The hype was real

The BRZ handles so well. Like, ridiculously well. It hugs corners with zero body roll; it’s so freaking crazy, even better than the 240sx. With the Camaro (or most cars), you can tell the car wants to keep going straight when you corner it, but this car just shrugs and does whatever you want without complaining. Hard corner? Sure! Want to quickly dodge a pothole while going 50 MPH? No prob! It is amazing how nimble it is.


Her name is probably Miku. Unapologetically weeaboo; deal with it.

Nissan, Evey, BRZ

Anyone that reads or has read my blog knows that I love my car. I say “car” because I sold my Nissan 240sx about a month ago, otherwise that would’ve been a plural “cars.” I sold the Nissan because I was putting the money aside to save for a used Scion FR-S to own alongside Evey one day, because the thought of selling Evey makes me sad, and I wanted to get some money for the Nissan while it was worth something. It wasn’t a super easy decision because I loved that little car, but it was a decision that I think was the correct one.

Evey is the car that made me like cars. When I bought her, I didn’t know too much about anything regarding cars; I just really liked the way the 5th gen Camaros looked as soon as I saw the concept, and I knew I had to have one. I didn’t know anything about handling or weight or how to drive a manual.

Buying that Nissan changed all of that. Suddenly I was in a driver’s car that did not apologize for having 155 HP when it was hugging turns. The handling was like nothing I’d ever driven. Going out of the Nissan into Evey made Evey feel like a tank. Every corner I took was and is laborious for the car as it shifts 1,000 extra pounds toward the outside of the turn.

I had never seen Evey as anything other than perfect until I had the Nissan. People told me I’d regret getting the V6 instead of the V8, but I didn’t. I did, however, quickly come to regret paying an extra $1,000 for the automatic transmission. In fact, it’s very possible that if I hadn’t done that, I’d be telling you a different story today.

The last post I made about dream cars included quite a few high-end cars, and there on the end of the list was the Subaru BRZ – a car jointly developed with Toyota (who sells the car as the Scion FR-S here in the states). It is basically the modern day 240sx, and is constantly ranked as one of the best sports cars to enter the market in recent history. Though I had planned on going the more cost efficient route and getting the FR-S used in a year or so, I realized that I really wanted the BRZ, and I knew that at that point, having two new-ish cars was a waste of money (besides just the fact that you have to buy both of the cars: insurance, license fees, upkeep, etc) in my current financial situation (read: not rich), so I realized what I needed to do if I ever wanted the car I really wanted, and that was to sell Evey.

So, it is with a bit of sadness that I will be trading Evey in next week for a Subaru BRZ. That’s of course not to downplay the fact that I’ll be getting a freaking sweet car, but I know that it will be a little bittersweet as I drive off without Evey.

I just needed to write this as I thought about all of the great times I had taking care of Evey, learning about cars, proudly driving her around in late 2009 and 2010 when there were very few 5th gen Camaros around, and proudly driving her around up until now. She’s been great to me, and I hope she’s great to whoever gets the pleasure of owning her next.