An Observation on Car Culture

Over the course of owning an American muscle car and two Japanese driver’s cars, I’ve noticed very distinct subcultures within the car culture.  These are some generalizations about them that hold a substantial amount of truth when compared to the attitudes portrayed by these subcultures on their respective forums.

American muscle car subculture:
• Neutral: Very, very focused on fast cars and horsepower. 0-60 and quarter mile times are the end-all-be-all.
• Negative: Promotes the idea that all Japanese cars are ricers.
• Interesting: Chevy owners hate Fords but are receptive of Dodge.

Japanese driver’s car subculture:
• Positive: Much more receptive of other types of cars, but still has obvious preferences.
• Negative: Promotes the idea that if your car isn’t lowered with aftermarket coilovers, your car looks like a 4 x 4.  This includes cars that are low at stock configuration and look nothing like a 4 x 4.
• Neutral: Very focused on handling and much less concerned with horsepower and straight-line times.

Shared traits:
• Negative: Both are extremely apologetic about their cars’ faults and/or shortcomings.  The entire culture seems to make really bad excuses about things their car could have but doesn’t, and it’s kind of pathetic.
• Negative: Both can be super circle-jerky about how much they love their cars, to the cringeworthy point.

I thought the differences were pretty interesting.