User Replaceable Parts in a Unibody MacBook Pro

I am posting this information for anyone that happens to be searching for this information, via search engine or whatever means.

There is a lot of confusion via lower-level Apple employees as to whether or not the RAM and hard drive are user replaceable parts in the 2010 Unibody MacBook Pro. I have spoken with employees at the Apple store on the sales floor, both of which said that it would void the warranty for me to take off the bottom panel of the computer. Each of them asked a Mac Genius and the geniuses also said that it would void the warranty. I called Apple technical support and the rep on the phone said that she doubted I could remove the panel without voiding the warranty, but that she would forward me to the tech support supervisor just to make sure.

This is where I finally got the answer that I was looking for, because I was certain I was right based on information in the user manual (page 36) and on Apple’s website. I can absolutely confirm that the RAM and the hard drive are user replaceable parts on the current generation unibody MacBook Pro and it does not void your warranty to remove the bottom panel of the computer and change either of those parts out, as long as you do not cause damage in the process.

If you get trouble for this at the Apple store, ask them to call in the question to Apple for the correct answer. I’d also recommend that if you do decide to change your hard drive or your RAM that you put the original parts back in the MacBook Pro before bringing it in for servicing for multiple reasons. It would likely be easier to not have to bring up the replaced parts at all, completely setting aside the fact that Apple usually removes third party parts and sends them back in a plastic bag when you depot a Mac. Furthermore, if they do detect that the case has been opened, you could always bring up the fact that if you call in a RAM or hard drive problem, Apple gives you the option of them sending you the RAM/HDD for you to install yourself rather than shipping the Mac to them.


And Found

On Sunday, my favorite TV show, Lost, ended. After thinking about it and reading other people’s interpretations and rewatching the last part, I’ve decided that the ending was beautiful and satisfying. Lots of questions were left unanswered, but I feel like the most important thing – the relationship between all of the characters – was resolved quite wonderfully. I must say that I’m very sad to see the show go after watching it for four years (I picked it up right before season three started; watched one and two on DVD).

I’ve been digging this song lately. Very cool synth stuff.

Melfina is awesome so far. Kalmiya was the best computer I’ve ever had, so I’m hoping this MacBook Pro will continue that trend. I’m going to wait for Q3/Q4 of this year when the next generation of solid state drives come out and then stick a sweet SSD in this thing so it’ll really fly. :D I apparently could’ve done that in my old MacBook Pro as well without voiding the warranty, but I guess it’s all been for the best.

And also, just for the record, the iPad is still amazing and I still use it every day. Crazy how I thought I had no use for a big iPod Touch, and now it’s integrated into my routine.



I bought my MacBook Pro (Kalmiya) in June of 2007. I absolutely loved it from the get-go. It had a few problems since then; had a lot of parts replaced, but it was only out of commission for a maximum of 10 days over the course of almost three years, so that’s not really such a bad thing.

It started having battery/power issues again a few days ago, and since my Apple Care expires in 17 days, I brought it in today for it’s final appointment, along with a small list of three minor issues and the one kind of major power issue. I explained to the Apple Genius what was wrong, and she told me she’d do some research and get back to me within a couple of hours, which is a pretty different response than I normally get, but whatever. I got in my car and started heading to Houma.

Thirty minutes later I hadn’t gotten too far on the interstate, since there was a lot of traffic, but I got a callback from the Apple Genius.

“I’ve got some good news. I talked to my manager, and we’re going to replace your computer with an entirely new machine.”

Apple, I’ve criticized you before for bewildering business practices and closed products, but I have never and will never be able to criticize you for your customer service.

I got a brand new, $1800 MacBook Pro simply for paying ~$250 for Apple Care three years ago. I love it (named it Melfina), and Apple has officially made a customer for life.

Thanks, Apple, for taking such good care of your customers.



I never realized how much college and my old job used to shape how much stuff I had to write about here until now. Since I don’t write about my current job here as a precautionary measure, that’s eight hours out of my day that go unrecordable. That combined with Twitter seems to have eaten most of my blogging abilities.

I always feel like talking about my car on here, but for some reason, I keep from doing it because I’m worried that other people will think that I’m bragging, when that’s not the case at all. I just really like my car, and I want to talk about it, just like I talk about my computer(s)…and, well, everything else I own that I talk about.

That said, I still haven’t posted any detailed information on it, and I plan on getting around to it at some point, complete with some pictures. I need to wax it, but I’m going to wait until the body work on it is done.

That reminds me: do not, I repeat, do NOT take your car to Winner’s Circle in Tigerland. I took it there to get my tire plugged and I got it back with some missing paint on the edge of the driver’s side door. One of my friends also messaged me recently to ask how I got them to pay for it, because one of their friends brought their car there and it came back with a scratch. Some of the people that work there apparently do not care about your car, and the owner is convinced that all of his employees are 100% honest about reporting accidents, so it’s fun to try to convince him that you respect your property far too much to fling your door open into something without even noticing.

I went to the dentist the other day – the first dentist I’ve gone to in Baton Rouge. That said, I highly recommend Bruns Family Dentistry. It’s run by a husband and wife, and though I didn’t have my appointment with the male doc, I can say that the female one was the best and most open dentist I’ve ever been to, if it’s possible to judge based on a first time visit. She told me a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about my teeth.

That’s all for now. Keep up with my experiments with lucid dreaming on my dream blog.


Lucid Dreaming

Back in January I wrote this post about my first experience with becoming lucid in a dream. It was a truly amazing experience; in fact, it’s one that I wish to be able to replicate on command, and for that reason, I’ve started a dream blog.

It’s more for me than for anyone else, but I thought I’d link to it anyway. There’s no posts on it yet except for the ‘About’ page, which explains the purpose of the blog: “I’ve had one lucid dream in my life, and it was a completely amazing experience. Because of this and a general interest in (lucid) dreams, I started this dream blog in hopes that it would increase my dream retention. Apparently, by keeping a dream journal, it alerts your brain that dreams are important and that it shouldn’t just discard dreams like it does most of the time. In turn, you’ll be able to remember more dreams – the first step to being able to control them.”