A quick rant on personal financial responsibility

It really bothers me when I see people on Facebook posting about some expensive vacation they’re going on when I can recall these same people posting about financial troubles (or I just know they can’t afford it). I mean, do people not have a sense of responsibility anymore? How are you going to barely scrape by, and then suddenly you’re going to Disney World or flying across the country or something?

This is a life pro-tip that everyone would be wise to follow: if you do not have an emergency fund that covers all of your expenses for at least six months (Suze Orman says eight, and I’m sure other advisors will differ), then you have no business spending that kind of money on something as useless as a vacation. It is reckless and irresponsible, especially if you have kids that depend on you. You are not entitled to a vacation. If you can’t afford it, tough shit. Drive to the beach for 5% of the price.

Your credit card should be treated as a one month loan, and unless you are broke and can’t afford food, don’t charge things that you don’t have the money for. I seriously can’t believe that some people operate as if credit cards are just free money.