Writing Styles of Authors

Ever since I got my Kindle, I’ve been reading pretty much every weekday.  I haven’t read a very diverse selection of authors – mostly Eric Nylund, Ron Paul, and Neil Stephenson.  I’ve also read a single book by Orson Scott Card, and I’m almost done with one of William Gibson’s.

There are a lot of things that I’ve immediately taken notice of in the different writing styles of these authors (Ron Paul aside, since he only writes nonfiction).  William Gibson’s storytelling is fast-paced and lacks explanation, for example.  In Neuromancer, he throws you into this world and doesn’t explain crap.  You just have to figure out what the heck he’s talking about.

Neil Stephenson is sort of in the middle.  His style isn’t as fast-paced as William Gibon’s, but it’s not slow by any means.  Then there’s my favorite author, Eric Nylund, whose storytelling is slow-paced, but draws you in so deep with vivid imagery and thought processes of the characters that you don’t even notice.

Of these styles, I pick Eric Nylund’s as my favorite for a few reasons.  I’d rather not be confused by made-up terminology while reading, I like being able to easily follow plot developments, and I like gaining a relationship with the characters.  I do not feel like I know Case from Neuromancer, but Eliot and Fiona from Mortal Coils and All that Lives Must Die feel like old friends.

I guess it’s to be expected from my favorite author, but when I read Eric Nylund’s work, all I can think is “This is the way I wish I could write.”

Now to sit back and impatiently wait for What Fools These Mortals to come out.


My old novel

In all of my infinite wisdom, I have decided to rewrite my first novel (Business As Usual/We Put the ‘Dual’ in ‘Individual’), completely from scratch.  When I first got the idea, it seemed utterly ridiculous, but I started rewriting the first chapter, and the more I did it, the more intriguing it became.

The differences in my writing style are quite obvious, even though the first chapter was originally written not more than a year ago (I wrote many of the chapters very much out of order).  The second chapter was originally written in July of 2006, if I’m not mistaken, and though it’s been edited many times since then, I can’t wait to see how much different it’ll be when I rewrite it.

More importantly, perhaps, I’ll get to fix some issues I had with the story that were impossible to fix without a total rewrite, and – this is a big one – this story means a lot to me because of what it represents.  I hated that I felt like I couldn’t be happy with it, even though I love it and am attached to it so much.  After all, it was my first big writing project and the first long storyline I ever finished.  I may post some of it in the future like I did with my James & Kimberly novel.

I love writing. :)