Why Lady Gaga is awesome

This is for all of the Gaga haters.

1.) She’s an incredibly talented singer with an amazing voice.

2.) As seen above, she’s also a talented piano player (and yes, I’m purposely avoiding using another word here).

3.) If you think she’s abandoned her roots or something, then you should be made aware of the fact that she performs piano versions of her songs very often, and in these performances, she actually sings the songs differently to fit the style of music; it’s not just a slowed down rehash of the original.

4.) Her performances are real performances. She doesn’t just stand there and sing.

5.) Lady Gaga understands the current state of the music industry.

6.) Many pop musicians let the fame get to them and end up going insane (think Britney Spears’ shaved head). Gaga is pretty much already insane, but that’s part of what makes her so great.

7.) Everyone loves and covers her music: pop singers, rock singers, punk singers, metal guitarists, etc. That’s respect, right there.

8.) Come on, admit it: her songs are really catchy, and she writes them herself.

9.) It’s always fun to see what she’s going to wear. Call it crazy, call it looking for attention, call it whatever you want, but it’s still fun.

15 days and counting…

I just wrote a pretty long news update on my fiction blog. If you haven’t noticed, the only two blogs of my FOUR blogs that I actually keep up are this one and my writing blog/inphiltrate fiction, so yeah, the Lucid Dreaming project is on hold.

I think I may have called Fall Out Boy’s demise a little too early. It’s looking like they’re really on break, which is fantastic news.

Music news that isn’t so fantastic, however, is that I have a ticket to see Paramore in September and I have no idea where the ticket is. It’s very unlike me to lose things like that, and I really hope I can find it soon so I don’t have to worry about it.

Just in case anyone was wondering: yes, I’m probably getting the iPhone 4, and yes, the iPhone is the best smartphone on the market, despite what the haters may think. :)

We’ll be entering election season soon, and I just thought I’d throw this out there: I think Ron Paul is fantastic, but I’m actually sort of hoping he doesn’t run in 2012, because I really want (former) Governor Gary Johnson to run, and I don’t think he’ll run against Dr. Paul. One of Ron Paul’s biggest problems was that he wasn’t really that good with the media (in my opinion, at least), but Gary Johnson is. Pretty much the same ideals with a new face – well, I don’t think that could hurt the movement that Dr. Paul’s fans stand for.