You can’t make nerds happy

Yesterday, Apple introduced a “smart battery case” for the iPhone 6 and 6S, and the techs sites on the Internet went completely nuts.  I had to write something about this whole situation somewhere, because it’s so ridiculous.

For a while now, a specific segment of the phone market has been wanting Apple to make the iPhone slightly thicker to incorporate a larger battery.  The complaint is that Apple always puts form over function, despite the iPhone 6/6S already having an all-day battery life.  So, Apple finally puts function over form, and people still won’t stop whining.

And then on the other side, you’ve got the Apple apologists that try to explain that you can’t put a bigger battery into the iPhone because there’s heat and RF signal issues to deal with, despite, you know, basically every flagship Android handset not having those issues.  I’ve also seen people say that Apple already makes a phone with a bigger battery, it’s called the iPhone 6S Plus, which is an utterly stupid thing to say, because of how wide and tall that phone is.  The apologists’ argument is basically that Apple can’t make an iPhone that’s the thickness of the iPhone 5 at the size of the iPhone 6 “because physics” (which is total BS).

Being in Apple’s position is so interesting, because no matter what they do, people whine.  Clearly – as the world’s most valuable company – they’re doing something right.  The Internet just won’t stop complaining about everything they do.

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