This is why I can’t have nice things

Last Sunday, I was outside trying to be a good homeowner by pruning the bushes in my garden, and a bee/wasp of some sort decided it didn’t like me doing that too much and stung my hand.  After the initial cursing and whatnot, it was all fine and dandy until my hand mutated into some sort of monstrosity that I couldn’t recognize for the next few days.



This was taken a few hours later, and it got way worse, eventually going all the way up my forearm.  I didn’t have knuckles for all of this time, and it felt like I was wearing a very restrictive glove.  On the one day I decided to foolishly wear a wristwatch, I had to go up three notches on the band for it to fit, and it was still slightly uncomfortable.

So that was a thing that happened.

Then yesterday, I was at the data center at work, and I saw something beneath the floor tiles that caught my attention, so of course I bent over and walked forward trying to see what it was, and I ran into a KVM console and sliced a nice gash in my ear.

So basically, I’m just expecting bad things to happen routinely now.


I have this weird problem where I feel like I need to be able to empathize with people that have problems, or I won’t know what to say to them.  I don’t like not being able to truly understand certain things, and I feel like it would be wrong of me to make comments about what I think those things would feel like, so I basically have nothing to say at all.  This, in turn, makes me worry that I sound unsympathetic, which is not true.