My writing projects for the past ~7 months

I finished up a novel that began with a story I wrote three and a half years ago called Tracks (which is the working title of the novel as well).  I went over it once for editing then set it aside and began something else.  Unless I like Tracks a whole lot better when I go back to it for a second round of editing, I don’t think I’ll publish it.  It doesn’t feel cohesive and has what I feel is too much confusing exposition in the dialogue.  I do really like the first chapter, though, and it stands alone just fine as a story if you’d like to read it via the link above.

The other work I began writing is yet another story I started a couple years ago that has a working title of SASPER.  It’s probably my most ambitious work of fiction thus far, mostly because it’s cyberpunk, which is technically science fiction, and science fiction can go horrendously wrong if you don’t pay attention to details, do proper world-building, use real science amidst the fiction, etc.  One thing I’m doing with this novel that I don’t normally do is use real places by name, and another is to generally not care about chapter lengths.  Anyone remember that chapter of As I Lay Dying that’s just a single sentence?  I’m not doing anything that dramatic, but you get the idea.

SASPER feels like it’s somewhere between a third and a half of the way done, but I don’t ever set length expectations for total number of words or anything like that, other than 50,000 or more since that’s technically the minimum for a novel.  When finished, SASPER will be my fourth completed novel, and if I feel like it’s good enough to publish, then probably my second published novel.  So far, I feel like it’s on track to meet that goal, unlike Tracks.

Another interesting thing of note is that I wrote Tracks in first person perspective in past tense, but for SASPER, I switched back to third person present tense like I used in the novel I wrote based off of The Redwoods (which is my one published novel).  I really like something about this particular perspective/tense combination, even though there are times when it’s really hard to stay in the right tense.