I basically can’t see myself ever getting a car with an automatic transmission ever again. However, I am still fascinated with how they work and will concede that in most cases, an electronic transmission (automatic with tap shift) is faster than a manual.

Driving the 240sx is really fun. My Camaro is intoxicatingly fast, but the 240sx is 1,000 lbs lighter, so it feels…nimble, I guess. I have no idea why they don’t make cars like this anymore.


Clothes, cars, and why Tire Kingdom sucks

Well, after buying jeans exclusively at Buckle for over 5 years, I think I may be done. I have decided to move up to styles and types of denim that Buckle doesn’t carry. It was a good and necessary step to take, though. I recently bought a pair of jeans that are made out of both raw and selvedge denim, which is basically what anyone that cares a lot about fashion wears, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I also decided to finally buy a pair of “skinny” jeans (not girl jeans, just normal guy skinny jeans) since that’s apparently what’s in.

I also discovered that Target, of all places, sells awesome v-neck tees in plain colors for $8. That is…pretty awesome.

Things on the 240sx front have been interesting. A couple of weeks ago, I washed the 240 and Evey and as I was finishing up, I realized there was a chunk of rubber missing out of the sidewall of my front passenger tire on the 240. This, of course, is a blowout waiting to happen, and since I was planning on buying new rims and tires soon anyway, I just went on tirerack.com and bought some.

Tire Rack sends their rim and tire combo purchases mounted and balanced, but after I put the wheels on the car, it would shake past 45 MPH. So, great, one or more tires needed to be balanced. Tire Rack said they’d pay for it (mark of good customer service), so I brought it over to Tire Kingdom.

And this, my friends, is why I’m learning to fix my own damn problems. I give the guy my keys and go sit in the waiting room, which has a window to the back. 20-30 minutes later, I see my car being driven into the shop.

So I’m thinking, “Great, should be done soon.” I go back to playing on my phone, when the guy walks in and asks if I have a lug adapter (can’t get a normal lug wrench into the rims without the adapter). I tell him it’s in the trunk, at which point I watch him go outside…and lock the keys in the car.

They call Pop-A-Lock, while meanwhile, the guy that locked the keys in the car in the first place is out there with a wire for 30 minutes messing around when, miraculously, he pops the lock. And then 15 minutes later, my front passenger tire was rebalanced and ready to go (what’s the deal with my luck on that particular wheel? It’s also the one rim on my Camaro that has curb rash…).

I told this story to a coworker the next day, and immediately regretted not talking to him sooner. Apparently, this same Tire Kingdom (the one on Essen) took eight and a half hours to do some routine maintenance on his car, because, get this, they lost his car.

I just…I just don’t have words.

Oh yeah, here’s a picture of the new rims.

I tried to pick out the classiest rims I could. No rice, no bling, just some nice 17’s that look like they could’ve come on the car from the factory. I really like them. :)

I’ve been told it needs to be lowered, but I don’t think I’m going to spend the money on something like that. Seems like a waste, since I already like the stance.

Ugh, GOP Debate

Rick Santorum is infuriating.

The government does NOT have the right to mandate its own moral code. I do NOT want your morals pushed onto me. Nowhere does the Constitution give the federal government the right to teach me what is morally right and wrong. That is the job of parents and family, you complete and total moron. You say you are conservative, but you want to expand the reach of the federal government? Give me a break.

Loads of pictures, funtimes

Here’s some pictures of the 240sx:

The engine is very clean too:

The only thing I’ve done to the car so far was to replace the 19-year old rotted out speakers with some new ones:

It’s a very interesting experience driving the 240. My Camaro weighs about 3,700 lbs, whereas the 240 is about 2,700 lbs, but of course, the Camaro outpowers the 240 by slightly over two times the horsepower. The 240 being light makes it seem a lot faster though. Another cool thing about the 240 is that it’s rear wheel drive, which is not that popular for Japanese cars.

Last week was my trip to North Carolina.


This was our rental. It had a terrible accelerator:

Driving through a mountain:

Relaxing on a mountain lake:

This is where the lake scene in Dirty Dancing was filmed:

Beautiful view:

It was a pretty cool trip. It was just my brother and I, and we went ziplining, whitewater rafting, “flying” in a vertical wind tunnel, tubing, swimming, and all sorts of cool mountain stuff.

On a final note, I finally upgraded my MacBook Pro to Lion yesterday. All’s well so far. I tried out natural scrolling for a few hours of use and then turned it off. I think that for novice users, natural scrolling would be great, but for people that are already used to traditional trackpad scrolling, it’s just extremely difficult to get used to.