So Another Anime Convention is a thing that happened this past weekend.  It was super fun times with Sam and Ed, and I got to meet a bunch of Sam’s friends and have fun with them as well.  We didn’t really do a whole lot of con-related stuff, but of the con stuff we did, the dance was the best part.  It was mostly just fun to hang out and goof off. :D  Booze, corgi pajamas, glowsticks breaking in Ed’s mouth, small pink bicycles…good times.

Had more plane issues (flight into Logan was delayed two hours, and return flight was flat out canceled and postponed until the next day), as per usual.  75% of the trips I’ve been on involving airplanes have had plane delays so far.  I used to sort of like flying; now I pretty much don’t, and I get to fly in a week and a couple of days for work, so I’m not looking forward to that.

But I can’t wait to see Sam again. :3

Why I’m Libertarian

I’m pretty sure that if the presidential election were held today, and if everyone tossed aside their predetermined notions of who has a chance of winning, and then voted according to things they actually believe in, Gary Johnson would win the election in a landslide.  Are most of us not fiscally conservative and socially tolerant?

Being Libertarian is somewhat frustrating, because when I watch these presidential debates, it’s just like watching (if I may borrow this quote from the Internet) “McDonald’s and Burger King argue over whose french fries are healthier.”  It is not so much a debate as it is a joint press conference on statism.

It’s so strange to see people flock to these authoritarian candidates that want to run everyone’s lives.  Democrats want to spend your money for you, and Republicans want to tell you what decisions you can make in your personal life.  This is absolutely ridiculous.

As I’ve written before, all taxation that is not voluntary (basically any tax that isn’t a use tax) is theft.  Liberals will scoff at this, saying that we have our debt to society – that we have to pay for public services and pay welfare to poor people.  Of course we have to help poor people, but why do we also have to fund a government bureaucracy to do that?  What is the argument for this – that people would not be charitable without a government to force them by threat of kidnapping, because people can’t be trusted to be charitable?  But then, people run the government, so what exactly is the argument, again?  And why should you be allowed to steal my money to pay for a bus service that I will never use?  Why can’t we all pay for things as we use them?  If you are a liberal and you truly believe in the logic behind your reasoning for staying out of people’s bedrooms, then why doesn’t that logic apply to my wallet?

This same thing applies to scumbag Republicans that want to say who you can marry, control what substances you put into your own body, and make laws based around their one religion when America is a diverse place consisting of people of many different faiths (or lack thereof).  Just as above, if you are a conservative and you believe in staying out of my wallet, then why don’t you also apply that logic to staying out of my personal life?

Libertarianism is about personal responsibility.  I can make my own decisions, and I do not need the government to hold my hand.  Do most of us not want to be left alone to make our own decisions, as long as those decisions do not infringe upon the freedom of others?  Do you really want to be told that you are working one day out of every week as a slave to the government to fund things you may not believe in?  It absolutely disgusts and infuriates me that my tax dollars are paying for the Obama administration to be warmongers in the middle east, to indefinitely detain and kill American citizens, and to keep nonviolent drug users in jail.  And it would be no different if a Republican was president right now, I’m sure.

I just don’t see how other people can feel justified in telling me how to live my life, whether you are violating my financial or my personal freedom.  You do not have the right to steal my money and let someone else spend it for me.  You do not have the right to tell me what I can do with my own body.  I am a grown-ass man and can make all of those decisions for myself.  Simple example: It is stupid to have laws that mandate seat-belt usage.  Seat belts are safer, so I will use them.  If you don’t want to use one and you want to take that risk, then go for it.  That is your choice and your life to live and risk.  More complex example: It is stupid to force productive members of society to pay welfare for the less fortunate.  Why not just give everyone back their entire paycheck, cut the middleman out, and donate straight to people that you know are in need?  We would neither be funding a bureaucracy in addition to helping less fortunate people that way, nor would that system as easily enable cheating, like so many on welfare do.  And most importantly in both the seat belt case and this welfare case, these things are voluntary.

I love this quote, so I will go ahead and put it here to end this wall of text:

Life and stuff

My life has been so different over the past few months. I know it’s silly, but I guess I thought for a while that I’d just be alone forever, and had resigned myself to that and come to accept it. Maybe that sounds a little depressing, and I guess it kind of is, but it’s only an observation rather than some conscious decision I made. But then Sam just randomly appeared in my life, and all of that changed. Then I got this new job, and suddenly, my future looks a lot different. I feel like I have real plans moving forward now, and it’s nice to have things to look forward to. :)

New head unit