Sierra Skyline

I found out about Sierra Skyline in August 2010. When I “Liked” their Facebook page, I think they had less than 200 fans. They were and still are a completely unknown band from Sacramento, CA.

I’ve been listening to every band listed in my top 8 on since before I joined the site (August 2006) except for Lady Gaga (early 2009) and Sierra Skyline.

And what’s more, Sierra Skyline only had 6 tracks when I found out about them and have added 2 more since then. All of the bands in my top 8 on have a lot more.

TL;DR: You should go listen to Sierra Skyline, cause they’re awesome. :)

Face the Day
The Walkout
The Walk-In



Anyone wanna buy me an OCZ Vertex 3?

No, seriously. Please? :(

The end of this semester is really creeping up on me. I have a 15-20ish page paper to write, but the only thing I really feel like writing is fiction and editing my novel. This going-back-to-school thing is a lot of work. Can I just a get a master’s in obsessing over my car or something? That’d be cool.

Skrillex is the perfect combination of electro and dubstep. WOB WOB WOB WOOOBBBB.

Happy Easter, all. :)


Why I love to write

I’ve always said that I write for me, but when other people like something that I write, it truly makes me happier than I almost care to admit. A long time ago, I used to post stories on my fictionpress account, but I stopped at some point. Recently, I decided to copy a few of my stories from my writing blog and share them on fictionpress, and these are some of the reviews I’ve gotten that have just made my day.

Reviews from Spotlights:
i love this story.! a typical college life but with a very cute twist at the end…glad i’ve read this one…=)

aw. honestly, my fave part is the end. when they go “what a lucky bastard!” “_____________” “this is gna be a fun semester” xD

this was so cute. I would havenever guessed she was a ________. I thought she was going to end up _______ or _______. HA you fooled me. The reader knows something is up, but you held the secret. Good job.

(Note: I inserted blanks in two of these reviews just so that story wouldn’t be spoiled in case anyone wanted to read it).

Reviews from Confidence, Part I:
I liked how you turned a normal conversation into a casual debate. The story had a good flow, and I could relate to it. I look forward to reading more from you :)

interesting subject–very true and relatable

Thank you, random Internet strangers, including those of you that left shorter, less detailed reviews. They all mean a lot to me and encourage me to keep improving and writing more. :)



Sometimes when I’m reading articles online about the state of education in America, I get to thinking about Terrebonne High School. I never really thought too much about it until a few years ago, but I think despite being right in the heart of the Bible belt, I actually got a really good science education.

I had a biology teacher that I did not respect nearly enough when I was in high school. It’s only now that I actually understand what an amazing person she was.

She was a single mother with a baby that I believe was less than one year old when I had her class. She was also an atheist, which is probably pretty common among biology teachers, but it was a little surprising considering the location of THS.

Anyway, one day in class, she told us she got her baby baptized, and I was dumbfounded. Why would an atheist get her kid baptized? But then, she explained herself.

“When he gets older, I want him to make up his own mind about what he believes in.” That way, if he decided to believe in God, he’d be baptized, and if not, it’s not like being baptized as a baby will scar you for life as an atheist.

Wrapping my head around that now makes me respect her so much. People like that give me hope, man.

You’re an awesome mom, Ms. Naquin. Thanks for being a cool biology teacher, too.