Photo Dump

Japanese melon bread:

It doesn’t actually taste like melon.  It’s just called that because it’s sweet, but I really don’t know why they picked melon of all fruits.  Regardless, it’s pretty good.

My house:

The phone lines in my house were run using Cat5 cable.  I guess it’s cheaper to just use that these days.

Eggs in a basket:

So delicious.

Sometimes, these guys chill in my front yard:

A much more appropriate name:

Best cookies ever:

They don’t make these anymore.  If you ever see any, buy them.  You won’t be sorry.

Vocal Greetings

I was recently reading over and appreciating an old blog post I made, and I realized that if I let my blog die, I won’t have anything like that to look back on in the future.  That kind of sucks, so blog update is a go.

I’m not really sure how, but I managed to get A’s in my both of my classes.  GPA-wise, that means my first semester of graduate school was better than any semester of undergraduate.

Christmas is my favorite time of year for multiple reasons.  I enjoy the weather more than I enjoy our blazing hot, humid Louisiana summers, and it’s generally a pretty tranquil season.  It’s a little more difficult to go shopping, but I guess that’s okay.

After two full years of writing the Tech News and Advice column for Tiger Weekly, I’m officially done. Tiger Weekly is getting a top-down rebranding, and though all old writers were invited to reapply for the new paper, I’m not going to. I honestly don’t think my column was a very good fit for the paper for multiple reasons, even though I enjoyed writing it and have received positive feedback on it before.

I recently bought a house, and I am really enjoying it.  It’s nice to have an awesome kitchen and a decent-sized bathroom and a garage (oh how I love my garage).

Stuff like this really makes me wish I lived in Japan:

I’m really not too big into the Vocaloid thing (yet), but that live Vocaloid concert thing is hella cool (yes, I know this isn’t new and the Gorillaz have done it before, but still).  Japan is freakin’ crazy (crazy awesome).

(Gah, this post was so fragmented.  I need blogging practice.)


Oh hey, it’s a blog post

44 thousand words

This is what I’ve been all about lately.  When I feel like writing, it goes into a jumbled mess of over 44 thousand other words that I hope will one day be a 50 thousand+ word novel that will sell at least 10 copies.  :D

I realize that I have been neglecting this blog more than I have ever done so before, but I do update inphiltrate fiction usually at least once a month, but that’s just writing stuff.  I usually try to keep all of my writing stuff over there, but lately this has been consuming my time a bit more than it normally has, so I thought I’d give it a plug over here.