Government misaligns priorities and values

Here is an informal poll that I would like any readers to take in their heads before continuing on to the next paragraph: while driving, why do you try to closely obey speed limits?

Got your response?

If you’re like most people, your answer is probably “I don’t want to get a ticket.” It’s an innocent enough answer, but why is the government fining you for going 67 MPH in a 60 MPH zone? What are you doing wrong? You’re not harming anyone, and if your immediate thought is “you have a greater potential to harm someone,” then since when is Minority Report-like pre-crime an actual crime? And furthermore, you have greater potential to harm someone simply by getting behind the wheel of a 2700+ pound hunk of metal than you do by walking or bicycling. If you would try to make the argument that you are for speed limit laws because they save lives, then you should inherently be against driving in general since car accidents kill so many people.

The hard truth is traffic laws like speed limits misdirect our priorities. Why do you not drive extremely fast in a residential zone? The answer should be that you don’t want to risk any lives or property, not that you don’t want to pay a tax to the police department. If people were concerned about other people rather than paying a ticket, we might all be safer on the road.

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