Who is that?

I had a pretty awesome experience Sunday night as I watched the New Orleans Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings from some pretty good seats right in the Superdome.

However, that does not mean I am okay with this “Who dat?” thing. This is why it has to go:

1) It sounds extremely uneducated. Do we, as members of a state that already gets made fun of for being uneducated, really want to further the propagation of that stereotype?

2) “But it’s part of our culture!”

Exactly what part of our cultural heritage, pray tell, does this awful phrase pay homage to? Perhaps our rich French heritage? I’m sure when they were leaving Acadia during Le Grand Dérangement, all they could say was “Who dat?”

Seriously, it’s a stupid phrase someone made up. You can’t try to glorify it by attaching some sort of false cultural meaning. (And if you’re going to try to argue with me that butchering the English language is part of our heritage, then I kindly invite you to move somewhere else and lower that state’s average IQ instead of ours).

3) “But it boosts team morale/intimdates the other team!”

I’m sorry, can we not accompish that with a phrase that sounds a little more educated? Personally, I like the “Here we come to get you” chant that they do at every Saints kickoff. In the dome, that was far more intimidating than people shouting “Who dat?”

4) It is ridiculously easy to turn around.

“who dat say dey gon’ beat dem Saints?!”

Uh, The Dallas Cowboys? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers? The Carolina Panthers?

Please feel free to throw arguments at me so that I may debunk them. :)



My January 27th Apple Predictions

These are my predictions for next week’s Apple event, and also announced in this order.

-New version of iLife/iWork.
-iPhone OS 4.0. Won’t be available until June for current iPhone users, will be included on new iPhone released in June/July.
-iPad. It won’t be called iSlate or iTablet. The names aren’t “Apple” enough. A slate is an too unrefined to be associated with an apple product, and tablets are pretty much defined as those awful things with a stylus running Windows XP Tablet Edition. Apple will not use either of those names. That’s why I believe iPad is the name, or, at the very least, it won’t be iSlate or iTablet.

The tablet will be 10.1″ with a multitouch display, of course, and it will run a kind of hybrid OS X/iPhone OS that will be somewhat locked down. It will allow syncing with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse, but will not have a USB port for legit installation of a real OS (like full-fledged Snow Leopard or Windows 7) on it.

Steve Jobs will say “it’s just fantastic” and “we really love it” and “it will revolutionize the touchscreen computers as we know it.”



For years, I’ve thought lucid dreaming sounded amazing, but I’ve never really done it. Despite all of the ridiculous things that have happened to me in dreams, I’ve only realized I was in a dream a few times that I can remember, and those times I just woke up.

Last week on Reddit, I read something really cool about some guy that has lucid dreams all of the time, and one of his pieces of advice to others that want to start having lucid dreams was to get in the habit of always testing if you’re in a dream. He said that he tries to fling people across the room with telekinesis when he starts talking to someone. If it works, he’s in a dream and then he can become aware of that and start doing crazy crap. Well, I thought that sounded cool, but that’s not what worked for me.

Yeah, I finally had a lucid dream last night, and it was insanely cool. For some reason, I was on a school bus going from Terrebonne High to my parents’ house. Of course, the fact that I haven’t been in high school since 2004 and haven’t ridden a school bus since 2003 didn’t phase me in the dream.

So I got out of the school bus, walked down my parents’ driveway, and my Kia was sitting there…and I snapped. I was like, “WHERE’S MY FREAKING CAMARO!? HOLY CRAP THIS IS A DREAM!”

From then on, that dream was pretty awesome. I changed a bunch of crap in the dream (including turning the Kia into Evey, because no one should have to drive a Kia in their dreams) and I flew around and stuff. For some reason, the house caught on fire and I made some water appear and put out the fire with it by moving it around with telekinesis. What I can remember of it was really, really freaking cool. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it really happened (in my dream, of course).

That’s all for now. :)


Albums that bring back memories

“Cracked Rear View” by Hootie & the Blowfish: One of my favorite albums of all time. After not having heard it in a while, I randomly decided to listen to it while in the back seat of my sister’s car on the way to Florida, and ever since, it’s reminded me of Destin. It also reminds me of being younger and having a simpler life, because it was my first CD. :P

“Hybrid Theory” and “Reanimation” by Linkin Park: All I can think of while listening to either of these albums is playing Halo back in high school with the old gang, particularly with Jared.

“Fallen” by Evanescence: I don’t really listen to this anymore, but it reminds me of sitting in my old Kia during break time when I worked at Winn-Dixie.

“Weathered” by Creed: This is a come and go thing, but sometimes, this album reminds me of Mardi Gras.

“Now” by Jessica Andrews: This is pretty much the same story as “Cracked Rear View.” I listened to this CD on the way to Florida once the entire way there (that’s about 5 hours).

“Origin” by Evanescence: Again, it’s not a regular occurence for me to be listening to Evanescence, but I had to include this album because it is absolutey the most depressing set of songs in my music collection. Listening to it reminds me of being depressed.

Open iSlate? iMpossible

In 2006, I decided that I wanted an Apple tablet very, very badly. Four years later, the closest thing I have is an iPhone. However, there are lots of rumors going around about an “iSlate” that Apple will be announcing later this month, and I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t be buying one.

The iPhone/iPod Touch platform is amazing for what it is: a small, extremely portable device that fits in your pocket. It’s not meant to replace a computer, but it performs many of the functions of one pretty well. I think, however, that the control Apple has over this platform is dangerous. It sets a precedent that, if followed by others, would destroy the open nature of the personal computer.

The iSlate, in all likelihood, will mimic the iPhone/iPod Touch platform, but in a larger form factor. This is not the kind of device that an Apple tablet should be. An Applet tablet should be in the likeness of an iPod Touch, but run the best operating system in the world: OS X. It definitely should not run the crippled, mobile version of OS X that the iPhone and iPod Touch run.

I don’t need a tablet device, but my love of gadgets wouldn’t let me pass up a really cool multitouch notebook. If Apple can’t do it, maybe someone else can.


2010 to do

I managed to let Christmas and New Year’s Day come and go without a blog post, so I’d like to wish a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.

So, I am not really into making New Year’s resolutions, because I always seem to come up with one unachievable thing that will take far longer than a year to accomplish. I’m still working on my resolution from 2005 (at least, I think it was 2005), which was to learn to be ambidextrous. I’m actually pretty decent at writing with my left hand now.

Anyway, this year I’d like to just make a short list of very achievable things I would like to do, so here we go.

1.) Take a roadtrip to Massachusetts and maybe somewhere else.
2.) Upgrade Kalmiya with an SSD and some RAM.
3.) Install a cold air intake in Evey.
4.) Go to a doctor about my freaking ear.
5.) Finish the story I’m writing with at least 50,000 words.
6.) Memorize pi to 200 decimal points (currently at 80).
7.) Finish memorizing the Architect’s speech.
8.) See Creed again during their spring tour.
9.) Make at least one new friend that’s pretty spontaneous.
10.) See Panic! At the Disco, even if their tour this year doesn’t come close by. Four years of waiting is long enough.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I can get most of the things in that list done.

I also plan to make a detailed post about Evey sometime in the near future. All I’ve really done so far is post pictures of her, and I want to do a little more than that.