Screw It

Screw it.

Before I change my mind, this is my best kept secret on the Internet. I think a total of four people know it exists, two of which are ex-girlfriends.

It’s mostly sappy romance stuff (*vomit*, I know), but there’s other stuff too. Also, the farther back you go, the worse my writing gets, so I don’t suggest reading the old stuff (though there are a few older things I really like).

Oh, and I guess now you all know why this blog is named “inphiltrate nonfiction.” :P

Expansion of Tweets

I’m crazy, I know, but I have a friend that says he has over 1,000 plays of 50 different songs.

So, lately I’ve been re-reading Animorphs. Yes, the children’s book series. It’s actually still pretty good – not one of those things you go back to and have no clue why you ever liked it. The writing is repetitive book to book (especially in descriptions and whatnot), and the reading is pretty easy, but this, of all things, has gotten me interested in reading again. If you want to check out Animorphs, here you go. I’m currently on book 21, but I actually own up to book 37.

I made a key lime pie last week. Well, actually, it was a Persian lime pie because Walmart and Winn-Dixie were out of key limes (or just plain don’t carry them), but it was good regardless. :D Key lime pie is probably my favorite kind of pie. I mean, seriously, if you haven’t had key lime pie, just…go. Go right now and buy some. It’s so freaking good.


Haiku Tuesday #4

Sprawled out on the beach,
That’s where I should be right now,
Peaceful crashing waves.

A sound so serene,
Lullaby of mother earth,
Drift away in dream.


A really popular car that I see pretty much every day many, many times is the Dodge Charger. It is probably the ugliest car currently in production and I have no idea why anyone would ever buy one. The new Dodge Challengers, on the other hand, look pretty good. I almost can’t believe the same company came out with both of those cars.

Seriously, who would buy one of these ugly things?

The Challenger looks a LOT better, but it’s still no Mustang and definitely no Camaro.

I saw a yellow Camaro yesterday and another one today. You have NO idea how jealous I am of the owner(s). On the other other, I’d probably rather my Kia Optima than a Dodge Charger. :P


Televangelists are Pretty Dumb

My dad was watching Pastor John Hagee on television this morning (the same John Hagee that said Hitler was fulfilling God’s will by killing Jews). I was reading, but I looked up and paid attention long enough to hear this brilliant televangelist take a Bible quote completely out of context and make it mean “dragons are evil and invite Satan into your home.”

Now, taking the word of the Bible literally or not is a completely different discussion. Personally, I don’t think the Bible is meant to be taken literally, but many Christians do.

But, I digress. Hagee went on to mention other things in your home that could invite Satan in – occult paraphernalia…Harry Potter.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop right there.

Back in high school, my friends can probably recall me mentioning that “magic” was evil. This is a teaching in some mainstream branches of Christianity, and it’s stupid, brainwashed rubbish. Luckily for me, I am older now and smart enough to realize that magic like in Harry Potter is absolutely harmless, even to Christianity.

There is a lot of “occult” stuff that I would say is evil. Anything that branches off of Satanism or is somehow harmful to people is probably good to avoid.

But Harry Potter? Here’s a lesson for you, John Hagee, since you’ve probably never even read the books or seen the movies.

Harry Potter is a series about a young boy that goes to a school to learn about wizardry. Throughout the story, Harry forges friendships, shows great displays of courage and heroism (moral fiber, à la Goblet of Fire), and also tries to do the right thing, no matter if it’s against the rules. Harry is famous because, as a baby, he was the only person ever to survive an attack from Lord Voldemort, the big, bad guy.

And how did Harry survive Lord Voldemort’s attack, John Hagee? His mother died protecting him. His mother’s love was stronger than Voldemort’s magic.

Yes, tales of heroism, friendship, and learning the right thing to do are pure and undeniable evil, Pastor.

A mother’s love overcoming evil forces is obviously a TERRIBLE thing for people to read about.

John Hagee, you are a prime example of what so many people hate about Christianity. You are an ignorant old man that acts as if God is an unforgiving, selfish, and unrespectable being.

No wonder atheism is rising among young people. Who would want to worship the god that you portray? The God I know is caring, kind, and does not spite those that read a book series that portrays MORALS AND VALUES THAT THE BIBLE ITSELF TEACHES.

You, sir, need to get off of the television before you do any more damage in the name of God.



Sometimes the world seems so distant. I just want to forget everything for a while and do what I want to do without worrying about anything else.

Real life won’t have it, though.