The State of the Republican Party

There is something seriously wrong with my political party. From recent debates:

  • Rick Perry says that his state executed 234 death row inmates. Crowd cheers.
  • Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul if we should let someone without health insurance die in the case of a deadly medical emergency, and someone in the audience shouted out “Yes!”

Are we not supposed to be the party that protects life?

And furthermore, the crowd booed at Ron Paul when he stated factual information on why we were attacked on 9/11. It baffles me that mainstream Republicans can possibly think that terrorists attacked us because they hate our freedom. You know, as if there aren’t other countries just as free (or freer) than us in the world. Strange, I wonder why they weren’t attacked? Maybe because those countries weren’t setting up bases in other people’s holy land?

I hate to even admit to intelligent people that I’m Republican because of shit like this.

In a mostly related note, I will definitely not be voting for either of the Ricks.