List of Vehicles I Would Like to Own

A long time ago on my blog, I seem to recall having made a list of cars I liked and would like to own some day (which means they have to be affordable, meaning if it can’t be purchased new or used for ~$60k or less, I don’t even bother hoping for/wanting one cause I’ll probably never be able to afford that. This is pretty much that list updated for 2010. I can’t see myself ever getting rid of my Camaro, because this is the car that made me love cars, so any of these cars would be in addition to Evey. :D

Chevy Corvette Z06

Pretty much this, except with the single black rally stripe down the middle. Yes, I have a thing for yellow cars.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

This color looks amazing in person. (Yellow is not offered on Mustangs anymore.)

Kawasaki Ninja 650R

I’ve never ridden one before, but it sure looks like fun. The green looks sweet, and of course, they don’t offer yellow. These aren’t expensive, especially used, but I have more important things to buy for now.

Nissan GT-R

This is the least realistic car in the list and would absolutely have to be purchased used, but regardless, it’s a totally sick car and one of the only foreign cars on this list (the only one if you don’t count the street bike). A 370Z would be more realistic, but I’d rather a Camaro SS or Mustang GT if I’m gonna drop $40k. 370Z is also a very nice car though.

Chevy Cobalt SS

Yeah, you’re thinking, “WTF, why is a Cobalt on this list?” Well, this is the last year of production for this car, so I doubt I’ll ever own one, but it’s a nice looking car, it’s somewhat inexpensive, and it’s fast. The Cobalt SS will run 0-60 in 5.7 seconds – that’s 0.2 seconds faster than my Camaro LT. The Cobalt would make an excellent daily driver, but then again, so would this next car…

Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt isn’t exactly the best looking car, but it’s the most practical hybrid I’ve yet to see, and it’s still better looking than every foreign hybrid I know of. The Volt travels 40 miles on nothing but electricity, but has an extended range (with the help of a gas generator) of about ~320 miles with the help of a gas generator, which will still get you 50 MPG. This is pretty much the perfect daily driver car for just going to work or the grocery store or whatever.