WWDC 2013

I’m moderately excited for OS X Mavericks and iOS 7. I think the changes in both look good, and since I was kind of worried Apple might try to make OS X more like iOS, I’m relieved to have had my worries quelled. Perhaps they learned from Windows 8 that there’s a limit at which consumers will accept changes designed for touchscreens on non-touch devices.

My mid-2010 unibody MacBook Pro (Melfina) is finally out of warranty. I’m pretty happy that the lifespan of the money I spent in 2007 on my first MacBook Pro has lasted this long, but I wonder if I would’ve bought a new laptop by now if Apple hadn’t replaced it under AppleCare in 2010 with a brand new model? I have zero performance issues with my current laptop, especially with the Intel 330 SSD in it, so I don’t foresee a laptop purchase in the near future unless mine breaks. Those new Haswell MacBook Airs look nice, but until I have a need, I’ll keep enjoying Melfina.

I do occasionally think of building a new desktop or buying a Mac Mini, which would be a justifiable use of money to replace my desktop that I built in 2007, but I only use my desktop connected to the TV to watch media. I suppose a Mac Mini would still be justifiable considering the use case, but I’m holding out on that as well.