I’ve tried getting into football before, and it was fun while it lasted.  The NFC championship game was a good time the season the Saints won the Super Bowl, and football is an interesting game of numbers if you feel like sitting through a 3-4 hour event for 60 minutes of actual play.

And football isn’t bad by any means.  Maybe a little rough and dangerous, but that risk is for the players to voluntarily assume.  But what bothers me is when I see my Facebook feed blowing up season after season about football.  These people get so into this game – this thing that really has no bearing on their lives other than the amount of time they spend watching it and talking about it – but it seems like not nearly as many people care enough about things that legitimately affect everyone.  If people cared to research economics and political theory as much as they speculated and celebrated the next big game, I wonder how different things would be in America?

Don’t get me wrong.  Again, football is a harmless hobby that I’m glad so many people can enjoy, but I wish that enthusiasm translated to other things that are really just so much more important.

Tis the Season

Christmas shopping is so weird.  I like buying things for people and giving them things I think they’ll like or know they want, but shopping for my family is so hard.  Most of them either can’t think of things they want or tell me not to buy them anything, and of course I’m going to buy them something, so that just basically doesn’t help at all.

I’ve got some things wrapped and under the tree, which is good for me.  Usually I don’t wrap anything until Christmas Eve, but I remembered how odd my tree looked last year without any presents under it, so I fixed that pretty quickly this year.  I am feeling more in the spirit of decorating for Christmas than I usually am, so I’ve been on the lookout for Christmasy things.  Yet, it seems like such a waste because it’s only useful for a month, and I still don’t have a single room in my house that is completely decorated, except maybe my bathroom since it doesn’t really need more than the two things that are in it.

Actually, on that note, I’ve been looking at general decorative things a lot more lately.  I am pretty picky about that kind of stuff, so it’s pretty difficult to find just the right thing, and when I do, usually it ends up being expensive because apparently I have expensive tastes or something. *cough* clothes *cough*

Anyway, it would figure that it would get to 80 degrees on December 1st.  I woke up this morning and left to go Christmas shopping, and it felt great outside – 68 degrees and sunny.  Yesterday, it was 40 when I got to work and 70 by lunch.  Pretty cool weather, but it’s my favorite time of year weather-wise.  Winter is too cold, summer is too hot, and spring is pollen-hell (but otherwise decent weather).

And on that note, I hope it snows this year.