Writing: History, Style, Improvements

I remember very clearly getting the idea for my first novel, and bits and pieces of when I began writing it.  I was fascinated by social engineering at the time, mostly from watching some of Kevin Rose’s old videos as “The Broken” and reading some stuff about Kevin Mitnick as a result.  It was the summer of 2006, and I got this idea for a novel with a premise initially based on social engineering.  I had read that my favorite author used outlines to write his novels, so I decided to make a very brief outline myself (I later realized upon writing different things that I am not an outliner, but a gardener, as George R.R. Martin calls it).

The male leads were named after the singers in some of my favorite bands at the time, and the female leads were female names I really liked, and one from another band.  I wrote a good bit of the (then) first chapter or two in the back of my brother’s SUV on the way to L’Auberge in Lake Charles, and I remember having been so excited after completing just 16 pages of it (final page count was 140, both numbers going by however Microsoft Word paginates).  It was more than I’d ever written.

I’ve written here about that novel before, and also written about how I had plans to rewrite it, but I sit here still with only the prologue and half of a chapter done.  It’s crazy for me to think about how so many things changed in that novel; how I went back and added chapters, edited it time and time again, wrote in new characters, changed the entire direction of the novel – I literally did everything imaginable to it, both good and bad.

It’s really a horribly written collection of 56,567 words, with a very awkwardly held-together plot.  I think I could fix it if I really tried, but there’s so many new things I want to work on.

I invite you to read both versions of the prologue, if you feel like it.

Original Prologue

Rewritten Prologue