be up to $1.99).

Compare that song to this one, which is one of her slow songs:

Everything about that song is better, even the translated lyrics, which lose some of the meaning when they’re translated (correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Japanese songs are translated very literally in most cases).

And for more reference, compare it also to this one, a much more upbeat song:

They just seem…better. But anyway, I need to give the whole album a listen and I’m sure I’ll report back, but until then, if you like the song “Passion” (the last video I posted up there), don’t forget that I karaoke subtitled it a very long time ago, but it’s still available for download if you click that link. :P


Anyway, I officially start my job on April Fools’ Day (hope that’s not a bad omen :P). They ended up telling me I could just sign the paperwork on my first day, so I’m getting pretty excited, and a little nervous. I’m excited that I’ll finally be back in the workforce and doing (hopefully) what I love to do. The people that interviewed me seemed really cool, so I hope to get along with them pretty well too. The nervousness is just the natural feeling that comes with starting something new – you know, making a good impression, getting used to a new workplace and way of doing things, etc.

I keep having trouble falling asleep lately. I think it’s a mixture of things, including the fact that I have been waking up late, and also that I seem to get a weird earache when I lay down. It’s not unbearable or really painful, it’s just annoying enough to bother me. When I sit up, it goes away, so I’m really not sure what’s going on there. I’ll probably need to go to the doctor and see what’s up whenever I’m covered by my new health insurance from work (unless this magically goes away, but I doubt it. It’s been around for a few months, at least).


DVD Burners Just Don’t Like Me

I really don’t understand this. The Superdrive in Kalmiya (my MacBook Pro) is going out. It still reads discs just fine, but it fails burning 75% of the time. It’s under warranty, so it’s not a big deal, but it’s such a hassle, and I hate being without Kalmiya for the few days it takes to get fixed.

Anyway, after noticing this a few days ago, of course today I realized the DVD burner in my desktop no longer reads discs. I need to do some more testing to make sure I’m not having a software issue, but it appears to be down for the count.

And of course, the DVD burner in my Hack Mini doesn’t write discs, but it does read them. However, I built that computer with that old, broken drive on purpose, since it doesn’t need to burn discs.

Luckily, I have an external DVD burner, but I’m sure with my luck, it’ll be out in the next few days. :

I made a list of the things I need to buy when I actually have some real income, and it’s just growing longer. Speaking of the job, I haven’t gotten the acceptance papers in the mail yet, and if that doesn’t get done in time, I can’t start on the first of the month like I was supposed to. Hopefully I’ll get those tomorrow or something.

I got my digital cable back last week. I really missed it – mostly for the guide and the HD channels. I don’t even look at SD channels anymore. Even shows that aren’t broadcast in HD look amazing on the HD channels, albeit, they’re not widescreen, so I have to overscan the picture to make it look right, but i usually leave it alone.

Apparently before Katy Perry was the Katy Perry, she sang most of the songs for a group called The Matrix. They recorded an album in 2004 but the project got canceled, and only after she found success in her solo career did they release the album. It’s got some pretty good songs on it. :D I really like this one:

One last thing – Dragonball Evolution leaked onto YouTube, and it looked pretty terrible, but the quality was too bad for me to stand, so I didn’t watch it. I still want to see it though, even though I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.


Movie Night + Job

I had a movie night on Saturday. Eric, Ashley, Alisha, and Jack came, and though it was my first time hosting such an event, I think it was pretty fun. Halfway through it turned into random dancing, and then back into movie night. Nothing wrong with that! :D

This picture is pretty epic:

We had a random informative session about how to take a proper MySpace picture. Here, I was demonstrating the proper ratio of the picture-taker’s arm that is supposed to appear in the picture:

I’ve got lots more pictures, but if you really care, you can find those on Facebook.

On a more serious note, today I accepted a job offer from UNO (the University of New Orleans), but even though New Orleans is in the name, I’ll actually be working in Baton Rouge. It sounds like a really cool position and the people that interviewed me seem pretty awesome. My official title is “Junior Systems Administrator,” which is right down my alley. So I’m pretty happy and excited about that. I should start sometime at the beginning of April. :D


Thinking About Stuff

I don’t really like to get to personal here, as you may be well aware, but this may be one of those few times I do it! Also, what you’re about to read is definitely going to be off of the beaten path of my blog.

Do you ever really stop and think about people? Beyond the definite and finite, off into the area where one degree of change makes a difference that is practically life-changing? I couldn’t fall asleep last night, and I got to thinking about what makes a person who they are. Arbitrarily, people are who they are by what they do. You steal, you’re a bad person. You steal from the rich to give to the poor, and then you’re an outlaw and a vigilante, but perhaps a hero.

All of this is really a side note, however. What I was really thinking about was what made a perfect person to date (and this of course led me to think about a lot of other things, which you’ll surely never find out about as you’ll quit reading this entry before then) – what qualities do they offer to bring into your life that can make you both a bit more complete? I thought about it for a while. I thought about the people I’ve dated and what things I appreciated in my exes and what things I didn’t, and though I don’t think finding a significant other can in any way be accomplished by creating a list that they must unknowingly adhere to before considering dating them, I just couldn’t help but wonder what such a list would look like.

I decided first and foremost that meanness in a resenting, bitter, and begrudging way towards others is a definite turn off. It may seem cliché, but this kind of crap is consuming and envelops the better parts of a personality.

After I decided that, I realized that the list was done. You can’t cherry-pick a girlfriend, but along the road, you learn about certain qualities in people. Everyone has the tendency to be forthrightly mean at times. This is the nature of humanity. However, it is the ability to restrict and control undesirable traits of humanity that makes people strong. It puts us above the beasts and is one of the things that makes us sentient. Not to get all Matrix-y on you, my dear readers, but the problem truly is choice; how do you choose to control what you innately feel? And why?

How do I make the choice to control an instinctive and inherent feeling? Why does that choice exist in the first place?

To control jealousy, a human may just push the feeling from the forefront of their thought. For an animal, though, maybe they’d go and rip another animal apart to get what they’re jealous of. Is that what makes us human? The ability to make the choice to control?

I brought up The Matrix on purpose. I was watching it the other day when it came on BET (hint: Lawrence Fishburne is not a good enough reason to put The Matrix on BET), and it really struck a different chord with me. That movie is smart. I think it’s safe to say that most people understand the Architect’s speech on a basic level, probably enough to follow with the plot. Through the use of a crapton of non-colloquialisms, he managed to bring (for the most part) full circle the plight of humanity, Neo’s situation/dilemma, and the Oracle’s sometimes archaic advice.

Okay, so before I completely get off topic here, I guess I need to bring full circle my point about The Matrix. The problem is choice. Yes, it is, and it’s also a solution. Reality is all a system of control. In my head, I can dream about punching some random person that’s done nothing to me right in the face if I feel like it, but in reality, I just wouldn’t do it. I don’t have the need to punch someone in the face. It would not fulfill me in any way. Reality is a system of control because reality is based on choices. Every single thing you do affects the next thing you do; it’s choice after choice and so on and so forth. Life is one big string of choices.

I chose to write this long, weird, barely related set of words to convey some random thoughts I had last night. What consequences will this have? Well, for one, people will probably think I’m retarded. That, however, is fine, because I likely am. Because you see, I’ve written all of this, but there isn’t a real point. Life is choice, choice is life. People are who they are based on choice and control.

Or maybe not, I don’t know. One thing is for certain though – meanness is very unattractive.


Lots to Catch Up On

I think I’ve said this before, but with my Twitter microblogging, I find that I have less to write about in my blog because I feel like it would be repetitive, even though I’m pretty sure my blog readers and my Twitter followers don’t overlap all that much.

First thing’s first: I don’t think I’ve linked to yet, so…there you go. It’s a great site with some really short, depressing stories (some NSFW – all text though, no pictures).

Last weekend was pretty awesome. I did a lot of hanging out and picture taking, and on that note, my new camera is awesome. I don’t have any videos worthwhile posting yet, but here’s a picture:

I really like that one – not because it’s an excellent display of my camera’s abilities or anything, but it’s just a good memory, I guess. That party was really, really fun and I’m pretty sure everyone had an absolute blast. I hadn’t seen Damien in a couple years, MCat in over a year, and Bates or Mikrish for a quite a few months. It was really nice to catch up with all of them and hang out with everyone that I do see pretty often. We talked and danced and listened to music pretty much all night. Good times.

The Sunday morning after the party, some of us went to The Chimes for brunch and…dear Lord, it was absolutely delicious. Words can’t even describe it. I had a Boudin Omelet which came with some delicious grits and a biscuit. Soooo good. *drool*

As usual, my week was pretty lame after that weekend, until I got some calls to set up a couple of interviews. I had those on Thursday and they went pretty well. I got called back for a second interview on Monday at one of the places, and I have another interview with a different place on Tuesday. At least I feel like I’m getting somewhere now.

Also, I’ve had a cold for a few days now, and it’s been pretty annoying. The good news is that I think it was at it’s worst on Wednesday. I’ve been getting lots of rest, since besides those interviews, all I’ve been doing is watching Dragonball Z (thanks to a heads-up from Keith that anime was on sale at Best Buy). I call it DBZ marathon therapy.

I baked a Funfetti cake yesterday. Mmmm.

That’s it. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I have to go back to Jeice talking about throwing some ribs on the barbie now. :D