How to get a driver’s license in Baton Rouge

So, you want to drive in Baton Rouge, but you don’t have a license. Here are some handy tips I’ve picked up from other drivers in the LSU area and downtown.

1) Make sure to ignore street signs. Some handy ones to ignore downtown are “DO NOT ENTER” and “ONE WAY.”

2) Don’t bother learning what the colors of the lines on the road mean. Just pretend like you can drive in either lane on a two lane road with yellow lines in the middle. It’ll all work out.

3) Make sure that when a two lane road of traffic flowing in the same direction is merging into a one lane road that you wait until the last possible second to merge. Don’t bother waiting in line like everyone else. You deserve to be in front.

4) When traveling down River Road from downtown towards the Tigerlamd area, ignore when the speed limit changes from 35 to 45 to 55. Just go 40 the entire way. It won’t piss off anyone behind you.

Light City

One of my favorite synthpop/electro-pop artists is coming to the Varsity with another really awesome artist of similar musical styling 10 days before my birthday. If you are interested in attending LIGHTS and/or Owl City, please let me know. I’m going no matter what. :D