Some things I think about sometimes:

-Is what I see as the color blue the same thing you see it as?

-What kind of signals can the human eye send to the brain that can possibly be interpreted as what we know as sight? How in the world does that work?

-Do we have an untapped potential for “supernatural” things like telekinesis?

-Is time travel possible? If so, how would it work? I have lots of ideas about this one that I may write about someday.

-Why is Scott Stapp’s head so big?

Remember, Remember

“Remember, remember the fifth of November.”

Plans for tonight: Community, The Office, then V for Vendetta. However, I have to sit through Parks and Recreation in the middle, so that’s kind of lame. :P


Lately I’ve taken to trying to memorize useless things, like a massive amount of the digits of pi and famous movie quotes. I don’t know why. :P

I really miss fixing computers sometimes, which makes me want to try to start a little side business, but I know I’ll never do it. :/

I reinstalled Snow Leopard and it fixed the issues I was having. Overall, it’s a much better experience, but still not all that much different from Leopard. I guess I can’t complain, since what is different only cost me $30. :D

Actually, I meant for this to be longer, but I’ll finish my thought process some other time.