Yes, I am a Nerd

What of it?

(Baked that earlier today.)

Quick iPhone crap: Apple retail is awesome. They exchanged my iPhone case for another one that wasn’t messed up, no questions asked. Also, iPhone apps are amazing. There is simply no other mobile platform like it. I’ve actually been buying apps!

The Internet is awesome. There are some people that scoff at coupons, but while they’re scoffing, I’m saving money. I went to Wal-Mart today and saved ~$9 with coupons. Yesterday, Keith and I went to the mall and I found some shoes I liked at Steve Madden for $80. I went home, went to and bought the exact same pair of shoes with a 30% off + free shipping coupon and saved $30. Seriously, the Internet pays for itself sometimes.

After my party a couple of weeks ago, Chris’ girlfriend Miranda picked up some 2 liters of soda that were left over, and after fighting with this bottle of Mountain Dew for the past week, I simply couldn’t get it open. I ended up cutting a hole in the bottle. In short, I’ve been emasculated by a girl, but at least she has a black belt in karate, and that makes me feel slightly better about it, hahaha.

I am thinking about donating some money to a charity. I want it to be a charity that’s close to my heart, and you guys know what I like, so suggestions are appreciated.

I know when I post about music, people probably stop reading or don’t watch/listen to the videos I post, but I have two videos to post and if you don’t watch the first one, you’re missing out and that’s all there is to it. The artist is “Lights” (it’s a one girl band comprised of Valerie Poxleitner) and the song is called “Ice.” It’s some of the best synth pop I’ve ever heard.

The following song is called “Don’t Trust Me” by 3OH!3. It’s really catchy, but the lyrics don’t really have much substance. I don’t recommend you watch this one nearly as much as I recommend the first one, but this is a really freaking catchy song (the video is kind of NSFW…nothing worse than a JCPenney catalog though).

3OH!3 is an “electronica/crunk” band. The rest of their music is electronic hip-hop. It’s pretty weird.

My posts are just random thought-streams these days. I’m not sure if that’s different than it used to be (or if it’s a good/bad thing), but I have a feeling I can blame it on Twitter (or @waruikoohii #wado).


Making My Day

Today, I was leaving the mall and a random girl told me “I like your shirt!” to which I replied, unusually casually, “Thanks!” It really made my day.

And before anyone asks, because I know someone would, she was probably a little too young for me.

So that made my day (up until that point at least), but then my car decided to die and that kind of unmade it. Overall though, that random comment followed by a good night out with my friends put me in good enough spirits to not let my car dying bother me too much. As long as my boss doesn’t care if I am late/don’t come in tomorrow (on short notice).


I Chime In…

I have a lot of catching up to do, but I really doubt I’ll cover everything I originally intended to cover.

I had a party last weekend. It was quite epic, and lots of fun was had.

That’s my favorite picture, though I wish more people were in it, cause that’s not even half. My friends are pretty awesome. :D I wish we could do stuff like that more often.

I also went to the Chimes twice last weekend, once on Friday night and once on Sunday morning. (The Chimes * 2) + awesome friends + party = super win.

I know I write enough about Buckle here, but sometimes I just feel like they deserve the praise. I looked for months and months for a pair of pants I could wear to work that wouldn’t make me feel like I was 40 years old. Namely, something that wasn’t big and baggy – pants are supposed to fit, not hang off of you, and that’s mostly why I hate Dockers/slacks/dress pants. I finally found a pair of pants that are suitable for work, and of course, I found them at Buckle. Those pants combined with my realization that American Eagle Vintage Fit Eagle Polos are *awesome* has led to my work attire moving from “frustrating and depressing” to “I pretty much feel normal now,” except tucking in my shirt still annoys the ever living crap out of me. I Tweeted this before, but I think it deserves repeating: whoever came up with the idea of tucking your shirt into your pants seriously needs to be punched in the face. It doesn’t make any sense when you really think about it.

And this is really sad, but I can’t think of anything else I wanted to say. *sigh*

Oh yeah, this is about 3 months late, but happy 5 year anniversary to my blog. “Phil’s Waste-of-Bandwidth Website” was born in late March of 2004 and turned into about a year later.

Wayback Machine Archive of the first or second version of inphiltrate (highlight the main frame to see the blog posts). I actually still have the entire site backed up. I should throw it up in a subdirectory so you can all laugh at my retarded “OMG I HAVE TO BLOG EVERY DAY OR I FAIL” posts.


iPhone iFinally

I finally got myself an iPhone 3GS. I stood in line yesterday for two hours in this ridiculous heat at the Apple Store in Baton Rouge, but it’s been so worth it so far. I’m really enjoying everything about it except for the Edge network in Houma, but Baton Rouge has 3G so that’s only half of a complaint.

My biggest fear was the keyboard, but I’m actually really liking the keyboard. In fact, I’m typing on it right now. The Internet is really surprisingly easy to browse and everything about it is just cool.

Anyway, this isn’t the blog post I’ve been meaning to type. I’ll get to that eventually.


Sappy Music

Yesterday, MC pointed out to me that Hellogoodbye’s music is really sappy. This is true, but I love their lyrics because they’re so simple and full of life. Most of their songs are love songs, but they aren’t typical love songs.

“Two Weeks in Hawaii”

Your family’s rad and I
Wish that they were here today
But they’re thousands and thousands of miles away

And I felt so bad when your mom
Caught us eating ice cream in your
Room at three in the morning

‘Cause I’d hate for her
To not want me around her daughter
‘Cause my heart stops every time

“Bonnie Taylor Shakedown 2k1/2k4”

Visit you at baskin robins all the time
To let you know that i am yours and you are mine
So we can take long walks through central park
And hold each others hands to fight the dark

I know no one is reading this anymore, but I’m done anyway. Still hoping someone has some Synth Pop suggestions. :(


I Visit You At Baskin Robbins All the Time

I guess I have some explaining to do. I used to blog based on random ideas that would pop into my head. I think (and appropriately so) that Twitter has “cured” my sense of random blogging. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you should look over to your right (unless you’re reading this in an RSS feed reader) and check out my Tweets.

Anyway, I’d like to apologize ahead of time for the length of this post, as I foresee a long one (no TWSS comments plx).

Going to the Mall of Louisiana on Saturday is always interesting. Today I went to buy a shirt for work, and ended up seeing someone I know and getting asked for a high five by a random girl. The only problem with going to the mall is that it’s hard to go and not spend money, but I did *need* a polo shirt for work and Aeropostale was having some sort of AMAZING sale today. I don’t normally shop there or American Eagle (for some reason, I closely associate the two), but I can’t really argue with a $10 shirt.

I watched Yes Man and Fanboys last weekend, and both movies were pretty awesome. Fanboys was good, but Yes Man was better, in my opinion. It was hilarious, and I think it pulled me into the Zooey Deschanel fanboy craze. I want to share my favorite scene with you guys, but it takes a short setup. Basically, Jim Carrey says yes to everything in this movie, including things like guitar lessons. The plot leads up to a point where he’s in a store, and someone runs in and says that there’s some guy threatening to jump off of a building outside. They run back outside, and some lady says, “Somebody needs to talk him down,” and being that Jim Carrey says yes to everything, he immediately runs in the building to try to help…

My initial reaction to that was pure, unrestrained laughter. It is the best use of a song in a movie, ever. Third Eye Blind, FTW.

WWDC is on Monday. I’m going to get an iPhone when the new one is released, so I guess I’m kind of looking forward to it. I’ve become rather convinced over the past two years that no one else can make a phone that’s any better, despite the (few) shortcomings the iPhone has, so I guess I’m going to sell my soul back to AT&T for two years after being contract free for almost two years. :(

I have about 15 GB of free space on my desktop. I seriously need to buy a 1/1.5 TB hard drive, but I don’t feel like spending the money. : I’ll probably end up backing up my ginormous anime folder onto DVDs and then delete it.

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying synthesized music, like Hellogoodbye’s “Bonnie Taylor Shakedown 2k1/2k4.”

Anyone have any music suggestions based on this?